Highline Wellness

High quality, direct-to-consumer CBD supplements for everyday problems

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 47 investors


Reached $15.5M in lifetime revenue and 86K+ customers as of October 2022 since launching in 2019
Increased sales by more than 3x from 2019 to 2021, reaching $4.5 million in revenue
Raised $3.5M+ from notable investors and founders
Recurring revenue made up 67% of 2021 sales

Our Team

Why Highline Wellness?

Our products can improve sleep, reduce inflammation, relieve anxiety and provide mental clarity. We’re committed to making the most reliable products from high quality CBD, 100% natural & free of chemicals, for every type of customer.


The US is facing a mental health crisis

Around 50% of GenZ and Milennial women report being stressed often. CBD products targeting anxiety and lack of sleep are still not classified as generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA, which has led to an unregulated market lacking high-quality products. 


Highline Wellness products provide natural, affordable and effective solutions that improve sleep and reduce anxiety. Our products contain only the most affective ingredients and are held to the highest quality control standards in the industry. 

Product range

Our products include gummies, CBD oil and bathbombs, each of which are specially formulated to address some of today's most common problems. 

Despite the FDA not classifying CBD as GRAS (yet!), we have adopted high production standards for our products, so that when CBD becomes regulated, we will already be compliant. This means that our facility is CGMP certified, our products are 100% made from scratch, and each batch is easy for consumers to test. 

Customer loyalty is strong, with a 50% returning customer rate for non-subscribers and a recurring revenue from 2.5K subscribers with a 9+ order average. Our products have 5000+ 5 star reviews and have been enjoyed by 84,498 customers so far. 

Our instagram following of 51K and a further 6M+ followers brought from partnered influencers combines to deliver a large outreach, building trust with authentic storytelling. 


Highline Wellness has gained significant traction in the press in many different spheres - from business, to health and wellness, and beyond. 

Sales have increased by more than 3x when compared to 2019, with lifetime revenue amounting to $15.5M. Highline Wellness achieved profitability in June 2022 and an upwards trajectory is expected for revenue.  

The above chart contains forward projections that aren't guaranteed. 

Future Growth

The above slide contains forward projections that aren't guaranteed.


Our founders and strategic advisors are equipped with the relevant expertise to deliver intelligent and adaptable decisions for Highline Wellness' success. 

What will the funds be used for?

Thank you for your time, we hope you invest in Highline Wellness and become part of our future!