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Cutting-edge health navigation app, AI powered, to monitor your aging and guides you to slow it down
Founders have scaled consumer apps to 1 billion users & exited for hundreds of millions of $$$
Highly Rated: 4.8 Stars with over 4,500 reviews on the Apple App Store
Market leading metrics: 74% WAU/MAU, 42% DAU/MAU and 55% retention after 12 weeks for premium users

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What if you knew exactly how to slow your aging?

Humanity is an app that enables you to monitor your rate of aging and then guides you to slow it down.

The founders have already launched, scaled and exited B2C and B2B platforms that reached over 1 billion users and exited for hundreds of millions of dollars. 

They have deep expertise in consumer tech, scaling subscription businesses, viral growth, developing a high-performance and value-centric culture, fundraising and selling businesses.

Aging is the loss of core body functionality over time and it significantly shortens and decreases the quality of all our lives and those of our loved ones. The founders experienced their loved ones dying from chronic diseases and felt completely helpless. They built Humanity so that all of us would no longer be helpless.

Aging damage is the leading cause of disease, loss of quality of life, and then death.

Most services focus on abstract measures that are too downstream from the body’s core functions that actually positively affect healthspan. The user is left with their main question unanswered. That question is: “Am I getting healthier?”

There's also a lack of ongoing monitoring of core aging biomarkers.

Most Biological Age tests are too expensive and one-off, and thus not effective for judging the effect of preventive actions.

Ultimately, there was no clear, concrete feedback loop to understand what’s working to slow your aging and thus increase your core health. Humanity is now that clear feedback loop.

Our system is the one of the first platforms that uses AI and machine learning to understand what actions are working to slow aging and thus keep people healthier for longer, based on what's working for other Humanity users like them.

Humanity has a 10x higher conversion to premium rate compared to industry average. Proving that people are quite happy to pay for a service that actually keeps them young and healthy.

These future financial projections are not guaranteed.

In 2023, we focused on refining its product-market fit in preparation for commercial scale in 2024. The current performance indicates a positive return on ad spend (ROAS) based on the initial purchase, along with a notably high conversion rate to premium subscription.

The conservative estimate for customer lifetime value (LTV) stands at $75, and there are plans to launch a Pro product featuring blood analysis at a higher price early next year. The customer acquisition cost (CAC) is approximately $40, and there are expectations of improved results with upcoming tests on Web Flow.

The platform boasts 20,000 monthly active users (MAU), with a monthly growth rate of 10%, demonstrating robust retention rates (41% after 12 weeks, 73% for Premium users) and high engagement (66% weekly active users to monthly active users). Despite being pre-revenue, there is a 12% conversion to Premium, generating $16,000 monthly.

Looking ahead to 2024, we forecast a significant uplift with over $3 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR), driven by the launch of the Pro product, increased user growth, and B2B partnerships. The current monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is in the range of $15,000 to $20,000, contributing to an ARR of $220,000.

The projected figures for 2024 include $3.92 million in bookings and $1.94 million in revenues. Humanity's focus has been on developing a top-tier product with metrics that surpass leading apps in the category by 3-10 times. In 2024, efforts will be intensified to increase revenue.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Humanity is  #1 in the App Store for healthspan, longevity, and AI health. It has a 4.8 star Apple App Store rating with over 4,500 reviews and is attracting strategic partnership interest from some of the largest health companies in the world.

By tracking key aging biomarkers against what actions people are taking daily, Humanity uses machine learning and aging models trained on real-world outcomes to recommend personalized actions based on what’s working for other Humanity users like them.

This proven behavior change of 15.4% jumps to 18% if the individual's BMI is higher than 30.

Digital Health: 18.6% CAGR, from $211.0B in 2022 to $809.2B in 2030

AI Health: 37.5% CAGR, from $15.4B in 2022 to 208.2B in 2030

Mobile Health Market: 39% CAGR from $58.2B to $123.1B+ in 2030

5% market penetration alone is worth $6.2B

These future financial projections are not guaranteed.

The company has already attracted a world-class team, including world-renowned Science and Business advisors and investors in HealthTech and Longevity.

Key Clients

We are in the process of securing strategic partnerships to launch B2B Pilots with:

- One of the world's largest hardware and software companies

- One of the largest health and wellness retailers

- One of the largest health and fitness apps

Key Partners

We have strategic partnerships with the following partners:

- A physics enabled biotechnology company and aging model specialist

- Illumina: For DNA methylation monitoring and genotyping

- Eurofins: For DNA methylation testing and one of the largest lab groups on the planet

- Chronomics: For DNA methylation analysis

Current & Future Projects

Priority 1: Viral Growth - Iterate on a viral growth engine that drives organic, exponential growth. Building on the key expertise the founders learned with their social network and dating app.

Priority 2: B2B Dashboard for Humanity Enterprise - Build an analytics dashboard to aggregate Humanity health data for teams.

Priority 3: Blood Analysis - Adding a Premium Pro subscription level which includes blood analysis, based on the blood aging model we submitted for publication in a Nature publication, which is currently in peer-review.

Priority 4: App Refinements - To include improvements to Compare, Actions, Guidance and launching new offerings to increase engagement

Priority 5: Blood & Genetics Monitoring - Add subscription options to take cutting edge aging tests based on blood biomarkers and DNA Methylation samples on a periodic basis, directly from Humanity

Join us, and together we can help all humanity live a healthier life for longer.