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On-demand Social Platform for Work & Home Life Convenience

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Public Launch on Apr 30 @ 10:00 AM ET
 $10M  $7.5M valuation cap Future Equity
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+$5k Perks, plus: Limited-edition Hallo Apparel (1)

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5-year Projection: 522,325 platform users, $62,640,000 transactions/yr
2020 Projected Average Transaction Value at $80.50* vs. 2022 Actual at $202.26
+1150% User Growth, +3100% Platform Volume, +1205% Transaction Growth (launch year)
Web Summit 40 Word Pitch Winner; Best Startup Showcase "Future of Work"
+33% boost for Helper App User Annual Household Income vs. Puerto Rico 2021 National Median
System Volume Capacity: 1,000,000 transactions/day. Tech Stack: Grade A

Our Team

Income inequality is a global scourge to this day. Oftentimes, it leads to financial abuse/being silenced. I know from experience. Our expertise allowed us to build a solution. So we built the platform that democratizes access to new income in working on-demand. For every local community worldwide.

A 🌏 Where Everyone Benefits from The On-demand Gig Economy.


Gig workers in the post-pandemic are fed up with current platforms. 

Unethical and limited opportunities for local workers in the on-demand gig economy. Pushing app after app that caps earning opportunities to driving, delivery, or other niched services.

We believe the time is up for these platforms. It's time for a new wave of innovation for the on-demand gig economy, globally.

Hallo Helper is built to democratize what every local worker can offer to earn income on-demand. For customers in their local area, anywhere in the world. 

In return, we become the platform with the most options for the on-demand consumer.

We've seen that On-demand Services are the new service vertical. — These are types of services that come to customers, when and where they need it.

Born out of 2017's Natural Disaster

Top Five Startup Winners at BitAngels Pitch competition in Puerto Rico.
From left: ShredSpots Founder, Jeremy Nichelle, Michael Terpin, Alan Burke, Jan Reese Rondina (CoinAgenda BitAngels Top 5)

Founders Alan Burke and Jan Reese Rondina came up with the concept of Hallo in the aftermath of 2017 Hurricane Maria. The storm of the century that devastated Puerto Rico.

The duo bootstrapped the platform's creation and technology build for close to 3 years, finally launching the dual-app marketplace in all App Stores on January of 2021. 

Yes, right in the midst of a pandemic shutdown.

The idea was to create a “moving forward” solution to provide income continuance after a disruption, and preserve the quality of living after a natural disaster.

Hallo Helper Founders
"The traction and achievements mean more to us, because we did it as migrants in a place with a language different than our own." 
— Jan, CEO/Founder

"... If you're going to bet on a startup team, choose those proving they can grow under circumstances that would end others. This type of team doesn't believe in giving up. "
— Alan, President/Founder

Alan's Bio 🔗    Jan's Bio 🔗    Team 🔗

Tech-based Platform Solutions:

1. Helper App

People Earning On-Demand

  • Simplified Job Management with no Estimating, Bidding, Back-and-forth DMs that waste your time.
  • Fair platform transaction fees at 15% with $0 sign-up or background check fees. Undercutting the industry standard for all on-demand work platforms.
  • Inclusive to all service-types. Allowing every hard-worker to have one app to efficiently and effectively manage multiple jobs. Empowering more earning volume.
That person you hired for Cleaning or Home Repair has more to offer than what other apps can show you.
Workers only get to offer you one type of service because the app limits it.

By giving workers more power to automate the process of getting jobs, we make work easier. Allowing workers, or Helpers as we call them, to focus on providing A+ service.

2. Hallo App

One App For All On-Demand Service Needs

Positioned as the marketplace app for getting any service or task help on-demand. 

  • Gamified Transaction flow using proprietary algorithms set to trigger each app to prompt user confirmation to verify validity of transactional events.
  • First App in the industry to use Supply & Demand-based Algorithms, bringing users locally tailored options in real-time as they're added.
  • Low app usage fee at 5% makes us accessible to more customers, & frequent usage.
  • Modular and User-friendly UI/UX. Getting users to purchase faster.
  • Serverless App Architecture for maximum scale-readiness, speed, and security.
  • More buying options for the on-demand customer.

Social Platform for a New On-demand Gig Economy. 

People benefiting from the convenience of on-demand living, & new opportunities of on-demand working.

Innovative user features like 1-tap text translator in our proprietary SmartChat enables communication & bookings between Spanish,  English, & Portuguese speaking users. 

Removing language barriers. Creating new participation volume.

A New Opportunity

Top 3 Post-Pandemic Economic Trends:

  • 1. Global Workforce now seek flexible work structure-"Life-Work" Balance.
  • 2. New Market Demand arises for on-demand services after lockdown use.
  • 3. On-demand Economy Apps like Uber are expanding to more verticals to add volume
We've positioned our growth roadmap in line to take over the market-share of competitors, from TaskRabbit to Angi, within the next 5-10 years.

