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Invest in GreenLifeTech Corporation

We're developing a fresh produce preservation system to extend shelf life by 5x

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The US generates $240B/yr in food losses. Our IP can help curb this tide.
Food wastage environmental issues include overflow landfills and wasted agricultural land & water
Our technology improves food quality which leads to healthier diets and better lifestyles
The team includes a serial entrepreneur with 3 previous companies and author of 40+ patents
Customer discovery results include feedback such as "must have" (vegetarians) and a $199 MSRP

Our Team

Sick of having to throw out spoiled produce? Our technology grew out of this need to safely preserve fresh produce longer. Associated cost savings and greater healthier options benefits everyone. Reducing land and water wastage, decreasing fertilizer and pesticide usage, and reducing the landfill burden are major benefits to the environment, too.


Note: These projections are forward-looking and cannot be guaranteed

Note: This slide contains forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed

*The above slide contains forward-looking projections that are not guaranteed.