Hotels By Day

Hourly hotel services: Work, Play, Stay. For the day. 🌞

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 322 investors
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🥇 Sold total $17M+ of otherwise idle daytime services, with highest bkgs in 2021
+400% global inventory increase in 2022 with strategic partnerships 🔥
Loyalty up +285% YOY, and 71% yearly bkg repeats 💪
Capturing shift to Work-From-Home with +178% YOY growth in Work Passes (Vs Leisure) 👏

Our Team

Work from home and new travel habits have created unprecedented demand for daytime hotel rooms and services. We are positioned to become a major player, increasing inventory by 400% with a global strategic partner, leading to an expanded set of work + leisure services to power a more flexible traveler and a permanently transformed workforce.

Covid changed our world 💣... Dawning a new age of 'Spaces As A Service' and Real Estate flexibility. 🌅

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