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 $8M  $6M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $50K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $6M valuation cap
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Finally, a meditation app that’s more than a glorified MP3 player!
Built and continually refining our core experience, available at (link above)
CEO previously launched a podcast with over 15 million unique downloads (Buddhist Geeks)
CTO is a GitHub Alum with extensive experience leading engineering teams

Our Team

Starting with a bang!

Early feedback, from real people, on their experience with

“That was dope.” – Daniel Thorson, Emerge Podcast
"It works very well." – Jack Kornfield, Cloud Sangha
"Very smooth UX." – Tomy Lorsch, Oneness Ventures
“I could immediately drop right in.” – Lisa Hoover, Buddhist Geeks
"Just did and enjoyed it. Very fun to see." – Stephen Zerfas, Jhourney
“I loved! It's a human-centered antidote to powerful AI algorithms.” – Stephen Reid, Dandelion
“I think what you're doing has potential and there's a real need for effective 'we practices' out there.” – Pashmina De Shon, Bar & Cocoa
“Very well executed, something I don’t say often. Great brand, and very wise to focus on a simple core. Very good UX. I think you have something here.” – Robb Smith, Integral Life
“This is awesome, love the demo!" – Jeff Warren, The Consciousness Explorers Club
“I tried it and really enjoyed it. The UI is neat and I think we’ll see this pattern in other types of AI apps.” – Joshua Voydik, Daily Build
“Love it! Just tried it and it really is effective–so expansive.” – Hursh Agrawal, The Browser Company

Our story

We flounder without feedback & wither without connection

People don’t do well without feedback or connection. We go off the rails quickly! This is especially true for meditation. Guided meditations, while helpful, don’t provide any external feedback or human connection. Nor does silent meditation.

As a result, nearly 9 out of 10 people are meditating alone, without any real-time input or connection.

Most modern meditation apps help people develop greater inner resilience, but at the expense of genuine human connection. Our approach works on both fronts simultaneously, enabling people to self-regulate and gain deeper self-knowledge, all within the context of intimate human relationship.

Multiplayer Meditation

Our underlying magic is a novel approach that we call Multiplayer Meditation. Field-tested with thousands of people, over tens of thousands of hours, we are confident in our ability to further adapt this simple yet powerful method to the digital medium.

Evolving the meditation program

Modern meditation apps use 21st century technology in order to distribute an out-dated learning model. Just like TV, Radio, & Newspapers, virtually all of today’s popular meditation apps are glorified mp3 players that deliver a one-to-many broadcast, known simply as “guided meditations.” Field-tested with thousands of people, over more than a decade, Multiplayer Meditation is a 21st century networked model that digital natives vibe with.

Interactive meditation with an AI partner

Most people who play digital games are already comfortable with playing against the computer. We’re applying that same dynamic to Multiplayer Meditation, giving folks an opportunity to learn these new out-loud social meditation methods with AI partners that are modeled after expert human meditators. This reduces the initial intimacy hurdle that has, so far, kept these practices from spreading far & wide.

See for a live demonstration.

Accelerate learning in multiplayer mode

In multiplayer mode players will have the option to do live, on-demand practice with experienced peers. As players log more time in the app, they unlock the ability to be paired up in practice with new players, who are themselves less experienced. We learn best when we’re supporting, and being supported by, sincere peers.

Deep insights into your own mind

What’s unique about our approach to meditation is the externalization of internal states. By capturing both speech content–what you say–and speech prosody–how you say it–we can surface meaningful meditation metrics for each player. These metrics can then help players better steer their own path of practice.

Interbeing for teams

Headspace & Calm have proven that there’s value in offering meditation apps to teams. Because Interbeing adds in human connection & interactive engagement, we feel it’s natural to support business teams. With social practices that are both deeply humanizing & trauma-integrating, we can support better talent retention & well-being outcomes for teams.

Market size & potential

Current market size predictions of the meditation app market — estimated at $7 billion by 2027 —assume that meditation is going to continue being just for people who are drawn to silent introspection–i.e. introverts. Our thesis is that we can capture a large share of the rapidly growing meditation market by expanding the practice to include relationships.

Market size and potential

Optimizing for human growth

Interbeing Inc is optimizing for organic growth with a product that includes humans-in-the-loop. While we could definitely experience exponential growth, we are aiming for a middle way between the mythological growth expectations of a Unicorn and the low-growth expectations of the so-called Zebra organization.

Optimizing for human growth

Monetization strategy

Our long-term strategy is to make the Interbeing app for both consumers & businesses. The near-term strategy is to begin with business teams that want to be at the leading edge of wellness & mental health. Interbeing for teams — using a tried & true SAAS pricing model–will include single player mode (meditate with ai), multiplayer mode (meditate with humans) & deep insights (both individual & team).

Monetization strategy

Go-to market

Building off of the traction of our prototype, we are releasing a fully featured MVP, built specifically for business teams, capable of leading to product-market-fit.

Go-to market

Emerging science

We're actively partnering with the following institutions on the formal scientific study of Social Noting. This research will give us a deeper understanding of how and why these practices work.

Current status

  • Raised $76k from friends & family to go from idea to prototype.
  • Seeking corporate design partners to co-design a leading edge mental health & wellness tool.
  • Raising $250k, in 2023, to build a fully featured MVP for business teams. (min check size: $20k)
  • Have you had the experience?

  • Thank you to our investors, for believing in us and our mission.
  • Thank you to our friends & family for supporting our entrepreneurial paths.
  • Thank you to everyone using our products. We hope they fulfill our purpose to improve the mental health and well-being of all humans.

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