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Break Down Barriers and Empower Representation: A Minority Female-led Action Thriller

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900% + ROI on previous film.
Take advantage of Hollywood's $10 billion blind spot.
Passionate and Professional team with 70 years of combined experience.
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Our Team

The Movie

UNTIL THE VERY LAST PAGE is a superhero action feature film that crosses into the drama/thriller genres. The story follows Raven Ross, also known as Luna, as she decides to leave the superhero life for her mental health. Kim Extermina, a self-proclaimed hero killer, unleashes havoc on the world and Raven's intention to lead a quiet life are immediately disturbed.

Why Fund This Film

Get involved and help establish the foundation of this film if you enjoy what we're creating and share mutual passion for excellent cinema. Were asking for your support to help push beyond the cultural division and gender biased roles in the entertainment industry to help build a new structure of filmmaking. By supporting UNTIL THE LAST PAGE you will be apart of the solution, as well as, helping make this film reach its full potential.

Seasoned professionals from Michigan, Toronto, California, New York, and Texas have come together to contribute their skills to this film project to produce a high-quality product that is more cost-effective than the competition. Combined, there is seventy years experience and we believe this will result in an incredible piece of cinema that will be appreciated for many years to come.


An investment like this might have a wide range of outcomes. While some movies are "bought" in a single transaction, others continue to make money over time (and some don't make any money at all). Your interest in the project remains for as long as we own it, regardless of what happens. Should the project ever be sold or transferred, the proceeds from the transaction will be managed and dispersed in the same manner as any other income the project generates.

Hollywood's $10 billion Blind Spot

Hollywood has an opportunity to increase revenue in the film and television industry by $10 billion.  According to Business Insider, fewer stories from Black creators are being told. The history of film reveals that film projects led by Black writers, directors, and actors are often significantly undervalued. And although, Black cinema doesn’t receive the respect and funding it deserves, it still manages to heavily outshine the competition in its same respective categories. Black filmmakers have earned billions globally but until we address these racial inequalities the missed financial opportunities and lack of advancement will remain. It takes movies like this one to break down barriers and make the most out of that additional $10 billion.

Not another Superhero Movie

Many action movies are only about the action, with little or no story. We didn't want to make another superhero action movie that was solely about good vs evil. Our goal was to develop a character-focused thriller that will be a cinematic experience. Think character driven stories similar to Unbreakable and Joker. We took our time to ensure that every single character seemed genuine, with genuine goals and feelings—all without resorting to clichés.

The Look

There will be a deeper, emotional tone to Until the Very Last Page. Similar to The Batman.  

Meet the Director

In 2012, Roshaun established It’s a R.A.P. Production. He has written, directed, and produced several short films, a feature film, and a TV series through his production company. His debut feature film, "Disruption," was also written, directed, edited, and executive produced by him.

The film gained over 800,000 impressions in its first three months on the streaming service Tubi, and the movie was among one of the top films of Black cinema on the service in 2020.

The movie's return on investment is above 900+%. You can watch Disruption on Google Play, Amazon Prime, Roku, YouTube Movies, and Tubi.

His SAG series "Trail of Dark Matter" first season premiered in April 2023 available on Prime Video for $3.99.  Trailer:

The reviews - Trail of Dark Matter

Indy Red -

UK Film Review -

UK Film Club Podcast

Meet The Creator

The story is inspired by creator Janette Drake's real-life experiences. She'd always been a loving and supportive person to those around her but it started to come at a cost to her own happiness and success. In her late twenties, her life began to crumble, causing her to loose everything she'd work so hard for. It wasn't until her life began to crumble that she began to realize her giving nature was one sided, as it was hardly ever reciprocated. It was at that point that she recognized who wasn't truly supportive and that in order to propel herself, she had to quit being everyone's hero.

Pushing the Boundaries

According to a new Fandango survey, the majority of women favor action movies, while less than one in ten prefer romance or romantic comedies. Contrary to popular opinion in Hollywood, this survey accurately represents current trends as people push beyond the boundaries of traditional gender roles.

Distribution Plan

We have established relationships with a few distribution companies through the release of our previous projects, and they have already given us a letter of intent for this one. We don't predict having any trouble going worldwide and distributing on platforms like Amazon Prime, Roku, Hulu, Tubi and so forth. But before we go on any of those streaming platforms, we want to start by giving the film a festival run to give us the best chance of success.

Festivals will enable us to:

  • Builds Credibility - Winning awards validates the brand of filmmakers, gives uniqueness, gains the trust of the target audience, and gives filmmakers promotional leverage.      
  • Exposure - Festivals are the best way for filmmakers to gain exposure.   
  • Networking - Allows filmmakers the opportunity to network with other filmmakers, distributors, agents and talent scouts which can open industry doors.


We're structured to accept investors starting at $100 and are excited to offer some perks as a small token of our gratitude. Your involvement provides an opportunity for you to be involved in the journey, while also being able to obtain memorabilia, film credit, and even opportunities for red carpet premier tickets.

  • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Investment of $50,000+, one script signed by the writer/director, signed poster from cast, one Executive Producer credit, on-screen in the end credit roll, as well as, featured on IMDB, 2 tickets to the red carpet premiere, private link to completed film and one day on set; lodging, flights, and transportation is not included.
  • DIAMOND FINANCIER: Investment of $15,000+, one script signed by the writer/director, poster signed by cast, name included in the TITANIUM FINANCIER portion of the credits, private link to completed film and 2 tickets to the red carpet premiere; lodging, flights, and transportation is not included.
  • EMERALD FINANCIER: Investment of $5,000+, one script signed by the writer/director, private link to completed film and name included in the PLATINUM FINANCIER portion of the credits.
  • RUBY FINANCIER: Investment of $1,000+, Signed poster from the cast and name included in the GOLD FINANCIER portion of the credits.
  • FINANCIER: Investments of $100+ name included in the FINANCIER portion of the credits.

Thank you for considering our campaign!