Industry Water Filtration, Inc.

Revolutionary new technology to expansion of the Aquaponics industry

Last Funded July 2018


raised from 124 investors


Aquaponics: $600 million target market growing at 15% per year
IWF tool replaces one (or more) workers formerly needed to maintain filtration equipment
Nine years of product development at potential customer sites.
Independent Testing completed at Fresno State University's International Center for Water Technology.

Our Team

We want to make a large contribution to solving the water crisis. Aquaponics is the wave of the future for food production using almost no water. IWF wants to make a significant impact on water saving. The water crisis is very real and gets worse every year, as NASA has observed that most of the world's aquifers are threatening to run dry, some as early as 2050. We will have a big impact on Aquaponics, an industry that uses almost no water yet grows six times more crops per square foot than traditional farming.