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Harmony Turbines

Residential wind power generation that will revolutionize the industry!

Pitch Video
Investor Panel


Patented furling design translates directly to our Value Proposition
Disruptive technology allows us to capture far more wind for greater ROI
Virtually untapped market with hundreds of millions of customers
Affordable straight-forward design that is beautiful and powerful
Turbine reduces diameter in high winds while still producing max power output
Easy to maintain units no dangerous climbing
1, 3 & 5kW as well as recreational sizes
Little to no noise & no danger to wildlife

Our Team

I chose Harmony because I knew it could help us become something better than we are today! Current residential wind power options for homeowners are terrible right now, but we can fix that! Let's help each other and our precious planet all at the same time! ...Challenges never scare me; closed-minded people scare me!

Residential wind turbines finally make sense!

I started doing Clean Energy Research 20 years ago and have been working since that time to find a way to do this type of work for a living. I don't need to be rich or famous; I only ever wanted to do my part in helping to make the world a better place.

My workshop is always been open to those willing to learn and grow, to that end I will often volunteer at schools to do science presentations trying to help expose our younger generation to the many possibilities that science and engineering have to offer.

Over the years I did a lot of work with open source projects on my website, where I was conducting research on Pulse Motors, Electromagnetics, Gravity Engines, HHO (Hydroxy), PMM (Permanent Magnet Motors) and other assorted things. I documented all of my designs and work there so that others could replicate my findings. It was a great base for the work I would be doing later in life. That website still exists today as a living archive and testament to the work we did. I have thousands of hours documented on projects that I and many others did over the 12 or so years that the site was highly active.

In the past 3 years I began focusing on some projects that I felt had the best possibility of turning into a viable source of income for myself and my family. To that end I began patent work on my Harmony Vertical Axis Wind Turbine design. It was actually an invention that I came up with, back in 2010 or 2011 but I had to wait for my skills in CAD and 3D printing to catch up to the ideas in my head. Once I became proficient at CAD and 3D printing, prototyping my ideas became much easier. Harmony VAWT was born!

You can go to my YouTube Channel and watch dozens of videos of my projects over the years plus the past few years specifically dedicated to our Harmony Turbines project.

I have a LOT of other inventions and designs to develop as I try to do my small part, my little piece of the puzzle, to make our world and our lives, something better than they are today. Harmony is just the tip of that iceberg; it's my flagship product toward turning that dream into a reality! -Won't you please join us in that effort!