Groomit is an on-demand platform that connects pet owners with pet stylists.

Last Funded February 2021


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Generated $1.5 million in revenue in the NY market, easily scalable to major metro cities.
20,000+ registered users, 12,000+ groomings completed. Extensive network with 50+ expert groomers.
Underserved pet grooming market of over $6 billion/yr and 7% annual growth.
Increased demand as an essential solution post-COVID-19 with limited contact grooming.

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Impossible to find a reliable groomer for in-home grooming on my schedule. Very inconvenient for pet owners to get dogs groomed in an unfamiliar environment. Groomit cares for the quality of groomings, convenience for pet parents , and comfort for pets .

We offer same-day pet grooming bookings with completely customizable service packages, all set up easily through our app.

Grooming is not just important in ensuring you have a happy pet, but a healthy one too.

But pet grooming is an ongoing effort and sometimes quite the time sink! Many would like to groom their pet more, but with how busy family and/or work life can be, it can be hard to simply find the time. This is where we at Groomit step in!

We excel in ensuring pets receives all the grooming they need to a professional standard. Our groomers have a passion for pets like no other; and to top it all off, they perform their work in pet owners home!

So if a pet could use a touch-up whether it be dog grooming or cat grooming we can handle it.

As pet owners and lovers we realized that:

- Dogs and cats' parents need to wait for weeks to get an appointment with a good groomer.
- Pets get anxious about traveling to unfamiliar environments (mobile grooming and salons).
- There are serious pet health concerns in cages at salons & multiple handlers.

- Difficult finding good & reliable groomers consistently.

Groomit is the solution

In-home pet grooming services, such as our own, come with many benefits for your lovely animals. We offer a grooming service that:

-  A person can schedule an appointment for the same day through our mobile app.
- Pet owners can book at their desired time, anytime.
No traveling required - the groomer comes to your home or apartment.
- A personalized and safe experience for the pet in a familiar environment.
- Pets receive the best care with natural & organic products.
- Have an extensive network of certified & insured groomers.

We've featured in NY Times, July 2020.
We've featured in NY Times, July 2020.

With our services at Groomit, owners get even more benefits. they can pick a favorite groomer, meaning that you can continue to get the same groomer for subsequent appointments.

It’s also incredibly easy to set up appointments! Through our app or the website, they can have a confirmed appointment within minutes.

Additionally, all of our groomers follow the safety procedures recommended by the CDC and the WHO, so you can rest easy knowing that there is a minimal risk of Coronavirus. 


How it works

Pick it Choose one of our three grooming packages for your dog or cat. Personalize their experience by selecting some of our organic shampoos and optional add-ons.

Book it Schedule an in-home grooming appointment for when it is most convenient for you. We even offer same-day appointments.

Groom it Now you can simply sit back and relax! 

  UX/UI and tech stack Improvement

With our team in Argentina, we are constantly looking to be on top of the technology stack helping pet parents to have the best experience while booking a grooming appointment with their pets.

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