Harmony Turbines, Inc.

Next Generation Residential and Small Scale Wind Turbine Development

Last Funded March 2022


raised from 748 investors


📈 Millions of customers need better Wind Power Generation solutions
🔑 Our 4 Key goals: Convenience, Ease of use, Features and Cost
📜 2nd Patent just granted on our designs
🤝 Partnered w/ ProtoCAM (Allentown, PA) for plastic fabrication needs

Our Team

I started Harmony Turbines because I wanted to help ensure that we left our planet in better shape than we found it. Mass adoption of residential wind power generation will help eliminate our need for fossil fuels! Let's help each other and our precious planet at the same time! Challenges never scare me; closed-minded people scare me!

Small scale wind turbines finally make sense!

  • PRICE --- Too high for quality turbines
  • ROI --- Return on Investment is much too long
  • AESTHETICS --- Current units are Ugly and Very Noisy
  • REGULATIONS --- Towns oppose turbines due to aesthetics 


R&D Team - Summer 2021

Harmony Turbines was born from the desire to create a simple, efficient and affordable residential wind turbine that could meet the needs of most homeowners. Our goal was to develop a product that could achieve mass adoption in the residential marketplace by addressing the deficiencies that are often overlooked by the products currently on the market today. Christopher Moore, Founder of Harmony Turbines, has been doing Clean Energy R&D since 1998. He never wanted to be rich or famous; only to simply do his one small part in helping to make the world a better place.

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