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Built and Owned by Collectors like you

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We are poised to conquer an underserved, $450 billion market comprised of 75 million collectors
hobbyDB is home to 480,000 collectors who have collections worth $911 million
$4 million in capital raised from Producer Adam Goldberg, Techstars, & 680 collectors just like you
We power the databases and price guides behind brands such as Funko and Hard Rock International
Funko is profitable for us, representing an annual contribution of $250,000 and growing
CEO ran the largest set of collector forums & founded the biggest European eBay business w/ $40 million GMV
User wish lists house 8.6 million items worth $767 million

Our Team

Collectibles is a completely underserved, $450 billion market comprised of 75 million collectors. This market is ripe for disruption and with more than 60 years of combined experience, we know how to build THE resource for collectors that will become the next eBay/Etsy of the future.

For collectors, by collectors like you.

We are home to more than 480K collectors who use hobbyDB to research and manage their collections.

What makes us different from the other platforms is our foundation - a database of every collectible ever made supercharged by a price guide. Built and maintained by the most awesome community of super-fans and collectors around, our goal is to add 100 Million collectibles to the database by 2025 (and 100 billion by 2050).

Our army of 2,463 volunteers is the heart of hobbyDB. These fearless souls make up a dedicated task force with special powers that help keep hobbyDB data as accurate and organized as possible.

With the community’s help, the database has grown to cover a huge 586,000 collectibles and their related subjects, plus 4.4 million price points.

Get to know the solution for the $450 billion collectible and licensed goods market.

It's larger than every marketplace that you know of. Almost 3x that of Etsy.

And collectors are loving it!

With all of this data, hobbyDB is now the authoritative resource for the following collectible brands -

What our collectors are saying about us -

Since the beginning, we’ve always wanted to give our collectors the opportunity to own a part of the project. So when crowdfunding became possible, we knew it was the right step to take for our community. And now, we have more than 641 community members who own a piece of hobbyDB.

As we move forward, we want to continue to ensure that fellow collectors, community members, contributors and volunteers always have the opportunity to own a piece of what they use every day and are helping to build.


Find out why industry leaders love hobbyDB here.


Get to know our incredible hobbyDB super site contributors who are also owners here.

Get to know how hobbyDB can help you with your collection -

Organize your collection, exactly the way you want it.

With hobbyDB’s advanced collection management tools, you’ll always have a detailed record of the items you own, accessible with just a few clicks!

And, with the power of the database at your fingertips, you’ll be able to see even the slightest variation, which can sometimes make a HUGE difference in the value of your item.

No other resource goes to that level of detail.

And with the Wishlist, you will never again miss an item that you need when it comes up for sale.

Our community’s wish lists already represent the potential of $767m in marketplace sales.

Know exactly how much your collection is worth!

Price Tracker - Using the hobbyDB price tracker, see how much any of your favorite collectibles are worth and how their values change over time.

You can also chart the value of your collection and track your the value of your top ten items over time.

The price guide now has 4.4M estimated values and we have plans to grow it to 10M price points by 2021. Currently the price points come from hobbyDB and other online marketplaces, and we are adding the ability to add retail prices, auction house prices and printed price guides to the database.

Show your collection to the world.

Curate and display your collection the way you like to.

Collectors have never really had one place to show off all of their collection to their online communities. Now with the hobbyDB Showcase, members can customize the way they display their collections to the world.

Buy & Sell with confidence!

The Marketplace.

Harness the power of the database to find the exact item you’re looking to add to your collection or sell off to a new home.

How we make money - Conquering one collectible segment at a time

Our first collectible segment is already profitable for us, representing an annual contribution of $249,700 and growing. That is $11.35 per Funko database entry. If we can replicate this process with no other improvements and no new data for the other existing database entries, hobbyDB will earn a net contribution of $45.7m.

FUTURE PLANS FOR THE BUSINESS - What does 2021 look like?

Add even more data to the database

We’ve got more than 1 million data donations to add to the database. From Comics to film posters, be on the lookout for more of your favorite collectibles in the database in the new year.

Become the ultimate collectible influencers

With thousands of users, we’re uniting to create a powerful sphere of influence. We’ve already partnered with big names in the collectibles industry -- Funko, Hard Rock, Mego, and Topps -- and with the power of our user network, we’ll continue to offer valuable input on what true fans want to see created next.

Add even more price points to the price guide

With more than four million price points added to the database already, we’re well on our way to becoming the ultimate price guide for collectibles. And with our newest auction house partner, Heritage Auctions, we will be able to double the number of price points in the guide.

Be THE place for every collector to host their collection and wish list (and eventually sell them)