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The 1st company to pay viewers to watch TV through its Galxy TV platform.

Last Funded June 2023


raised from 169 investors
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Tremendous market opportunity - over the top (OTT) streaming revenues to reach $94 billion by 2026.
Synergistic businesses (Distribution, Broadcast, Streaming and Production) - profitable in 2023E.
Owned content library with over 3,000 titles and 19 owned and operating streaming TV networks.
Extensive reach - 300 million+ in content reach, 40 million broadcast TV households.

Our Team

Streaming will be the main method of content consumption in the future. However, business models have not evolved for viewers, requiring payment or time watching ads. Technology has enabled us to create more value. Through our Galxy platform, we aim to build an entirely new kind of relationship between our viewers, advertisers and film producers.

Introducing Invincible's new streaming service, Galxy TV - where you get paid to watch TV.

Since our last fundraising round, Invincible has deployed our Investors' dollars to good use. We acquired the YTA Broadcast Network in August 2022, allowing us to place our movies and shows in over 40 million homes across the US. We have released some great new titles including Hell or High Seas which was our first post covid theatrical release and our first Oscar contender! We have launched our flagship streaming service Galxy TV, with some big plans for 2023 when it is fully deployed. 

#1 Invincible created a new category in streaming

Galxy is the first and only streaming service to Profit Share with its viewers and pay them to watch TV and movies. 

Let's face it - the streaming market is not only saturated, it is dominated by major players. As an independent player looking to break through the clutter, we needed a lot more than just our great content. We needed to create an entirely new category of streaming and that is what we did. Paying viewers to watch TV. 

Any viewer can come to the Galxy platform and start watching instantly for free. In order to participate in the Profit Share program all they need to do is register for a free account. 

Every 24 hours, we calculate all our revenues from ads, subscriptions and video on demand. We subtract our streaming costs, and share 15% of our net revenues with our viewers based on their share of streaming minutes during that period. The more you watch, the more you earn. The Profit Share is automatically deposited into their PayPal account every month.

The leading way people discover and ultimately decide to try new content is through word of mouth from trusted sources. To leverage this, we decided to further invest in the Galxy audience by deploying our marketing dollars on the platform and paying our viewers to watch movies and shows we want to promote 100% ad free. 

The program must be watched entirely and once the credits roll, a message confirms that payment has been issued. We then give users the opportunity to earn more by sharing on social, rating and writing a review.

Galxy is currently available on the Web with support for Chromecast and AirPlay. We are also available on Hisense TVs and TVs that run the Vewd Platform. We are currently building out our Vizio and Roku apps which we plan to launch as early as end 2022.

We conducted an extensive survey where we asked people who stream through OTT apps on a daily basis their #1 reason for trying a new streaming platform. "Being paid to watch" was tied with "Content they recognize" as the primary reason they would try a new streaming platform. 

Our innovation did not stop at our profit sharing programs. We also looked hard at how we could improve both the viewing experience for our audiences and the value proposition for our advertisers. 

One of our solutions is Ad Free sponsored content. Brands have the ability to sponsor a free streaming experience for our viewers and similar to our Paid per View program, reward them after the show. Not only do audiences get a great ad free viewing experience but scanning the QR code gives even more value, with access to great rewards from our Brand Partners. Brands receive direct measurable results on their campaign as well as valuable metrics on performance and re-targeting opportunities. 

Galxy has achieved tremendous progress since its launch in [April] this year, with over 5 million monthly impressions and 160,000 hours for total view time. This was achieved purely through word-of-mouth.

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#2 Invincible is raising funds for revenue-generating initiatives

One of our key strategic goals in the coming months is to build out our direct Ad Sales team. YTA and our streaming businesses have a great deal of valuable ad inventory. Our ability to directly market those opportunities to brands will greatly increase and accelerate our revenues.

#3 Invincible has a strong path to profitability to with our diversified and synergistic businesses and experienced management team

While the Galxy platform has the potential for explosive growth, all of Invincible's business lines have seen increased revenues with strong increases in production and distribution. 

These business lines provide stable and recurring revenues to support the growth of Galxy and drive profitability. With scale, we aim to achieve profitability next year with similar margins to the current industry leaders.

Invincible's executive team has over 65 years combined experience in the media and entertainment space, and close to 20 years of financial experience, with multiple high value exits.

Join Invincible in changing the future of watching TV

Invincible's Galxy TV service is a game changer that will forever change the streaming landscape.