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Last Funded August 2022


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📜 Script scored highly with SLATED, a leading Feature Film script market-viability assessor
📈Investors in 1st position recouping 115-120% of their investment before 50% profit sharing
🗽 Fast profit disbursements of over $500k through NY State refunded tax credit
🎬 Production Team - Hollywood insiders working with major directors, networks & A-listers

Our Team

This idea came to me shortly after the release of my last film. It was what you call an epiphany where I knew I would spend years developing this idea. Once you know, you know. An idea of a film that would be so intriguing that I must show the world. A suspenseful film encompassing various backgrounds colliding then ultimately coming together.



An acclaimed author at the peak of success publishes a book that ominously mirrors her present-day life that invokes a brutal killer out of the shadows forcing her to once again face her dark past.


I’m here to bring you closer than you ever imagined to behind the scenes movie magic, with investor Perks that include rare and exclusive access to the production and movie stars throughout the development of my next groundbreaking film:

“Indie Gem” Machine

Leveraging close to twenty years of experience in writing, producing, and directing films for Indie Festivals across the globe, I premiered my first Feature Film, “Such A Funny Life,” in 2019 which was hailed an Indie Gem by industry critics, proving a unique ability to bring great new independent films to market.

Cinematic History

My team and I invite you to join us in making cinematic history with the production & release of our all-new feature film     Hero.    Loss.   Dirt.

Set in iconic New York City and the grand beauty of the West Virginia Mountains, our lead plays a heroic psychologist who publicly falls from grace and faces the dark hearts of those who seek the truth in this deeply mysterious dramatic thriller.

Initial viewings are planned for post-pandemic theater audiences thirsting for fresh new independent releases such as Hero. Loss. Dirt.

Investors receive up to 120% of Principal + 50% Net Profits, and that’s not all.

Your investment is also your ticket to incredible Investor-Only Perks such as “members only” access to online exclusive footage, in-production updates, select access to the film crew & stars, private screenings, IMDB credit listing, and more!  See below for the full list of Investor Only Perks:

Investors Group Video Call with Oliver Mann & select film crew members

Above + SPECIAL THANKS credit in the end credits of the film, AND your IMDB Credit Listing!

Above + “Members only” access to online-exclusive video footage & updates during development.

Above + Digital autographed picture of the main cast, & access to select live stream of the audition process and/or rehearsals.

Above + First 50 Investors receive invitations for two to the Cast and Crew Screening of the Picture, & Zoom Access to live stream of select film editing session.

Above + Investor receives an invitation to be an Extra (travel & lodging not included), & access to Investor Group Video Call with select Movie Stars.

Above + 115% early preferred return of your original investment + 50% of Net Profits.

Above + Access to attend select live filming day (travel & lodging not included).

Above + Early preferred return increased to 118% of original investment, and a special invitation to Exclusive Actor Meet & Greet Event (travel & lodging not included).

Above + Associate Producer Credit in the beginning credits of the film, VIP invites to selected screenings, festivals, red carpets, after parties that occur, & Invitation to Film Release Party (travel & lodging not included).

Above + Early preferred return increased to 120% of original investment, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit in the beginning credits of the film, recognition for any awards received, AND script signed by the writer / director / producer.

Above + Ability to receive awards alongside Oliver Mann & cast, credited as TOP EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the film, AND inclusion in selected photo ops for producing team.

Low-budget Indie Films & Psychological Dramas are cashing in Profit and Award Nominations, providing a unique opportunity to produce a film for approximately $1.5M - 10 Million Dollars with potential returns of 9X - 43X.

Moonlight (2016) had an estimated production budget of approximately $1.5 million and enjoyed massive success at the worldwide box office to the tune of $65 million, accounting for a 43x ROI.

Similarly, In 2017, both Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name, indie films with low budgets achieved not only massive box office success ($79 million and $41.9 million respectively) but were both nominated for Best Picture at the 2018 Academy Awards.

1st Position Terms

Whether you invest $250 or $250,000, all investors receive 50% of all net profit distributions after 1st Position recoup. Additionally, 1st Position investors receive 120% before profit sharing.

Logline - An acclaimed author at the peak of success publishes a book that ominously mirrors her present-day life that invokes a brutal killer out of the shadows forcing her to once again face her dark past.

Initially set in the muddy, fast-paced streets of New York, the mysterious death of our heroine Claudia triggers a dramatic cascade of unforeseen events… While being under investigation after Claudia’s funeral, her husband Adam must journey to her childhood home in the primeval depths of the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia.

The film explores the extent to which one grieving widower will go to honor his wife’s burial wishes, even when confronted with the fact that she was not who he thought she was.

In the boldly suspenseful style of Gone Girl, this film will have you questioning the innocence of Claudia, the husband suspected of her murder, and the outlaw brother she discarded with the secrets of her past.