2020 Projected Average Transaction Value (ATV) at $80.50* —› 2022 Actual ATV is at $202.26

Projected year 5 user base: 522,325* users

5-Year Platform Volume Milestone using $80* ATV:

(522k* users) X (1.5x* transactions/user/yr) X ($80* ATV) = $62,640,000* /yr
* = forward-looking numbers. Based on statistical data and cannot be guaranteed.

Our Peer-to-Peer Business Model

We built this social platform to mimic the demand-driven expansion capabilities of Social Media Apps, and the high-transaction volume benefits of  Marketplaces like Amazon.

Combined with our own proprietary tech to solve major barriers for users in any market.

Market-Maker's Revenue Model

Using one of our founder's expertise, we built a more efficient and sustainable platform, and more market-friendly scalable model.

Revenue Model: Transaction-based Subscriptions

Hallo App User Fee: 5%/transaction

Helper App User Fee: 15%/transaction

(ATV) Average Transaction Value: $202 (current)

"Marketplaces with the Most Efficiency and Buyer-friendliness are the ones that capture the Most Transaction Volume."
— Alan Burke | Financial Mathematics (M.SC), Theoretical Physics (BA)
    Premium Subscriptions and other revenue channels are currently being beta tested.

    Hyper-local Product Defensibility 

    Some key factors known to prevent expansion into micro-markets. Markets where our hyper-local product shines.

    • Cost and Worth : Micro, or Niche, Markets don't make for expansion markets, especially for bigger companies. The ROI is just too low for their investors and executives to accept. 
    • Localization Problems : Micro Markets, like Puerto Rico, have their own culture and buyer motivations. Past U.S. companies have failed to connect to the local market. 
    In Puerto Rico, Groupon was beaten by a smaller company, Gustazos, which locals chose over them. 
    Recently, Amazon was reported to be lagging behind hyper-local company, FlipKart, in India!
    • Platform Restructuring : In order for entrants to stay competitive to Hallo Helper, they would have to restructure their platform in order to include more services to their offering, as we’ve already done. Restructuring is one of the Costliest Pivots for any company.
    A big fund investor told us recently that if an investor hears or sees "niche market", they've already passed.
    It's a term that turns them off faster than you can say "hello".

    In underserved Micro Markets, we're the first on-demand app catering to any service the consumer needs on a day-to-day basis.

        Traction & Technology Roadmap:


        • 2x React Native Apps Android & iOS ; V.1 Apps Launched 01/2021
        • Operations Team Hired, Sandbox Market GTM Deployed
        • Product-Market Fit Data Collection Initiated
          • 1,201 Hallo App Customer Signup
          • 105 Active Helpers (Service Providers) earning $31/hr avg.
          • $400k+ Founder Investments
          • 10+ full-time local jobs created since launch
          • 2 Accelerators Completed: Pre-18 by Paralle18 & Newchip Accelerator
          • 2 supply business partnership secured
          • +33% income boost for app users from Puerto Rico annual avg. (2021)


        • Startup of The Year 2022 People's Choice Winner: Marketplace/Social Impact
        • 9 Build Releases per App from Top User-Requested Optimizations and Features
        • Top-User Feedback. High Rating, & Top 5 Search Ranking: Google Play, App Store
        • DDEC Puerto Rico Job Creation Grant Recipient
        • Tech Stack Awarded: Grade A —Reviewed by early-stage Coinbase Developer.
        • Optimized for SEO Brand Discovery & Information Sharing.
        • Launched : boosting community engagement & user added-value.
          • Hallo Helper v.2 Market-Fit Apps Launched! -
          • Demand-based Expansion Test Success resulted in Portugal expansion during Web Summit
          • Web Summit Lisbon: 40 Word Pitch & Startup Showcase Winner.
          • BitAngels Pitch Competition Top 5 Winner at CoinAgenda Caribbean

        By leveraging technology and creating ML algorithms from user data, we reduced our operating costs by 33% in Q2 2022.

        Hyper-local Global Expansion (powered by people)

        • Gamification Strategies include: App User Rewards, Affiliate Program Rewards, & Brand Partnerships to blitz community build and strengthen brand loyalty.
        • Generative Marketing Ai Technology

        Metric Milestones with $1MM Seed Fund (now-60 mos.)

        • Average Transaction Value (ATV) projection at $80* (2022 Actual ATV: $202.26)
          • Platform users: 522,325* in next 60 mos.
          • Platform Volume Milestone Calculation using $80* ATV:
          (522k* users) X (1.5x* transactions/user/yr) X ($80* ATV) = $62,640,000* /yr 
           * = forward-looking numbers. Based on statistical data and cannot be guaranteed.

          Important notes 🚨

          We're not allowed to raise an unlimited amount in this SAFE Note offering. If the offering becomes oversubscribed, we’ll likely pare people down – rather than cut some people out entirely. Accredited investors will have priority. 

          We're committed to building innovative technology to include more people. So, why shouldn't this apply to our funding model too?

          Opening our SAFE Note round to more people is the best way to practice what we preach.

          *forward-looking numbers are based on statistical data & cannot be guaranteed.