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Platform curing loneliness and reconnecting humanity

Last Funded May 2024


raised from 247 investors



Raised $250K or more from a venture firm

Repeat Founder

Founder has started a previous company funded with $2M+

$2M revenue run rate, up 189% from 2022
4 locations opened in under 2 years
$3M from investors including 2048 Ventures, Vitalize, Jacob Jaber, (Co-Founder of Philz Coffee)
Profitable locations with 70% gross margins

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Curing the loneliness epidemic through physical space and technology

Groundfloor builds technology and physical spaces to enable community in the real world.

As a species, we are less connected than ever before. Over the past 20 years, time spent with other people has decreased by 70%. This was greatly exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2023 the US Surgeon General declared loneliness to be ‘the new epidemic’, citing that social isolation is more dangerous than smoking 15 cigarettes a day. 

We are social creatures but modern life & the decline of traditional institutions (schools, places of worship, physical offices) has left millions of people dangerously disconnected.

Our solution is to rebuild the toolkit required to make friends as an adult. Groundfloor’s solution is to create neighborhood community hubs. These are physical spaces specifically designed to cultivate community and friendship. Members of Groundfloor communities use these spaces for wellness, work and social activities, all powered by our technology.

  • Membership is growing 10-20% MoM with 1.4K current members across all locations
  • >350 LA members confirmed already pre-opening; last drop sold out in 6 minutes
  • 2023 revenues were $1.47M, up 189% YoY from $507K in 2022
  • All time revenues at $2.28M

Groundfloor is unique to other membership based social organizations because of our singular focus on empowering community. 90%+ of experiences, events and classes at Groundfloor locations are led by the members of the community itself, creating a unique bottoms-up approach to building community and a uniquely immersive experience.

We have built the end-to-end platform to power community in the physical world. Our proprietary algorithm introduces members to each-other based on mutual interests, passions and life stages. We give our members the tools to start groups and share and monetize their passions. Our backend operating system is a single solution to run a physical community space from security to door access and onsite purchases.

Groundfloor was founded coming out of the Covid 19 pandemic as an antidote to loneliness and social isolation. We have expanded rapidly. In March 2022 we opened our first location in San Francisco. In April 2023 we opened in Oakland, and in September 2023 we opened in San Rafael. In April 2024 we open in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

Since launching in San Francisco 2 years ago we have supercharged the social lives of >1,000 members. We’ve spawned countless lifelong friendships, grown to launch dozens of interest groups, hosted >5,000 events and had become the default gathering spot in the communities we serve.

Our business model is straightforward, and sustainable. We charge a $200 monthly membership fee. We pre-sell memberships to new locations to ensure that every location is at (or near) break-even before doors open. 

  • Locations are 4-8 week build-out, average cost $200K, break-even in <2 months
  • All locations are profitable; 50-70% four wall gross margin at full capacity
  • 31:1 LTV:CAC ratio; $50 cost to acquire member repaid 4x in month 1 of membership

Forward-looking statements are not guaranteed.

On a daily basis we have people reaching out to us to open a Groundfloor in their city. Over the next 24 months we will open 12 more locations, going from 1K members to 10K and $2M ARR to $20M ARR.

There are 7.2M people in our target demographic across the US giving us a total available market of $10.2B. Based on performance to-date we only need 36K of them to hit $100M in annual revenue (0.005% of the total available market).

We’ve raised $3M to-date from institutional venture capitalists including 2048 Ventures, Vitalize, Gaingels and notable angels including Jacob Jaber, Co-Founder & CEO, Philz Coffee and Varsha Rao, former COO, Airbnb.

Founding team are all repeat founders: CEO Jamie: architect, Fulbright scholar, hospitality background; CPO Jermaine: Product, community, data science; CTO Leutrim: >10 years full-stack development.

We’ve been featured in Forbes, ABC News, The Guardian, LA Times, SF Chronicle and others:

Our website is here and Instagram is here