Award-Winning Executive Producers Buffalo 8

The top-ranking independent production company Buffalo 8 hand selected Hero. Loss. Dirt as a key film for Executive Production. As a full-service Hollywood film and media agency with a focus on production, post-production, design, and finance for the entertainment industry, Buffalo 8’s projects attract top talent and critical acclaim.

Behind The Movie Magic

The Director:  Oliver Mann maintains a talented team, dedicated to the success of Hero. Loss. Dirt. As a critically acclaimed director/writer/producer, military veteran, and a graduate of the New York Film Academy, with decades of experience bringing his unique films & vision to audiences across the globe, Mann has the tenacity and vision required to bring Hero. Loss. Dirt to the big screen.

The Crew:  Our film Crew boasts a stellar team of dynamic Hollywood insiders who work with A-list actors, award-winning cinematographers, and worldwide distribution channels.

The Casting:  BASS/CASTING is poised to recruit the talent for our film, starting with the lead. Having casting projects such as Wind River (starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen), Chemical Love (starring Lili Reinhart and Austin Abrams), and other feature film, television, and short film projects under their belt, they’ve been able to entice many larger-named celebrities to take on roles in Hero. Loss. Dirt.

Cinematographers:  Oliver is currently in discussions with award-winning cinematographers

Medium:  As we endeavor to keep Hero. Loss. Dirt as close to its arthouse roots as possible, we are proud to announce that we will be shooting our entire project on Kodak film.


With the current SAG strike we already submitted our request for the Interim Agreement to continue casting and start production in Q1 of 2024 regardless of the strike.

Added Capital:  Bondit pledges up to $1.7M in investment once we hit $1.3M of investment through Wefunder.

Tax Strategy

And, Section 181 Deduction under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 (TCJA) creates a 100% deduction for any money invested in a film that is produced in the United States and that qualifies under the original qualification standards of Section 181.

Pre-Sales: In addition, our pre-sales agreement takes advantage of the film’s potential sales results and leverages that against a senior debt lender to finance a portion of the production - Once the sales agent can pre-sell a portion of the 150 territories, that money, minus the sales commission, will be handed back to the investors.

The Market

Indie/arthouse theater audience resurgence & Streaming Service acquisitions are rising at a pace never before seen in the industry:

  • Over half the films featured at Sundance Film Festival in 2019 were purchased for distribution
  • The independent feature CODA broke records, selling to Apple+ for an unprecedented $25 million.
  • There remains a vast void in the market, starving for exciting, high-quality new content.
  • Top-tier festivals actively seek content that celebrates diversity, and where Hero. Loss. Dirt is helmed by a Latino director, produced by a female-dominated creative team, and poised to star a diverse cast of minorities.
  • Over the last decade, the 25-29 age demographic has been responsible for 25% of all theatrical ticket sales worldwide. This group goes to see more films and spends more money on arthouse/indie films like Hero. Loss. Dirt.
  • Hero. Loss. Dirt is well-positioned to capitalize on the burgeoning arthouse audiences across the globe.
  • Independent films with superb storytelling and spellbinding characters prove that there is financial and critical success to be had for a character-driven, independent drama like Hero. Loss. Dirt.

Market Comps

Hero.  Loss.  Dirt is comparable to such Indie greats as Moonlight & Manchester by the Sea - Similar in Tone, Actor Profiles, & Indie Budget, and where the two comparable films earned approximately $65 million and $79 million respectively, with both films receiving numerous top industry Accolades & Awards.

Early State Marketing

Marketing at a grassroots level has already begun, including targeted genre-based social media marketing and this Campaign, which is just the start of our tested and savvy approach.

Early stage marketing further includes partnering with a well-known entertainment sales agency during the development phase. This allows for strong casting selections to generate early interest before production is complete, and, introduce our concept to the market before beginning a physical sales campaign.

Release Marketing

In addition to traditional marketing towards a widespread theatrical release, we will also market through streaming video on demand (SVOD) and over-the-top (OTT) platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Crackle, Apple+, and others.


Feature Film Marketing starts at the beginning of development and finishes after release on all distribution platforms, where World-Wide distribution plans additionally equate to promoting our film nonstop, including:

  • Market-focused film festivals
  • Los Angeles Distributors Screenings
  • Special Interest Groups Screenings

Plans include working in tandem with agency and sales partners to premiere Hero Loss Dirt at top-tier film festivals, targeting: Sundance, Berlin, SXSW, or Toronto. Additional film festivals targets include: Sun Valley FF, Tribeca FF, Newport Beach FF, among others.

With our robust & detailed plan for development, pre-and-post production, photography, marketing, and distribution, Hero. Loss. Dirt is ready to capitalize on the current momentum to craft an amazing film through an efficient timeline toward a highly successful distribution.

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