Military Veterans Launch Wellness Products to Disrupt CBD Market

Last Funded April 2022


raised from 30 investors


🌿 Innovative & proprietary hemp-infused herbal formulas & functional wellness gummies
🤝 Secured a strategic partnership with one of the largest CBD-centric retailers in the United States
🏪 Opportunity to launch HUMBLEROOTS nationally 100's of retail stores with new distribution partner
🚀 Proprietary nano-emulsification process that greatly improves absorption rates and efficacy

Our Team

Our team is incredibly passionate about providing plant-based, all-natural alternatives to traditional over-the-counter and pharmaceutical medications. We believe that CBD and other functional plant-based ingredients have the power to address the root cause behind some of the most prevalent issues we all face throughout our day-to-day lives.


Many of us spend years supporting businesses with our hard-earned dollars, but we do not benefit when the company eventually grows

or sells.

I plan to change that. 

This is your opportunity to participate in the upside of a rapidly growing, veteran-led & family-owned plant-based health and wellness company. 

I’m Chris, a US Army Veteran and Co-Founder of HUMBLEROOTS APOTHECARY, and this is my wife and Co-Founder, Frances.

After leaving the military, I experienced chronic bouts of anxiety, insomnia, and unhealthy levels of stress, among other ailments.

*During my deployment to Afghanistan in 2009-2010. 

Traditional over-the-counter and pharmaceutical medications were largely ineffective and only provided short-term relief, doing very little to address the root cause behind my issues.

I soon turned to CBD, which was rising in popularity, and I was thrilled to find that, within a few short weeks, I felt myself becoming less anxious, less stressed, and sleeping better throughout the night.

Over the following years, I continued to use CBD as a staple within my wellness routine and also started down the path of exploring other all-natural alternatives to further supplement my health and wellness goals.


For years I had been taking CBD and other plant-based wellness products separately to supplement my wellness routine. What if there was a way to combine the two in order to provide a more comprehensive, effective & issue-specific wellness supplement?

This was the idea that led to the creation of HUMBLEROOTS.

With this goal in mind, we set out to position HUMBLEROOTS as a premium plant-based health and wellness company that provided issue-specific and completely innovative wellness supplements, primarily through the combination of hemp extract and other functional all-natural ingredients.

This led to the creation of our signature line of hemp-infused herbal formulas, which we launched in August of 2021! 

Our THINK, RELAX, ADAPT, DETOX, FOCUS, and DRIVE formulas all have different end goals and – as such – are created differently.


To stand out in a crowded market and ensure our customers benefit from the finest CBD products, we have joined forces with hemp industry experts and one of the world’s leading clinical herbalists to ensure each of our formulas is developed to excel at its job.

Each one of our formulas is produced through a proprietary nano-emulsification process that greatly improves absorption rates and efficacy.

Every formula is infused with 500mg of a full-spectrum extract derived from organically-cultivated hemp, which includes all of the beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and other therapeutic plant constituents to ensure a true entourage effect.

They also feature a range of other all-natural, functional ingredients that complement the benefits of CBD and work to achieve very specific wellness goals! 


HUMBLEROOTS will be launching a 100% unique line of functional wellness gummies in Q1 of 2022! 

Similar to our proprietary hemp-infused herbal formulas, we have developed an innovative line of issue-specific wellness gummies that contain nano-emulsified hemp cannabinoids and an array of other all-natural, functional ingredients! 

This new line will easily be the most comprehensive and effective wellness gummies on the market! Stay tuned, coming soon! 


At HUMBLEROOTS, we have big plans – and the business acumen to get there.

This will help us achieve our revenue targets as we place HUMBLEROOTS into more than 40 existing locations – rising to 300 stores within the next two years and 500 stores by 2026. 

We are also working on forging new partnerships with other premium retailers throughout the United States.

By 2026, we will expect to be present in more than 500 retail stores, with projected annual revenues of $9.1 million.

Your investment will help us reach our $250,000 goal, which will give us the power to put our plans into action.

This is our idea and we believe it has the power to become one of the top CBD wellness brands worldwide.

We can’t wait for you to join us on this journey.

*NOTE: Since launching this campaign and recording the introduction video above, A LOT has changed! 

We are so excited to announce that we have secured a distribution partnership with the Bellator Group and have plans to launch HUMBLEROOTS into hundreds of retail storefronts throughout the United States over the coming months! 

The Bellator Group represents a few of the largest CBD brands in the industry, so this is a very exciting opportunity! 

Please refer to the updated pitch deck below, which highlights our updated revenue projections based on this new partnership!