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Helping farmers increase crop yield and revenue

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A big THANK YOU to everyone that invested in this funding round!
Patented technology increases crop yield by 10% and decreases cost by 10-20%.
2,000+ sensors deployed across 80+ customers in the US.
Founder ran 4 startups with multiple exits, including an IPO that led to a $1 billion valuation.
$1.5M run rate in Q4 2019 and explosive 500% CAGR over the last 3 years.
$2 billion, recession resilient US market — farmers will farm.
Multiple moats of competitive advantage to enable long-term competitiveness in a $20B global market.
Payback period for farmers is less than one growing season.

Our Team

The GroGuru Story - Helping Farmers and Creating a More Sustainable Planet

GroGuru helps farmers implement strategic irrigation management through soil sensors that measure things like soil moisture, temperature, and salinity. We wirelessly transmit this data to the Cloud, where we make AI-based recommendations to farmers about when and how much to irrigate their crops—leading to increased yield, reduced cost, and better crop quality.

A global crisis is brewing, and crop yield MUST increase in order to meet growing demand.

GroGuru helps farmers increase crop yield, while at the same time preserving water and other scarce resources in a sustainable way. As a result, farmers can be more efficient and make more money.

Investor Testimonials

Chris Graebe - CEO at StartupCamp, Investor at RagingBull

Denise Longley - Managing Director at Longley Capital

Matt Shekoyan - VP of Strategy at Sunkist

Ian Buddery - Advisory Board Member at GroGuru, Chairman at Maestrano
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Nearly all soil moisture sensors in the market today use cables from the sensors in the ground. This requires labor-intensive annual installation and removal of the sensors, and many farmers do not want any cable-based systems around their crops during harvest. GroGuru solves this problem by eliminating these cables and enabling a permanent installation model for soil sensors.

Our breakthrough Wireless Underground System (WUGS) technology dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership, improves scalability, and gives farmers year-round data through the GroGuru app.

We additionally provide a cable-based permanent installation solution for perennial crops that offers an industry-leading price-performance and uses GroGuru soil sensor technology to measure soil moisture, salinity, and temperature.

According to the FDA, only about 10 percent of farmers in the U.S. (which is a potential $2 billion annual market alone) are using soil sensors today. Farmers that are using this technology are seeing increased crop yield and more efficient use of water and other resources, but the cost of annual replacement has been prohibitive for many. We solve that problem, giving us a unique opportunity in a massive $20 billion potential global market.

We have already deployed over 2,000 sensors across over 80 customers in the United States. This includes deployments on several hundred sites across over 20 crop types including alfalfa, cotton, lemons, walnuts, grapes, asparagus, green beans, blueberries, pistachios, soybeans, corn, hemp, olives, roses, raisins, cannabis, oranges, tomatoes, sorghum, and almonds.

Initial customer deployments started in 2017, and we have now deployed in several key geographies across the US.

We make money both through hardware sales and through our annual subscription model. We’re further growing our revenue channels through planned expansion into contract manufacturing and dealer channels, and we have already achieved a CLTV:CAC ratio of 1:14 via primary dealer sales. As GroGuru continues to scale, we expect to deploy sensing locations every 40 acres instead of every 120 acres and see our CLTV triple.

GroGuru is already actively providing results for farmers around the US. And their feedback says it all:

Over the past three years, we’ve achieved 500% CAGR, and we are confident that we will continue to grow at a rapid pace. Our projections, while not guaranteed, keep us on track to gain over 50,000 subscribers by the end of 2023. Our SAM is $2B in the US and $20B worldwide, in a market with low existing penetration.

Will you join us on our journey? Watch your investment “grow” with us while helping to combat a global crisis.