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Building the next great American electronic trading exchange marketplace-NASDAQ

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The world’s first global annuity contracts electronic trading exchange: the NASDAQ for annuities.
Founder has 20+ years of Wall Street trading experience at Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, UBS, RBC.
$225B annuity sales market ripe for technological innovation & disruption.
$2.13T US annuity contracts outstanding + $20B in annual US pension annuity sales.

Our Team

10k people retire each day. They have their retirement assets in market-exposed 401k plans. They need a vehicle to convert portions of their retirement savings to guaranteed retirement income. Annuities can solve this. But annuities cost anywhere between 5-10% in commissions/principal. We are creating an exchange traded annuities. Commission-free.

Why Gilgal General?

The world’s first trading exchange platform unites retirees and insurance companies in one central, electronic trading marketplace for annuity contracts—eliminating commission fees, making contracts market-traded, and providing retirees with a guaranteed income and peace of mind.

Retirement used to be simple and predictable, but the math has changed... and planning for retirement is now a gamble many retirees simply can’t afford

Many big promises offered by annuities evaporate once rates are adjusted and fees kick in—fees buried deep in the contract or not shown at all. These include but are not limited to: commission, underwriting, fund management, penalties, tax opportunity cost, and tax to beneficiaries…

Gilgal General is building the world’s first electronic marketplace for annuity contracts, giving retirees and investors the ability to transfer retirement savings (401Ks, IRAs) to insurance companies, and purchase contracts directly from a trading exchange without paying commission fees to brokers and investment advisers

Exchange-traded annuity contracts will trade in the same way as current exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on the stock exchange, such as BlackRock iShares ETFs or State Street Spiders. This enables retirees and investors to purchase annuity contracts from an electronic trading exchange—commission-free.

Created in collaboration with insurer partners, our exchange trading platform brings annuities directly to a market trading exchange, bypassing the middlemen—brokers and investment advisers—keeping more money in the pockets of our retirees.

Gilgal takes an incredibly complex solution and boils it down to a stunningly simple and efficient process for retirees : 1) select the annuity contract type straight from your brokerage account or workplace retirement platform, 2) analyze current market quotes, 3) submit order. The contract order is executed in seconds, not weeks like with current systems.

Gilgal’s founder and key software engineers have worked together for nearly 6 years, boasting previous experience with all the big names in capital markets. Strategic advisors include the VP and the Managing Director at Goldman Sachs.

The 2019 SECURE Act annuity provision lets employers carry annuities on workplace retirement plans without incurring fiduciary liability risk. Similar to how the 2006 Pension Protection Act (PPA) paved the way for auto-enrollment and auto-increase in workplace retirement plans, the 2019 SECURE Act will have a huge market adoption impact in the workplace retirement savings market.

With nearly $2.13T in current outstanding annuity contracts and $225B in annual sales, now’s the time for Gilgal. With the right technology execution and the right incentive mechanisms to insurer partners and retirement platform providers, Gilgal is uniquely positioned to capture this fast-growing market.

Multiple additional moats of revenue, in combination with our incredible traction of member-insurer firms to launch our unique and disruptive exchange, enables us to project ARR (annual recurring revenue) of $79.5M by 2024-2025.

By building multiple platforms and engines for retirees and insurers, Gilgal is bringing the previously offline, bespoke, and manual annuity contract into the future with ambitious goals and milestones.

Gilgal General: a unique opportunity and a tireless commitment to solving a huge, fast-growing problem. 10,000 Americans retire every day. We’ve built cutting-edge technology that could truly make a difference for all of them. Join us in capitalizing on a huge market opportunity while giving retirees peace of mind