HOLOFIT by Holodia

VR Fitness App for Oculus/Pico Devices | Backed By Comcast and NBC Universal

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 337 investors


🔥 65K+ monthly active users and 350K+ downloads (30+ countries)
🤝 Published on Oculus Meta and Pico/ByteDance (TikTok) > 4B+ users
🎦 Backed by Comcast and NBCUniversal, Angel investors from Apple and Google
💪 Went through Techstars in 2021 (top 0.1% of startups worldwide!) and raised $2M to date!

Our Team


The number of VR users is expected to more than double by the end of 2022 (Statista VR Users Report, April 2022). Just like with the iPhone, VR apps are the primary way of engaging with VR hardware (headsets), and we believe the current environment is ripe for billion-dollar VR apps that are changing the way we live and work. 

VR fitness is a top niche in powering the rise of virtual reality, and Holodia built the only multi-device and cross-platform VR fitness app HOLOFIT

Meta and Pico Interactive (Bytedance), the two leading VR hardware makers recognize that fitness is one of the most exciting spaces developing in the VR universe. In fact, Meta recently announced that its next headset will be fully fitness-focused! Soon, we anticipate hundreds of millions of VR fitness headsets sold, opening a still untapped market for first-moving apps to win over. 

See the possibilities of what HOLOFIT VR fitness can do:

HOLOFIT is the only VR fitness platform that uses Real-time graphics content, giving users the ability to travel through original worlds as they work out.

This gives us the opportunity to integrate third-party created content, and use major entertainment studios' IP in HOLOFIT.

Imagine a Jurassic park HOLOworld where you have to train hard to run away from a T.Rex! That's your ultimate fitness motivation! 

Top industry companies and people believe in Holodia and are backing our growth with capital and strategic partnerships.

Our global distribution reach gives us huge advantages

HOLOFIT is the only VR fitness app that is available globally, and has distribution channels both through Meta Oculus and Pico platforms, through our partnerships with major fitness equipment companies (Concept2, Whipr, MaxPro fitness) and through our retail partners (Sport-Tiedje, Europe’s no.1 fitness retailer).

Our team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs and VR industry veterans. 

Our CEO is a global leader in international finance. Our COO is serial entrepreneur with previous exits, including from BeFit (300% YoY growth boutique fitness chain) . Tech is led by Claudio De Pace, founder of VRZonne and Qmaster.

We are a supercharged team with some of the world's top engineers and 3D developers

And we have a great team of highly professional and experienced advisors helping us reach our growth targets.

We've gone through Techstars Startup Accelerator (Class of ‘21)

Less than 1% of promising startups are accepted into Techstars startup accelerator. Entry requires a compelling case for why some of the most selective investors would choose to make a bet that a company has the potential for exponential growth. 

Holodia Team Winning a spot at Techstars ‘21

Holodia won a spot alongside other rapidly growing and competitive companies not only because of our market position but also the passion of our team. We’re completely sold on the future of VR and its potential to change the way humans interact with the world.

HOLOFIT is being built as a platform, able to connect to any health/fitness software or hardware product. 

You can use it on any fitness machine, from premium Technogym or Peloton to under $100 devices. You can also use it without any fitness equipment.

It connects to fitness trackers, Apple Health and Google Fit, Strava, and more.

We’re building virtual worlds for (just about) every exercise!

Holodia is doing something unique: pulling users into a virtual world that pairs with just about any exercise routine!

We reject the approach our competitors are taking by forcing users to change their exercises to fit the virtual game’s design. Instead, we’ve created HOLOFIT to transport our users to an exciting and dynamic universe where exercise isn't boring (we're just getting started).

Instead of a mere spectator, the user assumes that main role in our interactive world that they explore all while working out.

The HOLOFIT Universe currently has 15 virtual worlds - some based on fantasy such as Troglodyte or Cyberpunk of HOLOFIT Universe, nature such as Tropical or Snowy Mountains, cities such as Paris or San Francisco, and real sporting events such as Aiguebelette or Grand Sablon. 

