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Last Funded May 2021


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Over 900% Revenue Growth from 2018 - 2020 with $3.3M in Sales for 2020.
'At Home Fitness' is a global shift in consumer sentiment.
A fast growing market expected to hit $25B by 2025.
Unique business model built on a value system with cultural identity.

Our Team

We are all former athletes, coaches and fitness professionals brought together through our passion and love of fitness. We understand first hand, the value of health and wellness to our lives and wanted to share that through the lens of our home culture here in Hawaii.

Educating, Empowering, and Enhancing Lives Through Fitness.

Hele Fitness was born from a shared passion for living our best lives through fitness.  That passion quickly grew into a mission- to catalyze positive transformation for our local communities by helping people harness their inner warrior spirit and overcome their daily battles.  We believe that those you consistently grind through fitness, build inner strength, and that empowerment cascades across all aspects of life.  

Hele Fitness is Hawaii's functional fitness brand.  We are a group of former athletes, coaches, and fitness professionals who launched the company in 2017 as a project for our shared passion for fitness.   Our mission is to improve lives through health and fitness.  By providing the tools (equipment), the knowledge (programming) and support system (community), we catalyze a stronger connection to the best version of ourselves! 


Hele Fitness represents the innate connection to the warrior spirit that resides within each of us. The ancient Hawaiian Warriors, known as Na Koa, drew strength from their Mana (life force) to always be prepared for battle.

Today we honor Na Koa through modern training methods- helping people overcome their daily battles, unlocking self-belief and empowering them to live to their potential.  

2020 Revenue = $3.3M

The following numbers were calculated using cash-basis accounting, not accrual-basis, which is used in our financial statements.

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Our core product offering is functional fitness equipment.  We have designed, developed and distributed an entire equipment line that fulfills the needs from Home Gyms to Commercial Gyms and Military Facilities.  The expansion of functional fitness has in large part been influenced by the proliferation of CrossFit.  We are grateful for the feedback from our customers, athletes, ambassadors and partners to help us continually improve our products and set a new standard combining quality and price.  Ultimately, any product that bears our Hele Fitness Brand embodies our dedication to excellence and represents the value of self-empowerment. 

Home Gyms

Commercial Gyms

We have done design-builds for multiple commercial and enterprise facilities.  One particular niche that we found was the converting of High School gyms.  After identifying many of the improvements from a safety and space-planning perspective, we found that some of the qualitative benefits were where our impact was strongest.  

In Episode 1 of our "Talk Story" mini series, we sit down with Castle High School to learn more about how Hele Fitness has impacted the students and faculty.  

In 2018 we launched our Affiliate Program. This works similar to a franchise model where we partner with other entrepreneurs across the world to establish Hele Fitness in their home country. We started with Brazil and quickly grew that model across multiple countries. Each Affiliate orders exclusively from us and carries our product line procured for their market. We make a guaranteed profit margin from each Affiliate which is driven by the Market, the Forex, and the Volume of that country's production. In the emerging markets, we see fitness trending up and like any late adoption cycle, they skip over many of the old incumbent methods of fitness and go straight to Functional Fitness. The Global Affiliate channel will drive a large portion of our company's future growth.

We built our own mobile app to deliver programming, starting with the Army’s new ACFT. The app is also a platform for coaches and gym owners to better service their clients and members. By enabling passionate practitioners, we further our mission and reinforce our brand's ability to catalyze a community of empowerment.

With that growth carrying us into 2020, the COVID Pandemic accelerated the already aggressive trend line. We foresee the 'At Home Fitness' movement as still an industry in its infancy. There is a multi-Billion dollar industry that is growing month-over-month and we are positioning Hele Fitness to be a leader in that niche.

We project that we will be acquired within 5 years as this is the intermediate growth period for the functional fitness industry.  When we see companies making large acquisitions in the space it indicates a very positive sentiment on overall future industry outlook. Examples, Lululemon buys Mirror for $500M, Peloton buys Precor for $420M and Tonal raised another $110M all within the last year.  Our view is that we can achieve a $100M valuation in 5 years, which would require us to get from $3.3M in revenue (2020) to $22M in revenue in 5 years which is a 46% annual growth rate.  From 2017 to 2020 we have been achieving a compounded annual growth rate of 125% which also helped us to earn the title of "Hawaii's Fastest Growing Company" across all industries.  

Our vision for a better world starts with each of us as individuals.  When we are in pursuit of our best selves, we share more positive energy with the world.  The compounding effect of millions of people radiating their light with the world transcends geographic, political and economic borders.  

When we commit ourselves to fitness, we quickly recognize the extrinsic benefits but what often gets overlooked is the intrinsic value.  Intuitively, we know this but we rarely take action to manifest it in our own lives- which is why, oftentimes we just need an example for inspiration.  There are few more inspirational stories than those of our soldiers who overcome severe physical and mental trauma.  The Wounded Warrior Project strongly aligns with our company values and we are very proud to be a Corporate Champion Partner in support of their mission. 

"Hele Fitness becomes a Corporate Champion Partner of the Wounded Warrior Project."   

Mahalo for taking the time to consider joining us.  We hope that at the very least you move on with your day from a place of renewed inspiration for your own health and well being.  If you find yourself in Hawaii, look us up, we would love to meet and talk fitness!