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Blockchain privacy from the software guy who built for restaurants and retailers

Last Funded April 2022


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Patent-pending blockchain platform to share and revoke personal information
6x increase in customer acquisition month-over-month for the last 3 months
Used by veterans and active-duty military to improve whole health and prevent suicide
Creates new revenue streams for hospitality customers via highly targeted marketing programs

Our Team

Think about everything that you have that’s considered data, and then imagine a not-so-distant future where more intimate information is bought and sold. The only way to stop this is to put control in the hands of each of us. Data privacy legislation only assigns liability, it doesn't fix the problem. We do.


Consumer data? How is that interesting? And how are breweries and the military able to use the same software? We're building the future of how each of us controls how we share or revoke our personal information with companies and corporations. 

We see how organizations gather, buy, and in some cases steal information about each one of us, hoping to get an edge on their competitors. Whether it's retailers or restaurants trying to convince you to buy something, or how an insurance company calculates your premium, your personal data provides organizations with the most effective way to engage you. 

Unfortunately, it feels like we have very little control over the information about us. It's like someone handing out copies of our driver's licenses and birth certificates to anyone who asks.  

Ethical businesses and organizations would rather not have so much power over our personal information. The problem is that most organizations don't have the technology to let us directly control what happens with personal information. That's where we come in...

We built something special in the cloud: a "Platform As A Service" that allows ethical organizations to give control back to each of us to build trust and engagement. Applications built on GoBeep enable a whole new level of security and privacy under each of our control. 

The result? if we trust an organization, we're happy to share personal information. If they betray that trust, we simply "revoke" their access to us, and that's the end of it. 

If you're not a tech geek, feel free to skip this part. 

We reduce the overall cost and complexity for businesses to build secure, privacy-forward applications. The "Before-GoBeep" diagram below shows what it takes to build a well-designed cloud server and network architecture that supports world-class privacy and security. 

The "After-GoBeep" demonstrates just how much easier we make it for an organization to build their applications with our patents-pending, privacy, and security. We've demonstrated upwards of 70% savings and simplification for partners who build their applications with us.

Using the latest department of defense security and encryption combined with blockchain (yeah, that blockchain you hear about with cryptocurrency), we ensure the exchange of personal information is treated with the same value and protection as the exchange money.

We needed to prove our platform technology before opening it up to other markets, so we chose something fun and dear to our hearts: craft beer, wine, and spirits. We built an app called "Indulj" which is available on the Google and Apple play stores. The app leverages our platform technology and demonstrates a clear business case for the hospitality industry. 

We charge a monthly subscription to the businesses. They have their customers download the app and are able to personalize the marketing and sale of memberships, and subscriptions directly to each consumer based on their preferences.

With this quickly growing industry, our customers are expanding locations and formats, adding stand-alone restaurants and even hotels. 

After selling commercially starting this past August, we have over 30 breweries signed up, growing by the week.  

Here's where things get exciting. A friend of ours who is a retired air force general asked if our patents might apply to helping our military and first responders improve their whole health and readiness. Previous attempts with apps didn't go well because of a lack of trust from the individual service members because of the stigma of sharing information with their chain of command.

The Life Aid Research Institute has worked with US veterans and first responders for the last 14 years to help them improve their whole health and prevent suicide. They've positively affected the lives of over 30,000 individuals and their families.

Life Aid wanted to build an app that takes their methods and outcomes to active duty service members, veterans, and first responders. 

They needed a platform to ensure users had absolute control over who could access their very personal information without fear of reprisal from the chain of command. GoBeep's platform and patents-pending uniquely let our service members build trust to improve their health, their readiness, and the quality of their lives. 

We worked with Life Aid to build a prototype of their app called LifeScore on our platform. They've been successful in connecting with our military leaders, and you can see below the pilots we have lined up for next year. This is incredibly exciting and happening very quickly! We're poised for fast growth.

The chart below shows that we're in a nice-sized market, and believe we can capture $160,000,000 of that market over the next five years.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Let's talk about competition. We have a unique product that covers multiple categories of software. It's a popular space as we watch some of our competitors get bought up by companies like Salesforce.com, Twilio, and Adobe. 

What makes us different is how we addressed consumer data privacy. It's not about being compliant with the laws of the land, which is where our competitors are. Instead, we built a fair and secure way to level the playing field between an individual and an organization. We skated to where the puck will be when data privacy no longer needs government intervention.

Some thoughts about how GoBeep projects our income statement. We do not inflate our projections like other startups. Given our maturity in this industry, we take pride in modeling what we think we can make happen so we can under-promise and over-deliver. 

The opportunity we have in the wellness space is huge, and we believe our participation will grow quickly. However, we've projected our growth using S-Curve adoption. This means our projections, while more conservative, reflect the typical way new software gets adopted. 

What does this mean for you? Honesty and transparency. We set targets and we intend to hit or exceed them. We notify our investors quickly if we see a need to adjust our projections.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Yeah - our team is a bunch of older folks. The advantage to you as an investor is that we've walked these roads for decades, with products, sales, and customers. We have experience and knowledge that enables us to take big risks while ensuring we can deliver when the risk turns out to be successful.

So that's GoBeep. We dreamed of how to democratize digital information and how to help individuals and businesses build trust and improve their interactions. We built a software platform, filed our pending patents, and tested the technology in a fun market: craft alcohol. And while we anticipate that will be a terrific revenue generator, we're even more excited to expand into the wellness and healthcare spaces.