Idle is a peer to peer smartphone app that enables users to rent and rent out Idle goods

Last Funded January 2022


raised from 123 investors
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Fully developed app with an existing user base with over 175,000 installs to date.
A front-runner in one of the fastest growing global markets: the emerging sharing economy.
Participation in the sharing economy promotes behaviors that reduce CO2 emissions and waste.
Renting and renting out your items can be a more attractive alternative to buying new.

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Our Founder

I was in a situation where I needed to rent a generator, and the brick and mortar didn't have any in stock.  The thought occurred to me that there should be a platform available where people can rent out their stuff. With the advent of AirB&B and Turo, renting out belongings is the next logical step.

Idle - Rent Any Thing, Earn Any Time