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We construct Ready-To-Build cannabis facilities across the United States



reserved of a $225,000 goal
Future Equity
 $10M  $8M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $50K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $8M valuation cap


Quicker occupancy = quicker revenues. Allowing our clients to earn millions in additional revenue.
Our ready-to-build facilities allow for rapid municipal approvals and reduced time to occupancy.
The cost of unrealized revenue for cannabis entrepreneurs often exceeds the cost of the facility.
Our buildings are ground-up designed and built for the science of cannabis.

Our Team

With a history in Design-Build construction, we are very familiar with traditional construction timelines. Adding cannabis into the mix makes the issues around time to operation even more exacerbated. It is the frustration of prolonged timelines impacting Cannabis Entrepreneurs that our business model was born and developed.


Please view Greenbox Builders' Pitch Deck here.

Greenbox Builders provides a quicker and more complete solution for cannabis companies to build their facility infrastructure, a turnkey solution for extraction, manufacturing, testing and cultivation of cannabis.

Growth in the cannabis market is fueling a boom in cannabis construction. But because of the unique requirements, traditional construction for cannabis facilities is slow and fraught with pitfalls.

Investors rushing into the exploding cannabis market need to get their operations up and running as fast as possible.  But building new or reconstructing existing buildings for cannabis operations can take 12-24 months.  That is too long a wait.  We provide a solution to the challenges in building cannabis facilities. 

What makes us different is that our facilities are designed, engineered, specified, and ready to build. We can disrupt the traditional design/build construction process and shrink time-to-occupancy from 12-18 months down to 6 months.

Our clients choose our ready-to-build facilities because we get them to revenue quicker, with a facility built for the unique needs of their cannabis operations.

 We do this by eliminating most of the preconstruction, design and engineering phases of our projects and by employing innovative building techniques.

This is a unique moment in history.  The birth of the legal cannabis industry is a market opportunity still in its early stages.  And this growth will require facility infrastructure.

Our business model is based on a cost-plus building contract which guarantees a 25% markup on all of our project costs.  In addition, we offer support services, equipment packages, financing, etc which contribute multiple revenue streams.

We invite you to come along with us on our growth plans.  We are raising $250,000 to kick off our marketing efforts and to bring on board additional team members.

We have the momentum to propel our future success.

Join us.  Become part of the Greenbox Builders Founders' club and join our efforts to build the infrastructure to support the cannabis industry's growth.

Below is our promotional video for our Greenbox 3360 Cannabis Analytical Lab Facility.  We are in construction for this facility in Oklahoma.   This building is ready-to-build and allows our client to have occupancy and start operations in 6 months.   Our building is designed and specified for the specific operations of cannabis testing.  Our other buildings are designed - engineered - specified & ready to build for cannabis extraction, cannabis consumer good manufacturing, & cannabis cultivation.

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