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Invest in H3Pelvic Therapy Systems, Inc.

Revolutionizing Pelvic Pain Management via Thermal-Mode Therapy & Hyperthermia


A highly scalable pain solution for 25% of the USA population - Unresolved challenging pelvic pain
Potential hyperthermia support for latest technology in cancer therapy - cancer tumor elimination
To advance our science-based patent-pending solutions that reduce pain and potentially - save lives
Become a part of a $120B growing US market and an $800B World Market
Patents Pending in US, EU, China FDA 510(k) Exempt - Market Ready - Trademarks secured in USA, China
A potentially low-tech, yet high-value method to cure cancer in third-world countries and the USA
100% non-diluted entity. Get in at the earliest stage of growth for the highest investment future value
Invited by National Science Foundation to Submit an SBIR grant for their Medical Device Programs

Our Team

Concepting, Designing, Engineering our innovative pelvic cancer and pelvic pain-relieving solutions. 30 years of product development, design, and engineering experience.
Out of personal necessity - the "mother of invention". After my personal pain-free success, I realized that the world of sufferers could also benefit. Hence, an clear observation of massive need. Discovery of hyperthermia as an adjunct cancer treatment to certain tumor types, we then created the AMCAT thermal devices to help cure pelvic cancers.
Melanie Brown Lyon Marketing/Advertising/Customer Service Director
UNC-G Fine Arts Graphic Design Major. 29 Years teaching. Sales support for Women when discussing sensitive issues with female clients. She is a fantastic Brand Ambassador and voice for our H3Pelvic Customer Service and Branding.
Andrew Broughton SEO Expert/Marketing Strategist/Back End Services
Experienced in Marketing & Development with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, Content Creation, Sales Management, and Front End Web Development.

The Story of The H3

In October of 2018, after a hellish flight back from Detroit to NC, after a successful pitch to a large OEM motor company on behalf of my previous employer,  I had the experience of a third bout of massively painful and debilitating stage-four external hemorrhoids.  This latest affliction set me off on an 8-week journey into the world of pelvic floor pain, misery, gnashing of teeth, crying, dying, and then discovery thru grit and innovation, and then healing of my own condition.   "Necessity", being the mother of invention, well, she came to pay me a visit.

The "Ah hah" moment.

A week or so after I landed and was near what I thought was suicide, I visited the gastroenterologist who wanted to do surgery.  I was sold... almost.  The pain was unbelievable.   Yet after researching this particular procedure, I realized it could result in incontinence - for life!  That information scared me so bad that I had to figure some way out!   I thought to myself, "Is this all that there is?  There must be a better way to manage this pain."  After cobbling together parts and pieces and working out the rudimentary bugs, I had formulated a very rough solution... One that served me well, allowed my body to do what it does best, heal!  What I had left was this odd contraption and something that I had never seen before.  Turns out, neither had anyone else.    

Since that time, over 20 MVP systems have been built and supplied to different pelvic pain sufferers either directly from us or through local physicians and clinicians.  These sufferers of various maladies have come to realize the pain relief and benefits provided by the H3Pelvic Therapy System and have given some very powerful testimonies.

Why the WORLD needs the H3!   

In my past life, I had designed, engineered, and produced many products in various sectors of business as these successes were supported by the financial means of these established businesses.  Failure is a soft landing when you work for a $14B company and we do not have this luxury - we have to get it right the FIRST TIME.  

Now, we are lean and mean, being myself and a few core dedicated team members, and it is not so easy but the rewards will be incredible.  Already, the appreciation from those that find, at last, a way to manage their pain, their words of encouragement, these words, they keep us going.   Still, our corporate deep pockets are not quite here yet.    

The H3Pelvic Therapy System is bootstrapped, homegrown, but don't let that fool you.  We have a fantastic solution that just does not exist.

Below you can see the actual thermal performance of our AMCAT devices.  The AMCAT device can bring to pelvic, hard-to-reach regions, the proven treatment of hyperthermia-induced tumor reductions.   Hyperthermia aids recovery and reinforcement of the limited immune system, thus helping the natural immune system of the body to eliminate cancer.  Self-inoculation if you will.   Specifically, recovery of and reinforcement of the antigen presentation system suppressed by cancer is one of the most important factors where hyperthermia has a large influence.

