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Sustainable clean energy for all. Help restore our healthy plant.


$400K+ awarded in prizes and vouchers from CalSEED, American-Made Solar Challenge/DoE — since 2020.
Projected revenue from multi-year service contracts: $160 million by 2026.
First customer signed. Three customer LOIs.
Team of GLOBAL renewable energy industry veterans with strong track records.
Patents granted for US and key European markets.
infiniRel technology increases clean energy reliability, stability and affordability.
Saves consumers money and decreases reliance on fossil fuels.
The system will enable sustainable growth of a trillion-dollar renewable energy market.

Our Team

Renewable energy, electrification, and autonomous transportation are three megatrends that define our future as we fight climate change. Renewables reach a tipping point when they become available, reliable, and affordable. My entire career I have pursued the creation of reliable power systems. Our technology now delivers affordable reliability.

infiniRel’s groundbreaking early warning system solves the key problem with renewable energy + EVs: unreliability.

Our world is going electric — increasingly and rapidly — to slow climate change. So while renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs) are two keys to the global effort toward net-zero, a major risk of electrification is the unreliability. Renewable energy and EVs both rely on a mission-critical component called an inverter — these fail without warning, sometimes spectacularly — blowing up or catching fire. By avoiding failures, we have more power available, more consistently at stable rates.

The inverter transforms direct current power (DC) generated by renewable energy plants or stored in batteries to alternating current power (AC) that powers our homes, lights them, powers our businesses and EVs. At clean energy plants, inverter failure means a portion of the plant is shut down, causing tens-of-thousands-of-dollars of damage to equipment. Dirty energy from nonrenewable sources then makes up the difference. EVs just stop wherever they are, unlike gas-powered vehicles that can usually coast to the roadside. The sudden stop of an EV will be dangerous, especially on a freeway or soon, in the air.

Our infinitely reliable, massively scalable early warning system predicts power electronic failures.

infiniRel’s early warning system is the first of its kind and therefore a game changer. Reliability is critical for long-term success of renewable energy, as we transition to a carbon-neutral world.


Utility scale renewable energy plants

At clean energy plants “infinite reliability” allows operators to predict when inverters are going to fail and schedule maintenance. This leads to renewable-energy grid reliability, availability, and affordability for consumers. We estimate our system will save more than 2,000 metric tons of CO2 per year, per gigawatt hour, from being dumped into the atmosphere — that’s the equivalent to 142 dump trucks full of coal. One gigawatt hour powers 1,600 homes for an entire year.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) clean energy must triple by 2030 to curb climate change. Today, operation and maintenance budget overruns run the risk of stalling the growth of new renewable energy plants because of reduced profitability for investors. Our technology will spur this investment. It can reduce downtime events by 75% and maintenance costs by 50%.


Microgrids are what they sound like: self-contained energy production that is being developed all over the world to ensure communities and sub-communities such as schools, hospitals, and industrial parks, as well as EV charging stations have 100% reliable renewable energy at stable prices. infiniRel’s early warning system will be deployed to ensure grid and consumer rate stability.

EV Chargers

Public EV chargers use electronics to offer the right amount of DC power from the AC grid to charge an EV. These chargers are built with the same components as utility-scale renewable energy plants such as solar and wind farms, and are plagued by similar availability and reliability challenges when inverters fail.

The second problem is grid infrastructure. In California alone the state Energy Commission predicts that by 2030 there will be 7.5 million passenger EVs, and a total of 180,000 electric delivery fleet vehicles, semi trucks and buses on the road. Passenger EVs and delivery fleets need to be charged overnight. Semi-trucks will be rapidly charged along the highway. There is not enough power currently to fast-charge all at once.


Inverters power the motor that accelerates an EV. Therefore, like the “check engine” light on today’s gas-powered cars, inifiRel’s early warning system will state the amount of time until inverter failure. You can then bring your EV to the shop, instead of breaking down on side of the road. Our technology will reduce insurance claims and save lives.

Our Predictive technology utilizes AI & IoT.

infiniRel’s Inverter Health Scanner is a hardware-enabled, algorithmically-driven tool that predicts inverter failures. By tapping into the signal structure of each component, infiniRel’s system can tell users specifically which are in danger of failing, and when, via a customizable dashboard. Like an EKG reading, stress signals are used to calculate an overall risk score.

Accelerated and technically validated, we have our first customer and are prepared to go to market.

infiniRel won more than $400,000 in prizes, awards, and grants, including the DoE-sponsored and NREL-administered American-Made Solar Challenge in 2020. Recently, we were awarded a $150,000 CalSEED grant from the California Energy Commission. We have a binding pilot test agreement with a well-known globally expanding energy service provider, and have three additional clients in the pipeline. A voucher from the Department of Energy enables us to continue product testing at Sandia National Labs, the authority for solar reliability. Future-forward, we'll continue to apply for funding opportunities like CalTestBed, and grants and accelerators for clean technologies

Utility scale solar farms

One of the most at-risk markets is utility-scale solar farms. The biggest challenges their operations teams face are related to the failure of mission-critical components. Unexpected maintenance costs have driven some to bankruptcy, just as the rapid growth of renewable energy markets makes reliability more critical than ever.


Microgrid developers have their finger on the pulse of the renewable energy industry and recognize that infiniRel is the solution to key improvements in reliability and affordability. Through infinRel’s network, introductions have been made to developers and they are now building infiniRel multi-year service contracts into budgets.

What’s Next?

From there we’ll move on to wind, battery storage, and e-mobility/e-transport markets. infiniRel can be indispensable to slowing climate change.

Europe is the second market we’ll target after the US, due to its growing share in the global solar marketplace. Europe has the largest base of installed, aged inverters. Then we’ll expand worldwide to the Asia-Pacific Rim, MENA, and South America.

Once funded: We’re only six months from revenue.

$160 million projected revenue in 2026

infiniRel’s business model is grounded in multi-year Service-Level Agreements, a successful model adapted from the telecom industry, which demonstrated that uptime can be achieved to “five nines” or 99.999%. Every solar plant and microgrid is unique and carries different risks, costs, and failure rates. Our tiered pricing — based on our risk analysis of the systems’ production and the inverter health — allows customers to build our fixed fees into their maintenance budgets. We maximize our impact by first understanding the customer’s situation, then quoting our solution in $/megawatt, while considering the age and size of the plant as well.

When our client experiences a gratifying ROI and payback within one or two quarters, they are likely to continue with our annual service for the remainder of the system’s life cycle. It is clear that our service immediately translates to lower operational costs, increased operational stability, and higher revenues. Better margins means more investment in clean energy and lower reliance on fossil fuels.

Companies that monitor simply present inverter data, because prediction is not possible. They are data aggregators, whereas infiniRel extracts and processes signatures in real time, building its own database through AI, and allowing operators to make informed decisions pre-failure. What’s more, our US and European patents ensure our technology is protected from competition.

infiniRel’s team members are veterans from the solar, semiconductor, automotive and telecom industries, who have demonstrated expertise in reliability.


A clean tech innovation: Mass EV charging and protection for all who commute in EVs or flying taxis.

Together we can benefit everyone and help our planet stay cool.

Your investment will help us complete testing on our early warning failure system and bring it to commercialization. Your investment will increase uptime of solar plants and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. After raising the initial revenue and proving the success of both our technology and our business model, we’ll raise equity to help scale up the business and scale down the size of our early warning system. Then we’ll enter the e-mobility markets.