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🤘 Music Platform helping independent musicians get booked, earn income and grow their fanbases
⭐️ 100,000 artist, venue and fan accounts — growing 30% per month
🤑 $250K Annual Revenue, growing 200% YoY with multiple revenue streams
⭐️ Sticky subscription product that has just 1% monthly churn rate - better than Spotify's 3.9%!

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Why Gigmor?

Gigmor is a monetization platform that offers booking, ticketing and crowdfunding services for independent musicians and venues.

Our app empowers artists to grow their fan bases and monetize them through gigs, tickets, crowdfunding and merchandise sales.

We're building AI-driven recommendations to save time and effort for musicians, venues and fans who need to connect, book and discover.

We're working to build the largest ecosystem in the world for musicians, venues and music fans.

Music is a $120B Industry

The music industry is a $120B global business with strong growth ahead according to Goldman Sachs. Gigmor is focused on two drivers of growth: independent live music and fan→artist direct payments.

Independent live music is an inefficient, fragmented business with a ton of unused capacity: venues sit empty, artists can’t get enough gigs, fans don’t know how to find local live music. Technology platforms like Gigmor will vastly reduce that inefficiency, just as Airbnb has done for excess space, OpenTable did for reservations, etc. A 10% lift in that sector alone is $1.2B in new revenue!

Fans paying artists directly (instead of paying for a streaming service or buying tickets to a show), is a new concept, one enabled by innovative technology. Whether it be through online tips, paid subscriptions to exclusive content, buying merch online or other monetization features, our platform was built to enable artists to grow their income by connecting directly with fans.

Our mission at Gigmor is to empower 60 million artists worldwide to earn income, grow their fan base and build their careers.

Everyone knows Taylor Swift, but there are only 20,000 signed artists in the US—a tiny fraction of the millions of music creators at various stages of their careers. Independent music is the growth engine of the music business.

And of course, music itself is part of the creator economy, which is doubling every two years.

Twenty years ago only small number of artists were able to create and record music because the costs of renting a recording studio were so high they could only be funded by a record label.

That world has changed radically. Now you can create music in your bedroom that sounds just as professional and polished as what you hear on the radio.

As a result, there's a massive amount of new music content created. That content finds its way to the streaming platforms. But what then? Artists are in a completely DIY world, left on their own to find gigs, build an audience and earn income.

Over 120,000 music tracks or songs are uploaded every day to the major distribution services like Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms.

Fact - More than 50% of all music tracks were uploaded in the last 3 years alone.

This is a $120 billion+ market that is ripe for disruption!

The Problem

Growing and monetizing a fan base is insanely difficult!

  • Existing social networks aren't built for easy monetization
  • Streaming services pay only $0.004 per stream
  • Live shows/tours have high costs and need extensive promotion
  • Maintaining multiple accounts to connect with fans is frustrating and hard work

Our Solution

Meet Gigmor: A Scalable New Revenue Source for Artists - Convert Fans into Paying Customers

Artists' primary channel to find and engage an audience and grow their fan base is via social networks. But social networks weren't designed for their needs. Instagram is a photo sharing platform, so using it to promote music and shows necessitates workarounds and strange software tools like Link in bio.

Similarly, streaming services weren't designed to help musicians and artists to find and connect with fans. Our new app is a platform that helps artists earn income by finding gigs at music clubs, festivals and private events and by offering tools that help them connect with and monetize their fan base.

Live music is everywhere—it's not just in music venues but in restaurants, breweries, hotels, weddings, malls, airports. Gigmor's marketplace connects music artists with gigging opportunities of all kinds and helps event organizers find, evaluate and book the right talent.

But we're not stopping there. The opportunity is much larger. We're helping artists and venues promote their shows in our live music directory and we're helping fans discover artists and local live music. Our flat fee ticketing platform is specifically designed for independent artists and venues. Ultimately, our goal is to become an income-generating platform that helps artists convert their fans into paying customers. We're building a three-sided network that will create massive network effects, building sustainable competitive advantage.

How it Works

Gigmor is already a leading music network in the US with over 100,000 artists, venues and fans.

We're based in L.A., which is the music capital of the world.

And many of the venues we've signed up are iconic venues like The Whiskey A Go-Go, and the Viper Room.


We've built a lot of partnerships along the way that have fueled our growth. BMI, one of the largest PROs (performance rights organizations), approached us after COVID to help reboot the live music industry. We have a longstanding partnership with SoundCloud, the largest streaming service for independent artists. And in the last year we became a presenter at SXSW, where we have an annual showcase much sought after by artists at many stages of their careers.

Artist Profile

The artist profile on Gigmor is designed to be a one stop shop for event organizers and fans looking to discover, book and interact with artists. We call it "Link-in-bio on steroids." It integrates everything that a fan or a venue would need to know about an artist, including their music, upcoming and past shows, merch, bio and social media accounts.


Business Model

Our strategy is to build a business based on multiple revenue streams: two tiers of artist subscriptions, venue subscriptions, ticketing fees, and ads/sponsorships.

Artist subscriptions offer increased visibility, access to high profile opportunities and other promotional features. Our roadmap includes new services such as tipping and fundraising, where we will earn a percentage of the transaction.

Unit Economics and Traction

Our unit economics have always been one of our core strengths. We know how to market to artists and onboard them in a very inexpensive way.

Our cost per acquisition is $1 per new member.

To date, our marketing budget has been in the low thousands per month. Raising capital will allow us accelerate our growth and grow our member base and revenues significantly.

Our churn is very low. It's historically 2%.

The ratio of the cost per acquisition to lifetime value of over $300 is extremely attractive and our revenue has grown on average 25% month over month.

Go To Market Strategy

CompetitionThe Next 5 Years: LiveNation for Independent Music

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Use of Funds

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