Grai (YC S22)

Open source version control for metadata

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 73 investors


Y Combinator

Raised from Y Combinator

Built Visions, a python OSS library with 13m+ downloads
Realized the need while working at Centene (F50 health insurer)
First line of code 2 months ago, already have pilot customers
$3.5b+ market opportunity

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TL;DR Grai makes developers smarter by bringing metadata from across their stack into their development tools. We make testing data flows between applications painless.

😭 Problem

Tracking (let alone testing) data once it leaves a production environment is challenging. Whether in a data engineers transformation pipeline, an ML model, or the CFO’s metrics dashboard, that data will be used elsewhere. Without visibility on those use cases data changes remain risky and outage prone.

🚀 Solution

Grai is an open-source data management platform designed to help you better use your data.

  • Automated data lineage - Pre-built connectors to keep metadata fresh.
  • Integrated with git - Changing a column in your DB? Run data integration tests for all downstream users as part of your standard CI/CD process.
  • One-stop-shop - A unified model of your entire data stack.
  • Your data belongs to you - Grai is open-source & self-hosted with a cloud option coming soon.