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Invest in Gannett Peak Ranch (GPR INC)

Organic GRAINFED Beef And Pork. Great Taste, Huge Market Potential.



reserved of a $50,000 goal
10% of revenue  3.0X  4.0X payback multiple Revenue Share Loan
$100, $200, $500, $1K, $2.5K, $10K, $25K, $50K
From the first conversation I had with Dennis, I was 100% sold on the potential of GPR. Dennis Brewer is an industry veteran with the contacts, knowledge, and experience necessary to make headlines in the organic protein space. It really grabs my attention when a company: • is the first to provide a product in a market as big as organic protein • has an executable and scalable plan in place • has the Executive Team to execute the plan. I have seen the extraordinary growth in sustainable seafood and organic chicken. I see the same potential in the organic grainfed beef and pork markets. Consumers will try the product knowing they are doing their part to reduce carbon emissions. They will become loyal customers after eating the more familiar, better tasting organic grainfed beef and pork offered only by GPR. GPR has the billion dollar potential investors love to see. Tangible progress is being made on large scale contracts with big name grocers. GPR will be implementing industry-leading blockchain technology for complete package-level traceability. I truly believe that the billion dollar sales mark is attainable in a short time frame. I am thrilled to be an early stage investor in such a high potential business. I am committed to help Dennis and his team raise the capital necessary to execute the plan they have in place.


Four times return on the first $1 million - get in quickly! Three times after that to $5MM invested.
Organic food sales are 6% of US food sales. Organic protein sales? 0.6% of all protein sales. Why?
Organic GRAINFED beef, pork, and specialty meats are missing, a $16 billion hole to fill.
Organic GRAINFED chicken sales were up 25% last year to $1.2 billion, showing the way.
Consumers will love the great, wholesome taste of our organic GRAINFED beef and pork.
You cannot buy comparable products anywhere else! Our beef grades 70% above grocery store beef.
Our team has 20 to 40 years of experience and expertise in organic foods and protein products.
We have excellent margins, strong returns, and the ability to execute. Act now for the best returns!

Our Team

Organic grainfed beef and pork raised without artificial contaminants provides wholesome, great taste to consumers, ecosystem services of great benefit to wildlife and our planet, and very satisfying jobs for our team members. It will also provide excellent returns to all our stakeholders.