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Last Funded June 2024


raised from 1,917 investors


We believe we are poised to conquer an underserved, $500B market comprised of 75 million collectors
hobbyDB is home to 660,000 collectors who have collections worth $5.7 Billion
Our App continues to grow with more than 383,000 Downloads and a 4.8 rating on iOS.
Backed by industry veterans including folks from Disney, Hot Wheels, and Collectors Universe.

Our Team

Collectibles is a completely underserved, $500 billion market comprised of 75 million collectors. This market is ripe for disruption and with more than 80 years of combined experience, we know how to build THE resource for collectors that will become the next eBay/Etsy of the future.


We founded hobbyDB because we saw a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a company OWNED by collectors and fans. 

Why? In a world dominated by eBay, Amazon, and Facebook, a united group of fans can be powerful when it comes to building the ultimate fan & collectible experience.

By uniting fans of all kinds, we’re attempting to create a company that can influence and power the $500 billion collectible/fan merch space. 

Our long term goal is to unite 100,000 collectors as Shareholders of the company. Our mission is to create a massive grassroots audience that can make hobbyDB the most influential company in the collectible and fan merch market (and share the financial upside with its core members). If we can achieve that, we can really shape the destiny of the collectible galaxy.


The Collector’s Experience can be a fragmented mess. 

  • Adding new items to your collection meant crawling tons of different sites and trying to stay alert to new drops
  • Keeping track of your collectables required hard-to-use spreadsheets that never reflected what items were actually worth
  • And using all the different marketplaces meant you might get scammed and buy something that wasn’t what it was promised.


We’ve built a home for all of your fandom needs.

hobbyDB is revolutionizing the fandom experience by creating a one stop shop for everything that every collector and fan needs. With hobbyDB’s powerful platform, you can easily 

  1. Find out more about the awesome must haves you are interested in
  2. Manage your collection down to the very last important detail
  3. Track the value of your collection over time
  4. Buy and Sell on our secure marketplace
  5. Lean on a friendly community of 660,000 collectors looking to expand their collections


Blending our current solution with the power of AI, we will ultimately give you the ability to - 

  1. Use the hobbyDB App anywhere to scan or photograph an item and find out all about it using photo matching.
  2. Automatically manage your collection (for example insure it to the value you feel right, automatically offer duplicates for sale or best offer etc)
  3. Utilize artificial intelligence to find answers to all of your burning questions such as which items went up in value the most over the last year, product specific information, and much more.
  4. Show you relevant new products from anywhere around the world of interest to you (using items in your collection, wish list and ratings)
  5. Be the place where you can find any information you need about your hobby or ask questions to the Community
  6. Work with Artists and Brands and our members to create new, limited edition exclusive products for our members

FanMerch Represents a $500B Industry

At an impressive $500 Billion market size, the collectibles space continues to gain traction in multiple segments. Sneakers and trading cards are among a handful of genres that have carved or re-carved their own respective niches recently within the collectibles industry. But these “only” account for what we believe is only around $20 billion of the collectibles market. That means all the attention right now is focused on less than 4% of the whole addressable market in collectibles.


Individually we are all collectors, but together we have the power to shape the industry.

hobbyDB is powered by a blend of seasoned entrepreneurs, industry innovators, and a strong community of 1,432 shareholders.  

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Uniting the power of Community with Industry Experts 

Industry experts across the globe believe in hobbyDB and our community. Here are just a few who have already invested in hobbyDB - 


Thanks to such a powerful community, we are growing every day!

We're the authoritative resource for tons of fandoms including -

And each Crowdfunding Round has increased in value to reflect our progress!

So far we’ve raised $656,872 from 1,432 investors thanks to Equity Crowdfunding. With that money we’ve been able to grow to a huge 800,000 database items, 5.8M price points in the guide and more than 375,000 App downloads. All powered by a community of 660,000 members.

And we’re just getting started. 

How We Make Money

Like other great companies when they were early-stage (like LinkedIn and Zillow), hobbyDB is built to focus on long term revenue to maximize the benefit for our Shareholders. Here are our many different revenue streams - 


We earn income on programmatic and direct advertising that is displayed on the site.

Affiliate Partnerships

We earn commission by linking to items for sale on partner websites

Data/API Sales

We earn fees on selling access to information in our database including the price guide

Marketplace Fees

We earn a 3-5% commission on any marketplace sale

Product Exclusives

We earn revenue on exclusive product sales from partner brands


Socializing the Collectible Experience 

With a community of 660,000 members strong, we’re making it easier for you to talk to each other, collaborate, and share everything. Here’s how - 

  • Ratings - Our new rating system allows collectors to rate their faves…and not so faves.
  • Activity Stream - Coming the first quarter of 2024 - get real-time notifications from brands and designers you follow, plus alerts for significant value changes on your items and when new items arrive from your favorite sellers and more on the App!
  • Forum - Coming in the first quarter of 2024, utilize our forum to discuss everything collectible, collaborate on the database and price guide, and see real time drops of anything that’s new.

Become the one-stop shop collectibles hub

It’s our mission in 2024 to focus on making hobbyDB also the premier buying and selling destination in the collectibles universe. We accomplish this with improved marketplace tools for buyers and sellers including - 

  • Direct links on hobbyDB item pages such as Entertainment Earth or FYE that allow buyers to safely purchase direct from retailers.
  • Exclusive cross-promotions between hobbyDB and brands such as FiGPiN, Youtooz and Handmade by Robots, and more!
  • The ability to make offers on items in other people's collections.
  • Streamlining the listing experience so you can easily bulk upload items for sale and benefit from the lowest fees in the industry.

Become the Ultimate Collectibles Database

Find out anything and everything that you've ever wanted.

  • Add Prices for graded items - We know that there can be a big difference between the value of a graded item vs. a non graded item. It’s time for us to take the price guide to the next level and give you the ability to see the estimated values of your graded items as well.
  • Add more and more new data - In just the last few months, we’ve added Emma Bridgewater porcelain, Porsche Posters and Roman coins. Have a love for all things Starbucks? Check out our Starbucks Mugs collection here.
  • More detailed information on items like our recent Fake Photo section and the ability to scan many more different reference numbers such as ISBNs or GameStop barcodes. 


It's been our dream since Day One to allow our members and the community to own a part of (and hopefully benefit from) the resource that they helped to build. So when crowdfunding became available, we knew that it was the right choice for our community.

Once again, we’re opening our doors to fanatics worldwide and giving you the opportunity to own a piece of hobbyDB and its family of brands (including Pop Price Guide and The Toy Peddler). Equity crowdfunding basically allows anyone to easily invest in early-stage pre-IPO companies that they believe will do great things! By uniting fans of all kinds, we’ll be able to shape the future of collecting and create a resource that we all love to use. As hobbyDB grows, so does our power!

The time is now if you haven’t already joined the hobbyDB community!

Take advantage of this opportunity to join more than 1,432 shareholders and our 2,301 volunteers on our quest to dominate the world of collectibles.