A platform that connects people with future technologies such as VR, AR, and AI

Last Funded September 2020


raised from 60 investors


$4.75M lifetime corporate revenue.
3 continents, 27 cities, 41 locations.
Signed LOI with a Southern China investment group.
Profitable since the first year of the company.

Our Team

At first, it was all about entertainment and bringing fun to the consumer's life. After a while, we noticed the value is not only in entertainment but also in education and learning. We want to create a platform that helps people experience the future.

It's all happening, while you're sleeping...

VR and AR have the potential to become the next big computing platform. Just like when we saw the growth of the PC and smartphones, we expect new markets to be created and existing markets to be disrupted. There is no shortage of examples of how VR and AR can reshape existing ways of doing things—from buying a new home to interacting with educational platforms to watching a movie. 

Huge Market Size - $120.5 billion by 2026

The global virtual reality market size was valued at USD 7.8 billion in 2018 is projected to reach USD 120.5 billion by 2026, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate of 42.2% during the forecast period.

We believe every company's future is orchestrated by its past. The timeline below gives a short summary of our story. 

To know more about us, detailed timeline, and financial information per year please click below. We have a great story, don't miss out!!! 👇👇👇

During the last three years, $9.2M Total Brand Revenue...

The question that's excited us the most is: What IS NEXT?

InfiniteVR 2.0                                                                     

A) InfiniteVR-Kids

We created InfiniteVR-Kids not only because of industry reports but also because of our little friends' requests. The voice message below was recorded on 4/12/2020 on our company phone line from one of our little fans in New York. When we heard her voice message, we instantly knew that it was mandatory for us to open InfiniteVR-Kids locations as soon as possible.

"Hi. I want to know if you still open. I did all my homework and my mum promised me to take me to you but she told me you are closed. Can you guys work with an appointment? Can you please call me or my mum back at 718*******? Thank you."

InfiniteVR has designed two versions of the concept: indoor stores and kiosk-size centers. Indoor stores are designed to be in malls or in outside locations with a large layout. Kiosk-size centers are designed to reach everywhere fast and keep the concept practical and mobile. 

Click below to have a closer look at InfiniteVR-Kids. We have more visuals and details to share. You or your kids will love what we are working on, we promise :) 👇 

B) InfiniteVR-Go, InfiniteVR-Mini, InfiniteVR-Next

Location base-VR, practical designs, upgrades for our existing locations, and more. You can find more detailed information and visuals by clicking the link below. You will love what you will see. 

For more details and visuals please click below. We have so many things to tell you.👇👇

Our goal to reach 100 LOCATIONS by 2025

InfiniteVR is one of the most promising companies with a strong company vision and experience in the VR/AR ecosystem. We are here to seek your help to execute our future projects, and we believe transparency is the key. Here is the breakdown of how we will use the funds for this round and our growth model. 

If not NOW, then when? If not YOU, then who?

It's been a challenging journey to build InfiniteVR and bring it this far successfully without partners. We know we did a great job, but we also know there's way more to accomplish. Our customers are our best supporters during hard times. Reading their reviews about us was the best motivation ever. 

InfiniteVR is under the scope of multiple investor companies from all over the world. We aim to be generating over $40M in revenue in 5 years and exiting out over $200M with a merge or acquisition (though this is not guaranteed). Alternatively, opening up InfiniteVR to IPO is in our scope as well.

Now is the time to share our vision, experience, and projects with amazing partners like you. Let's realize the future together👇👇👇