Additionally, having counseled with the "best in class" physicians and scientists in the space of hyperthermia and thermally released drug therapies, our devices may help improve local delivery to tumors with much less cytotoxic and systemic negative effects to the patient - just better medical and therapy all around!    The evidence of performance is clear!   

The NSF is in review of our submission - To be announced in May of 21'

User-Driven Design ..... Traction to Date

Upon releasing over 20 systems to desperate,  yet willing users of various pelvic-related conditions and pain-related effects, our MVP devices resulted in more information and feedback as to how to make it even better, smarter, easier, more friendly.   To date, we have a new design that is production-ready.  

We have further updated our IP, Continuation in Patent (CIP), Secured China Trademark and tooling, and a path to production...In order to see ultimate success for ourselves and future investors, we have come forged this journey all on our own personal funding and scrappiness.

The Result:  The "True Twin Mode" - H3Pelvic Therapy System

 CLICK HERE! - Founder's Story    

Science, data, proof, are all most excellent, but if customers do not like our product-service, we then have nothing..........Due to our persistence and hard work, we do not have that problem, read on:

Steve from WI States:

“I am having success with using my two coolers and the 5 minute cool, 5 minute heat and 5 minute rest. I use the 5 minute rest period to do my pelvic stretches.I repeat four times. I also still do my 10 to 20 minute lay down meditation which also helps. This past week is probably the best I have felt in a long time. I am not in perfect condition but I am more pain-free than ever thanks to the H3.
I am experimenting with making the seat a little more comfortable. Currently trying a small piece of bubble wrap on each half. It helps a lot since I have a small skinny butt. “

Penny From NY States:

"Yes, I’m definitely using it to manage my pain! I’m seeing improvement and not getting worse! I’m very thankful for that!"

Lastly again from Cindy NY:

"I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the H3 pelvic device is also a quick and direct way to relieve dysmenorrhea severe menstrual cramps, without medication. It really works!"
"Thanks so much. I will absolutely recommend it! Yes let me know if anyone wants to talk about it. I'm happy to share my experience."

Cindy from NY states:

"I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis in 1999. Along with this diagnosis came searing pain and bladder spasms. I have taken every medication and herb on the market and used every type of heat and ice pack to try and alleviate some of this pain, and nothing really seemed to work consistently or effectively.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with lumbar spondylolisthesis, which is a fracture and slippage of the L5-S1 joint. This brought more nerve pain and an additional diagnosis of pudendal neuralgia, which creates all kinds of stabbing and shooting pelvic pain. I had a fusion of my L5-S1 joint in 2014.

In 2019 I discovered my spinal fusion had failed, so I underwent 2 attempted revisions to correct the failed bone graft, replace the hardware and deal with a new sacrum fracture.

To top it off, in 2020, I was diagnosed with painful anal fissures and a multiple pelvic organ prolapse (my uterus, rectum, and bladder are collapsing into my vagina), which causes pain and all kinds of pelvic and rectal spasms. I have had to use all sorts of combinations of apparatus and medicines to try to alleviate the pain and spasms. The first time I tried the H3, I noticed an immediate relief. The membrane is situated just right to soothe painful areas. The warm flowing water through the membrane brings a unique sensation that is so much more effective than a heating pad. This device really helped my muscle cramping in a way that I had not experienced before. I find the seat to be very supportive and comfortable, and I am able to use it on a hard chair or a sofa if need be. I am not able to sit on a hard surface, so i like that this specially designed seat is roomy and comfortable for however long i choose to use the device.

The H3 device is very simple to set up and use, and it is easy to switch from hot to cold and back again. Many times I have tried to keep an uncomfortable ice pack between my legs while trying to keep a heating pad on my abdomen to get to my bladder. This device allows me to reach all those painful areas more directly, with my hands free. I just use the remote and keep it next to me if i want to change the water flow. It is wonderful to feel relief and not have to keep changing position and moving packs around. Im so grateful to have this awesome device. Just knowing I can sit comfortably anywhere in my home and either read, watch tv, or crochet while experiencing relief from my pain and spasms without always having to take multiple medications, is a wonderful feeling."