A mobile health solution to provide peer support at scale and improve mental wellness.

Last Funded November 2021


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We democratize the benefits of talk therapy by using an Uber-like supply model to meet demand and drive scalability.
Millenials and Gen Z are suffering from loneliness, anxiety, and depression in record numbers with dire implications.
12 Billion workdays are lost annually due to issues of mental health - 47% of Americans consistently feel left out.
Accumulated data + AI will deliver valuable insights to individuals, universities, & enterprises.

Our Team

I started HearMe because there's a transcendence that comes from being truly heard, seen, and validated by another human being. Being acknowledged for who we are, as a whole person, without judgment is a powerful solution for addressing loneliness. Even though people in our social networks "surround" us and even crave the same things, there are few opportunities for authentic connections in real-time to support people navigate everyday stresses. So I helped build a platform for making these critical connections possible whenever we need them.

Listen. We can improve Mental Wellness together. 

The Problem: We are in mental wellness crisis

47% of Americans report feeling lonely. Despite advances in technology that allow for constant connection, people feel more lonely, anxious, and devoid of authentic connection than ever. Loneliness is greatly impacting Gen Z and Millennials, making them the loneliest generations. 

A recent study from YouGov showed that 22% of Millennials reported having no friends. Covid-19 has only heightened their sense of isolation. 

Goal: Own the sub-clinical mental wellness space

Current Solutions aren't working despite people actively looking for help. Other models focus on lead generation to paid clinical services, chatbots, or self-reflection. People don’t always need help in a clinical setting. More often, they benefit from someone who can listen to them, be present and available for them, see them, hear them, and validate them. 

That is where HearMe comes in. 

Solution: The HearMe Platform

HearMe is a mobile health disruptor with a scalable solution to address the global loneliness crisis and improve mental wellness. We democratize talk therapy's benefits by allowing anyone to anonymously connect 24/7 with a trained listener who can understand and share in their unique lived experiences.

By addressing the epidemic of loneliness and disconnection before it accelerates into larger health issues, we can positively impact people's overall mental wellness, drive targeted responses, and reduce cost for universities and enterprises. Built on the power of human connection through technology, we have access to vast datasets to allow for rich insights.

How It Works

HearMe harnesses the power of empathetic listening to create authentic connections and provide an outlet for people to vent, share, and discuss everyday stressors and triggers. Our 24/7 on-demand support meets people in their moment of need.

Our Unique Approach 

Mental health continues to deteriorate despite an increase in people being willing to seek help. We believe that a problem shared is a problem halved and that we all play a role in creating a healthier world. HearMe provides an inclusive and safe space for everyone to be welcomed and heard. 

Empowering all to put empathy into action through evidence-based interactions to improve mental wellness

Finding avenues to feel heard and honestly express emotions can improve mental health, decrease negative self-thoughts and lead to a happier, more fulfilling life. According to the Cigna loneliness survey, people who experienced daily, meaningful interactions scored 20 points lower on the Loneliness Index and tended to be healthier than those who didn’t. 

Overcoming loneliness starts with authentic, individual conversations. When we have an outlet to freely communicate and be heard without fear of judgment, we feel a sense of release, validation, and empowerment. 

Business model

HearMe Mobile App

We foster authentic human connection by using an AI-powered matching algorithm to connect users to trained listeners, in anonymous, safe, HIPPA compliant text conversations. Our users can log on to the mobile app, choose a topic to chat about, record their feelings, and be matched to a trained empathetic listener in about a single minute.


A majority of our users are college students, therefore we are expanding into universities across the globe to address student mental health issues. As universities are understanding the importance of student mental wellness, we are able to partner with them and customize our platform to their specific needs.

HearMe Listening Academy

Our best-in-class training and certificate programs will benefit individuals and enterprises looking to improve their empathetic listening and communication skills through comprehensive, on-demand listening courses designed by experts.

HearMe@Work (2022)

As we continue to grow and scale our university and premium markets, we plan to expand to provide peer support services to enterprises around the globe. This market will grow to be our largest revenue stream by 2024 (results are not guaranteed).

Strong Engagement

HearMe's retention outperforms other competitive mental wellness apps -- 8.1% vs. 3.3% over a 4-week window.

Game Plan

HearMe is in a position to be a market leader by breaking down the barriers of mental wellness with our accessible, cost-effective, scalable, and stigma-free solution.

This slide contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed.

We are set up for continued growth and success

Our advisory board includes industry leaders across healthcare, HR, organizational development, e-learning & training, and media.

Join our mission to change the world, one conversation at a time.

We believe that a problem shared is a problem halved, and with your investment, we can share the benefits of peer support and empathetic listening and combat the global epidemic of loneliness and disconnection.  Invest in HearMe today!