AR/VR company to go Public! (🤖AI + 🥽Visor)

Last Funded September 2023


raised from 4,929 investors


🇺🇸 Immersed’s stock is expected to trade on The NASDAQ.
🤖 Immersed's building Curator, an AI trained for work productivity.
🥽 Immersed's building a work-focused Visor with a soon-to-be-announced tech giant. More @
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Our Team

Every software development team I've ever been on or led has had the issue of video-conferencing/chat just not being the same as working together in-person, side-by-side, whiteboarding, pair-programming, etc. We want to solve this problem, not because we love remote work, but because we hate it and want to make remote work more like in-person.

Immersed enhances enterprise productivity through spatial computing software, mixed reality hardware, and artificial intelligence solutions.

For the past 6 years, Immersed has developed spatial computing software that virtualizes the workforce, giving individuals 5 virtual screens in AR/VR, and screensharing capabilities for hybrid remote teams. We are now collaborating with an undisclosed AR/VR tech giant to develop work-specific AR/VR hardware called “Visor”. In addition, we're also developing "Curator", an AI assistant designed to greatly enhance worker productivity.

📈 Our power users work 40-50 hours in Immersed every week.

(Immersed's rating on the Meta Quest Store.)

Market Opportunity

Enterprise AI market:

According to Next Move Strategy Consulting, the market for artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to show strong growth in the coming decade. Its value of nearly $100 billion is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030, up to nearly $2 trillion.

Enterprise Collaboration Market:

Market research indicates that the global enterprise collaboration market was valued at $47.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to surpass $85.8 billion by the end of 2026, driven by the need for seamless remote collaboration, enhanced productivity, and improved communication across geographically dispersed teams. Immersed is poised to capture a significant share of this market by offering cutting-edge solutions that enable organizations to unlock the full potential of their workforce.

Corporate Training Market:

The current global corporate training market size is $380.70 billion and with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8%. This is a key market for Immersed solutions that fit well within the context of training new employees and retraining existing employees.

XR Market:

The demand for augmented and virtual reality (XR) is growing, not just in the entertainment landscape but in the enterprise space as well. By 2026 or 2027, experts at Mordor Intelligence in their 2022 study available on predicted that the XR market was growing at a breakneck speed, with a healthy CAGR of 57.91%. The study suggested that a significant portion of the XR market growth would come from the enterprise space, where businesses are now moving more rapidly into the age of digital transformation. 

🙏 A world-renowned team from Google, Microsoft, and more.

Immersed is a small but mighty team with some of the top engineers in the world — along with incredible investors and advisors who have supported our mission since day one.

💫 Users love their productivity boost.

Spatial computing lets you enter a mode of deep work more frequently and for longer periods in a portable, distraction-free virtual workspace.

Spawn multiple virtual screens — no additional hardware required!

Collaborate with your team...

Work in a virtual coffee shop...

or in a virtual conference room...

✌️ Immersed is THE productivity platform to power the future of work.

We bring distributed teams together and solo workers into a distraction-free virtual workplace. Solo workers can increase their productivity by 48% while in "Deep Work" mode, and recover 16 hours weekly by eliminating distractions.

😎 Why Immersed is building Visor:

(Immersed's new Visor trailer).

*Disclaimer: Immersed does not have binding commitments for this funding, and any such commitments, if and when received, would be subject to a successful business combination and other closing conditions."