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Invest in Jibby Coffee

⚡️ Enhancing Coffee with Superfoods—for Energy, Mood, & Stress Relief


of a $489,000 goal
$5M valuation cap Future Equity
$250, $500, $1K, $2.5K, $5K, $10K, $50K
Daniel Crochet
Stepping up to lead Jibby’s crowdfunding round is a genuine honor. Although I've had the privilege of investing in a number of early-stage ventures, taking the lead is a first for me. So why Jibby? I learned about Jibby in the early days, when a friend and fellow early investor connected me with James & Alvo (during the old branding days, before Mr. Jibby was even introduced to the world). Knowing I worked in M&A, he asked me to give my thoughts on the business, and the mission resonated immediately; the idea of improving the daily ritual of 2/3 of Americans (e.g., coffee), and using it as a format for increased functional health & wellness made sense, especially given what I was seeing with consumers increasingly focusing on functional health in food and beverage. The more I studied the market opportunity, the more convinced I became. When I had the opportunity to meet James and Alvaro, I was impressed; their charisma & commitment to coffee was immediately evident, and over time, I saw firsthand they had the skills, savviness, creativity, and humility to be do something big (especially after seeing the rebrand and creating one the best branded products I have ever seen in Mr. Jibby!). It was a venture and a team I could get behind, and so I did—first as a consumer, then as an early investor. Fast forward almost two years and hundreds of thousands of cans later, and James let me know they were raising again—this time to expand their footprint & fuel new products that were better suited for their online customer base. I had been keeping close contact with both James and Alvo, friends of mine at this point, so I was up to date on the successes and milestones they’d been achieving. I loved the idea of leaning more heavily into DTC and profitability, and I have been very impressed by the rockstar advisors they brought in to help nail this strategy. As Jibby gears up for its next chapter, I'm confident this round will amplify their growth and execution to becoming the next big coffee & tea brand. Doubling-down on my initial investment and further supporting the Jibby journey as it changes the beverage world… it’s an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on… and I got a hat for investing 😎


⚡️ 450% YoY revenue growth
⭐️ 4.7 average rating across 100K+ cans sold
☕️ Taking on the $465B global coffee market
Featured in VICE, Thrillist, US News, and other leading tastemakers
✌️ 1% for the Planet Members for sustainable coffee farming & mental health support
Defining the emerging CBD Coffee category with over 350+ retailers in the US
Gen Z and minority founding team backed by industry veterans from PepsiCo, Celsius, & Boomchickapop

Our Team

The modern world has become increasingly chaotic and stressful, and it’s wreaking havoc on our minds and bodies. Our reliance on quick fixes like caffeine-heavy energy drinks, sugar-filled snacks, and digital distractions only amplify the strain. 

It’s time for a change.

In increasing fashion, Americans are looking for food and beverage to help with mental health, stress, brain power, and energy. Demand for functional foods is exploding—especially among Gen Z and Millennials.

That's Where Jibby Comes in

Jibby is just like your morning coffee or tea, only it's brewed with superfoods—providing you energy, mood balance, stress relief, and more. 

We’ve harnessed the incredible natural benefits of cannabinoids and adaptogens and brewed them into every cup. No need to start a new regimen or change your diet, Jibby is a wellness solution that fits seamlessly into the daily ritual of more than 2/3rds of Americans.