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Audio-haptics that alleviate PTSD, Anxiety, and Mental Health Conditions
Owns 16 patents allowing for 360-degree audio-haptic feedback
Sia is a significant investor
Partnered with top institutions including Stanford, Cornell, and Craig Rehabilitation Center

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Patented Haptic Technology That's Healing Millions of People and Entertaining the Rest

HapTech Holdings Inc. (HTH) owns 16 patents allowing for 360-degree haptic feedback converting audio into vibrations you can feel from your feet to your entire body.  The technology provides numerous real-world health and wellbeing applications as well as multiple entertainment uses. 

The result allows users to experience synchronized, tactile sound and vibration driven from an audio source. We intend to leverage this technology in both the entertainment and healthcare markets. 

At Haptech Holdings, we believe that entertainment, health, and wellness are all connected and an integral part of increased happiness. Our solution is to deliver enhanced entertainment experiences and research and implement any use of sound and vibration that will provide healing and wellness across the domains of health & wellbeing.

Connecting Body and Brain

Originally invented to provide the live concert experience anywhere/anytime, our technology has multiple real-world health and wellbeing applications. 

  1. Healthcare: Holistic solutions leveraging audio-haptics to enhance the outcome of various health and wellness treatments.
  2. Entertainment: Audio-synchronized vibration (audio-haptics) from feet drives the gaming, VR, music, video, & live entertainment experience to a new level.

Haptic technology supports behavioral health issues like PTSD and addiction

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem this year(Johns Hopkins University). Post-pandemic, there have been skyrocketing levels of PTSD, Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and other mental health conditions. 

At Haptech Holdings, we aim to help alleviate this for people everywhere with our patented technology. We leverage audio-haptics to enhance the outcome of various health and wellness treatments.

Target Market:

  • EMDR Therapy partners via Start Again Associates (an HTH subsidiary)
  • PTSD, Anxiety, and Trauma Focused Treatments (VA, Wounded Warriors Project, other medical institutions, and recovery centers)
  • Wellness centers, corporate retreat centers, and spas
  • Sensory rooms for stress management and anxiety reduction (universities and schools initially)

84%-90% of single-trauma victims no longer had PTSD after three 90-minute EMDR sessions(National Library of Medicine). 

Our technology supports EMDR therapy, evidence-based treatment for PTSD, and other trauma-related behavioral health issues. 

  • Deactivates fight or flight response
  • Provides grounding, reconnection to the ground, putting people back into their bodies
  • Promotes heart rate variability (HRV), indication of stress resilience
  • Supports down-regulation through heart rate entrainment

HTH Health Advantage:

  • New technologies and 16 patents
  • Easier and improved implementation
  • Long-term sustainable client outcomes
  • Initial research studies have shown decreased levels of anxiety, fatigue, and physical pain

We have established partnerships with leading research hospitals, universities, and government organizations including Stanford and Cornell, and have spoken with the Department of Veterans Affairs to use our technology for treatment of of the millions of retired and active duty military suffering from PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Experience Total Immersion: Next-Level Technology Converts Audio Signals into Full-Body Haptic Sensations for VR, Gaming, and Entertainment

Our next-level technology converts audio signals (often known as haptics) that can be felt throughout the entire body. The user can experience realistic sensations through the precise vibration feature. It simulates the texture of various terrains and the proximity of other objects.

Use Cases:

  • VR: Enhance your virtual reality experience and increase your awareness
  • Gaming: Watch streamers like you’re right next to the action or fully immerse yourself in your own game
  • Live & At Home Entertainment: Elevate your entertainment experience with vibration energy

Target Market:

  • Music: Improved immersion and enhanced experience for all things audio, including streaming, live entertainment, and home entertainment systems
  • Gaming: Enhanced experience and IRL feeling of game playing for console gameplay, PC, and Mac gamers
  • Live Entertainment: Live theater and live immersive events, for increased audience experience of feeling and intensity from the show

Sia is a multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated recording artist known for her captivating vocals and genre-defying music. Her chart-topping hits have solidified her status as one of the most influential and successful singers of her generation. Sia is a strategic investor in HapTech Holdings who has a personal passion for Health & Wellness.

Revolutionizing Health and Wellness: Patented Technology Delivers Trauma-Focused Care and Full Immersive Entertainment Through Biofeedback and Vibrational Energy

Our technology focuses on trauma-focused care for PTSD, addiction, and other general wellness.

  • 16 Active Patents
  • B2B2C Delivery
  • Full Immersive Entertainment Solution
  • Mental Health and Physical Health
  • Assessment and Intervention Through Biofeedback and Data

Our technology offers the opportunity to not just see and hear what you are focused on, but also to FEEL.

  • Opens pathways to move vibrational energy into the body
  • Transforms entertainment, human performance, and health & wellness

It is fully loaded with features designed to give you fully immersive experiences across healthcare and entertainment.

  • Insoles: Offering anywhere, anytime, and multi-purpose wellness and entertainment experiences.
  • Foot Pedestals: The pro-version, developed for use in health & wellness and hardcore gaming.
  • Slides: Comfort and ease for enhancement in both entertainment and health & wellness.
  • FloorMats: Enhancing the live entertainment experience for audience goers in theater and other live immersive experiences.
  • The Puck: The HTH connector device allows for multi-user, multi-channel, and ease of transition from one device to another. The hub for all things HTH.

Target Markets

Charting the Future: Our Bold Product Roadmap Unveiled

Route to Market - Sales:

  • Entertainment
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Wholesale
  • Licensing
  • Health
  • Current partnerships and relationships through SAA
  • Leveraging of research and study partnerships
  • Audio-therapy partnerships

Route to Market - Entertainment:

  • Direct to Consumer Webstore (Q3 2024)
  • Social media and marketing partnership for live theater representation (Q1 2025)
  • Dream team: Wholesale reps
  • Best Buy US and Canada
  • GameStop
  • Guitar Center
  • Apple
  • Licensing opportunities with gaming accessory companies (GRT Racing and SkyTech Sports)
  • Spatial Audio Market
  • Partnership with gaming consoles

Route to Market - Health:

  • Letters of intent and purchase orders with institutions through SAA partnerships and relationships
  • Expansion to the UK through Ireland office (health centers and universities)
  • Leverage study results and papers from health research and proof of concept (benefits of tech treatment)
  • Leverage relations with mental health audio-tech company (3,200 providers with 40,000 patients built-in)

Game-Changing Marketing Strategy

  • Outreach to current partners in healthcare in the EMDR and General Therapy communities (SAA)
  • Celebrity Outreach: Sia (8.3M IG followers and others in development)
  • 30,000-person email list from acquired company
  • Influencer reach (targeted micro-influencers in gaming and mental health)
  • Partner with E-Sports Teams
  • Leverage licensing partners' social media reach
  • Live theater partners and corporate sponsors

Your Investment Will Propel Us to the Next Growth Milestone

Haptech is at a vital time for growth. This WeFunder round will be used for further research and development and key team hires. We will also focus on production, launch, and a push for sales and marketing. 

Our Team's Expertise is Unparalleled

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