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Invest in Herby PoP

An artisan herbed popcorn company connecting taste buds to global flavors.🍿


reserved of a $150,000 goal
$2.5M valuation cap Convertible Note
$150, $500, $1K, $10K, $25K, $50K, $100K
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🍿Sold over 10,000 bags in LT. (Pre incorporation + post incorporation)
From a family health ministry to a family business, we have taken $475 in 2011 to $53K in 2019. We can do it again! 🙏
$16,728.60 in revenue since January 2021 new incorporation 💾 with the added shut out of manufacturing due to covid.
📈Our current popping capacity is 120 bags/day. We cannot meet demand and sell an average of 75 bags/event.
We're bringing real crunch & real flavor with NOTHING artificial... connecting people to cultures around the globe.🌍

Our Team

🌍 Travel by Mouth With Healthy Flavors From Around the Globe

🙌Key Take-AwayđŸ€Ż:

Herby PoP is an Illinois B-Corp, creating some of the best artisan herbed popcorn this side of The Great Lakes. Serving up global flavors connecting tastes bud with herbs, flavor, culture, and wellness. We've grown this brand solely operating to supporting our families
Medical Missionary initiatives all over the globe for the past 9 years to a full-fledged business selling over 10,000 bags LT. Recently incorporating in August 2020, But not selling again until January 2021 due to manufacturing shutout due to Covid, we've sold over 2400 bags bringing in $17,000 in revenue, with limited manufacturing and looking to expand our manufacturing in the coming months to meet demand from our new distribution strategy.

At Herby PoP, our mission is to connect our customer's tastes buds with natural herbs, culture, wellness, and FLAVOR that will change their lives. In early 2011, when we started popping, we were medical missionaries. We were helping people overcome sickness and disease by changing their lifestyles.  We served individuals and communities all over the United States teaching biblical principles, natural therapies, clean living, and a plant-based diet. Out of all the changes our clients would make, The outcry would always be, "If I can't eat THAT anymore, then WHAT can I eat?

We saw the need to create something to eat that was flavorful, fun, packed with fiber, and full of anti-oxidants. You know, something that was healthful AND actually tasted great. So we did just that! We created healthy, ready-to-eat popcorn products full of real flavor from herbs with a desired cultural representation that was lacking in the popcorn industry. With the love and acceptance of the community, our family started to produce more and more bold flavors-like Indian Masala,  Mediterannean Zaatar, West African Jollof, and Morrocan Mint...and more children. đŸ€—

We began to see an astronomical demand for Herby PoP in our local markets. WE COULD NOT POP ENOUGH TO KEEP ON THE SHELVES!  Herby Pop was breaking ground, but due to our manufacturing capacity, we could not meet it. 


The global ready-to-eat popcorn market is expected to grow by 12.85% annually through 2026. The market expansion of popcorn is undergoing a resurgence, consumers are seeking an experience from their snacks. The use of socially sustainable ingredients, empowering a labor force, and connecting people cross-culturally ..... is what will drive our market share.


Currently, our sales and distribution are mostly Direct to Consumer through Pop-Ups/Experiential Events and Online Sales. We would like to grow our wholesale operations. Currently, we are in a few boutique locations and working to re-establish more retail partners.

Press features so far...


Herby PoP plans to raise a $150K pre-seed round to finish the development of our manufacturing facility, marketing, & distribution.


Herby PoP is founded by a husband and wife team who individually bring unique skills to the company.  Brodie Cross Jr, a former Marine whose business administration skills began by managing  (an experienced team of industry experts, financial services veterans, startup op).


We need this! Not only would this investment allow us to continue providing the market with a real food product that's truly healthful and delicious. It would allow us to create jobs in underrepresented communities, connect humanity through a cultural exploration of herbs & flavor, spearhead health & wellness initiatives, cultivate beauty in human-centric spaces,  and ultimately create a delicious legacy of freedom & service for our family of 8.


Herby PoP's near future consists of cranking up our manufacturing capabilities and creating national market demand by bringing Herby PoP to the people via a unique interactive marketing experience.  Within a few years, we see Herby PoP taking its place in the global market as a leader in the RTE popcorn segment as we put humanity and health back into the business world. Herby PoP, ultimately is being positioned to become a household lifestyle brand that serves as a catalyst for living a lifestyle of healthy deliciousness.