Graff Golf

The World's First Smart Golf Ball and Analytics Platform

Last Funded January 2020


raised from 200 investors


Product development is being carried out by Johns Hopkins engineers, a development team based out of MIT, and experienced professionals.
Partnered with the largest golf ball manufacturer in the U.S.
Website traffic growing massively with over 8,000 unique page views last month—doubling from the month prior.
Electronics can easily be implemented into parallel markets such as baseball, softball, soccer and tennis—our business model is expandable.
Won the Johns Hopkins University Start-Up Competition.
Raised $85k from private investors.

Our Team

Our CEO Aaron, as a tech-savvy 13-year old golfer, had thought of putting an accelerometer inside of a golf ball to offer golfers more insight into their game—but didn't have the production connections at the time. After coming together with the founding team at Johns Hopkins University, the concept was finally put into reality.

Improving in golf is inefficient —and expensive

Technology is becoming more integrated and accessible in sports every day. Yet, in the world of golf, there are still so many cost-gated benefits that most golfers don't have the opportunities to experience. Without the luxury of private lessons or access to highly-expensive machinery, golfers are simply unable to obtain key analytics about their golf shots—and the insights and improvements that follow.

The world's most dynamic smart golf ball

We are bringing technology that is currently only available to professionals—to the masses. Rangefinders, launch monitors, and other golf-enhancing technology is expensive and tedious to use. Our ball brings all of these amazing features into one competitively-priced product.

Our smart golf balls are embedded with patented electronics that allow us to capture very specific statistics for every shot you hit.

The ball can be used both on and off the course—a true first in golf. Use the ball during round play to focus on a trouble club, or take a ball out in your backyard and hit into a training net. The more shots you hit, the more accurate your unique data becomes.

Graff Golf is revolutionizing the game

With our highly innovative smart golf ball, golfers gain a new edge to their play that no other ball or technology can offer. Our smart golf ball records shot analytics including ball velocity, launch angle, shot distance, and spin rate & direction. And we serve up these stats to golfers using our smartphone app platform—which creates custom improvement programs based on your unique shot data.

Simply connect the ball to your device and play on as you always have before. The ball is equipped with BlueTooth™ relative-positioning, enabling golfers to always know where their ball is. Use your stats to challenge nearby golfers, friends and family.

It's all in the ball!

Comprehensive analytics platform

We have designed an extremely intuitive and informative analytics platform that allows users to receive actionable insights into their game so they can finally start improving efficiently.

Golfers can easily view their average round score, drive length, putts per hole, and many other detailed statistics that will allow them to understand which aspects of their game need the most work.

The Graff Golf platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyze every shot a golfer hits. With this data, the AI determines potential improvement areas within a swing, why they might be happening, and different drills and videos to fix them.

Calling All Graff Golfers—Join the Movement

By supporting this project you will be the first to get your hands on an amazing new golf product—and supporting a movement of passionate golfers who want more efficient and cost-effective ways to improve their game.

We have been hard at work for over a year, and have gone through many designs, revisions, and prototypes. The electronics design is finalized, and we are nearing completion of testing. Our app design and development is being finalized and our online platform is nearing completion. We're only missing one final step—your support.

Risks and Challenges

While developing our Graff Golf smart golf ball and app combo is a major engineering challenge, we are in the final stages of development and very confident that our ball will meet all our testing expectations in the coming months.

Our biggest engineering challenge ahead is finding the right balance between electronics size and ball performance. We have yet to test the electronics inside of the production golf ball and will need to test different combinations of protections and rubber makeups. This is in order to achieve peak performance, while still reporting all the the necessary data to help our users improve as efficiently as possible.

From a business perspective, our largest challenge is finding the right audience. This will enable us to spend our marketing dollars most efficiently and acquire the largest amount of users that we can. We know there is a market segment of Graff Golfers out there who will absolutely love this product. We're crowdfunding to make sure we are building the right audience while we're finalizing the development process.

What We're Doing With Crowdfunding Support

We need additional investors to help us get off the ground. The minimum goal of $20,000 will be put towards finishing the development of our proprietary PCB board and complete the smartphone app and online platform.

We have all the pieces in place and just need the last round of capital in order to bring it all home. With this final push, we can launch our product with financial confidence and support—able to absorb post-launch speed bumps without issue.

    By supporting us, you're supporting a movement set on giving passionate golfers the technology they deserve at an affordable price. You're also supporting the technological evolution of the game of golf itself.

    Join the movement today!