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We're building the first digital office for political campaigns & nonprofits

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raised from 66 investors
$1.75M valuation cap Future Equity
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The team at Shire has an extraordinary vision for a product that will help solve a challenge that most campaigns and nonprofits face: Managing volunteers remotely is very hard. Crucially, it’s a problem they’ve experienced firsthand, which has allowed them to envision a powerful and innovative solution. Remote organizing is only going to become more important in the years to come. We believe that Shire has a very good chance to build a product that plays a key role in facilitating remote organizing and ensuring that it's accessible to everyone. Samantha has put together an impressive team with the skills, experience and tenacity to build something special. We’re thrilled to be supporting this exciting project and can’t wait to see how much more political campaigns and nonprofits are able to accomplish with Shire’s help.


Enabling millions to volunteer remotely, from anywhere, for campaigns & causes they support
📈 Early Traction: 75+ campaigns & huge nonprofits on the waitlist, including sitting federal reps
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ founder with extensive experience in politics, nonprofits & tech startups
🏗 Built atop open-source technology, Shire already has feature parity with systems like Slack
💙 Shire is dedicated to supporting only progressive campaigns and causes aligned with our values
📵 Existing tools don't scale and aren't priced right for political campaigns or nonprofits
🤑 Progressive political campaigns spent $400 million in 2020 alone on volunteer mobilization tools
🌱 Once established in the political market, the nonprofit market has huge potential for expansion

Our Team

As a federal campaign manager during the pandemic, I faced the problems of organizing remotely firsthand. Political tech hasn't caught up. This means that progressives and Democrats will continue to lose campaigns we could otherwise win. Volunteers make all the difference, and Shire will bring more to the fight than ever.