But that’s not all. We are collecting all relevant user data, and applying AI to further customize user experience. Soon, you will not only be exercising in amazing HOLOFIT worlds at your own pace, you will be guided by our AI Virtual coach to reach the results you want to see.

The Virtual Coach, planned for 2023, will help you improve your performance, lose weight, gain muscle, or focus on your endurance. It will become your fitness alter-ego, bringing you real results through fun virtual experiences.

Right now, we are making $70k in Monthly Recurring Revenues with a 96% core users 90-day Retention rate (higher than Peloton during their 1st year!).

That is 1,500% growth in MRR since launch in January 2021!!!

2022: Doubling of the market 

2023: New hardware producers coming into the market (long anticipated Apple VR headsets), and the expansion of our revenue streams by launching premium subscription in 2023 and starting with in-game advertising for big sports and apparel companies

We bring real value to our users, extending their average workout time and increasing the average number of workouts per week.

Users that worked out an average of 2 times per week when starting with HOLOFIT are now exercising 5 or more times per week! And the results are there to show, going from better health, stronger muscles, less fat, improved performance.

Although amazing, growth is not everything! We've put lots of effort in making sure that we build solid metrics foundations, including maximizing our marketing budget value by keeping our Customer Acquisition Cost low. Together with our Advisory board Growth expert, we've created a marketing machine that is ready to scale us to the first 100,000 subscribers!

We acquire customers through Meta/Facebook and Google ads, and our CAC is at $9. What we spend on each customer advertising is paid back after only 1 month.

Our subscribers stay with us an average of 9 months, and we are working on extending the Customer Lifetime Value by product improvements that lower the churn further: daily and monthly challenges, more frequent updates, and more workout customization options.

We have a subscription-based business model, selling monthly ($11.99) and yearly subscription ($104.99) packages to our members. Launching our AI Virtual coach in ‘23 will also enable us to launch our Premium subscription tier (+$3.99/month).

We get additional revenues from our commercial customers that pay $169/month for a business subscription. Our commercial customers include major fitness chains (YMCA, Midtown Athletic Club) and luxury hotels (Four Seasons, Mayfair).

We will open new revenue streams (in the second half of 2023) through advertising opportunities. Already, we have ongoing talks with global fitness apparel leaders, who would be able to “dress” our users' avatars in HOLOFIT!

What our customers say

“So far I’ve played a handful and IT IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I move, I sweat, I get out of breath, my legs are weak and I can’t stand! AND I DON’T WANT TO STOP!”
- Jane T, HOLOFIT Member

Holodia Has Been Featured In Major Publications


We believe virtual reality is the next frontier in how humans experience the world. We're not alone.  

If you agree with elite technology companies like Meta, Google, and Bytedance that the future of VR will be HUGE, why not own part of this fast growing and exciting industry? Tens of billions of dollars have already been invested, and this trend is on track to continue as adoption for VR goes mainstream. 

Holodia is pulling ahead of almost all VR Fitness apps in both our technology, ambition, and customer adoption. Highlights:

  • 1,000,000 workouts completed on our app
  • $2M has already been invested in R&D and company operations
  • 65k monthly downloads with an average of 5 workouts completed every week
  • Virtual worlds designed around popular workouts. Effortlessly integrating into your routine

We believe we're projected for fast growth because of recent partnerships with companies like NBC Universal and Comcast, as well as being the only top-trending app available on multiple devices, including Pico and Oculus. 

Finally, we have the right leadership team in place. A group that has worked together for half a decade and has created over $255M in investor wealth. 

Join us on our mission to build virtual worlds that make fitness fun!

The right time for VR fitness is now.

3 years ago was too early. The VR hardware was not ready for mass adoption.

3 years from now it will be too late. The market will be taken by a number of players that will lead it to maturity.

Be quick, join the VR fitness revolution now!