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World's first travel bags & accessories made of recycled Ocean Impact Plastic™. Celebrity Backed!



of a $205,000 goal
Future Equity
 $12M  $11M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $11M valuation cap and 10% discount
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⬆️ Established in North America in 2021 with a $3m revenue run rate and a +100% annual growth rate
🤯 2.5x unrealized return for our investors from only 10 months ago, they are reinvesting!
❤️ 100K+ products sold online & to elite retailers like REI, Bloomingdales, Urban Outfitters & mor
♻️ Bags made from recycled Ocean Impact Plastic 2.2M+ pounds of plastic waste collected & recycled

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Our Team

Leading the Wave of Sustainable Fashion in a Billion Dollar Sea

The Problem

Our Solution

After years of research and development, we invented the world's first travel bags crafted from recycled Ocean Impact Plastic™.

Promises Made and Delivered

A big thank you to our friends and family for being a part of GOT BAG history, where we opened up an investment round and they led the way.

We’re doubling down with a larger round that you can join for a limited time.

We're excited to extend an invitation to our community to join the Global Ocean Transformation. 

Invest in GOT BAG North America Inc. and be part of our operations spanning the United States, Canada, and Mexico. GOT BAG redefines fashion with a unique blend of style, sustainability, and social purpose.

Our Celebrity Partnerships

Ongoing talks with global titans promise more exciting developments.

GOT BAG North America is Poised to be a Much Larger Business Than Europe

GOT BAG North America is showing remarkable growth, demonstrating our ability to rapidly scale and expand our brand presence in this market. 

By leveraging the successful trends and lessons learned from Europe, along with a strong R&D team, we’ve been able to achieve and sustain higher growth rates.

Celebrated by Leading Retailers

Our Impact Resonates on a Grand Scale, Proudly Extending Our Reach to Renowned Premium Retailers Worldwide

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Seizing the Sustainable Wave: A Green Opportunity

In the thriving North American luggage and bag industry, valued at $34.58 billion in 2023 (projected to grow annually by 1.99%), GOT BAG is perfectly positioned to lead. 

Additionally, Generation Z, often seen as trendsetters, shows a strong inclination toward eco-conscious products.

Explore Our Beautiful Collection of Eco-friendly Bags, Backpacks, Accessories, and More

Our products seamlessly integrate into your everyday adventures, combining style and purpose. Join us in making every moment count, as we redefine sustainable living with each step you take.

GOT BAG’s Impact and Competitive Advantage

At GOT BAG, we empower communities and fishermen to remove thousands of pounds of plastic waste daily. Instead of being dumped or burned, this plastic is cleaned, pelletized, and turned into yarn for our bags, backpacks, accessories, and luggage. Each purchase is a step towards protecting our oceans.

Our Community of Eco Warriors

Our Social Community, over 1M eco-warriors strong, is a movement united by our mission to clean oceans and style the world sustainably. 

Milestones and Growth

Since our establishment in North America in 2021, our journey has been defined by notable milestones and substantial growth. 

Despite our success, we're just beginning to tap our potential. The North American market offers diverse opportunities, and with Q1 2024 performance exceeding forecasts by 200%, we are well-positioned for a promising year ahead.

Corporate Profitability

Unlocking Additional Growth Potential

​*This chart contains forward projections that cannot be guaranteed

What's the Blueprint for Our Growth and Path to Success?

GOT BAG will leverage Amazon, introduce new products, and foster customer engagement to build loyalty and encourage referrals. We will further optimize efficiency, talent acquisition, and data-driven decision-making, leveraging analytics for growth.This direction will ensure our brand’s lasting success.

1) Cost Reduction and Margin Optimization:

  • Optimize supply chains and synergize with GOT BAG Europe.
  • Relocate production outside China to reduce duties and boost profit margins.
  • Use full container shipments to Las Vegas warehouse for lower COGS.

2) Margin Maximization Strategies:

  • Expand D2C sales & Invest in e-commerce channels.
  • Collaborate on R&D with GOT BAG Europe.

3) Operational Efficiency Measures:

  • Joint procurement efforts and shared manufacturing spaces.
  • Leverage GOT BAG Europe’s logistics and marketing capabilities.

4) Economies of Scale and Overhead Optimization:

  • Centralize administrative functions to optimize overhead expenses

What’s Preventing Us From Growing Even Faster?

Challenges Hindering Growth

  • Limited Funding: Hinders investments and expansion.
  • Brand Recognition: Difficulty establishing presence in new markets.
  • Economic Fluctuations: Cause changing consumer spending patterns.
  • Competition: Navigating fierce rivalry in established markets.

How Will Raising Money Solve This Problem & Position GOT BAG As An Industry Leader?

  • Attracting top talent for growth 
  • Empowers innovative marketing campaigns (online & in-store).
  • Facilitates entry into diverse markets (college bookstores, corporate branding, active lifestyle).
  • Supports collaborations and partnerships enhancing reach/consumer base
  • Enables participation in key trade shows for brand visibility.

What's Next?

We're Evolving into a Premium Fabric Supplier, Creating New Revenue Streams and Revolutionizing the Textile Industry

  • Premium Partnerships: We are in initial stages with major brands & retailers who want to use our premium fabric supply. By offering them eco-conscious choices, we’re not only meeting their needs but also setting industry standards.
  • Endless Market Demand: Our fabric caters to diverse markets, generating revenue in high-end fashion and interior décor sectors.
  • Unmatched Impact: By providing our fabric to influential partners, we reduce plastic waste and promote a sustainable future, reinforcing our commitment to environmental stewardship. 

Our Perks

  • Coral Planting Certificate: A personalized certificate confirming a coral planted in your name as part of GOT BAG’s commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Personalized Letter & Pro-Deal Discounts: A personalized letter containing 10 pro-deal discount codes of up to 60% off any Ecom order to distribute or use at your discretion
  • Invitation to the Ocean Care Club: Participate in investor meetings to discuss the brand’s progress, early access to products, GOT BAG apparel/merchandise, customized & personalized GOT BAG gear, and more!
  • Investors Day: An invitation to GOT BAG Investors Day with key executives, providing an opportunity for in-depth discussions, networking, and personalized insights

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