Convert any portion of your pay to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum with GetHedge!

Last Funded May 2023


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GetHedge makes Dollar Cost Average (DCA) investing simple for even the newest crypto investor
Strong relationships with respected legacy payment systems and state of the art digital asset firms
Highly competitive conversion rates
Creating a decentralized neo-banking v2 app with web3, debit card & self custody functionality

Our Team

Understanding, spending, buying and storing cryptos is still too daunting for the regular person! We want to make cryptocurrencies and digital assets easy, secure & fun. Individual financial sovereignty through decentralized finance is the future and we want to ensure users are provided fair & reasonable services through this transition.

How GetHedge Came To Be

Cryptocurrencies are exciting and can be very profitable.  But they can also be confusing and cumbersome for those new to the space.  Having worked in the cryptocurrency ecosystem for a number of years, we decided to break down some barriers and provide an easier (and hopefully cheaper) way for people to buy, move and self-custody their Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum as they wish.

Keeping It Simple, Fun and In Your Control!

Enrolling in and using a cryptocurrency exchange can be intimidating and arduous. GetHedge, takes a lot of the guesswork out of not only buying cryptocurrencies, but how to have them easily sent automatically to any wallets a crypto investor, trader, or spender may have.

Hal the Hedgehog, GetHedge's loveable mascot, is always there to help.  Hal is named after the iconic Hal Finney, one of the major early contributors to developing the Bitcoin protocol and receiver of the first Bitcoin transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto himself. Hal guides you through the different aspects of cryptocurrencies and how to get the most out of Hedge.

GetHedge is a strong supporter of individual financial sovereignty and the ability to self-custody one's own financial assets.  This is why we created an automated income converter and sending engine that keeps you in control of your hard earned money at all times.

Simple product, easy to use

Fancy bells and whistles only get you so far.  If a consumer is able to get in, use a product, and get out...well, that's half the battle.  GetHedge, is a simple product for a complex problem.  People who want to simply 'set it and forget it' by having any portion of their pay automatically converted to crypto and sent to the wallets they desire, can do so. By keeping Dollar Cost Averaging easy, we make earning your pay in crypto easy, too!

Building For a Digital Future & Rewarding Users

The cryptocurrency and fintech spaces evolve quickly, and so must we!

We are currently working on Version 2 of GetHedge, empowering users with the following:

* Full neo-bank capabilities, including debit card and ACH offering

* Robust HAL rewards token program for dedicated GetHedge users

* Access to web3, NFT, staking and other decentralized digital asset services

* Larger offering of stablecoin and digital assets for conversion

By enabling our users to do even more with their money, GetHedge puts the user in full control!

How Will GetHedge Generate Revenue?

There are multiple revenue streams generated through the GetHedge Version 2 neo-banking app:

1. Transaction fees through fiat to cryptocurrency conversions and one-time or recurring purchases and trades

2. Pre-paid/debit card program available to Hedge users. We will also offer other companies the ability to launch debit card solutions through a white label program for their own platforms and users. Revenue is created from initial card launch costs and recurring transactions by users

3. A multi-layered approach to adding internal platform products over time

Experience GetHedge. Be A Part Of Something For Everyone!

Personal and initial investors in GetHedge have brought us this far. 

In order to really make a difference, we're looking for like minded people who want to see crypto done easier, faster and cheaper.  

When you invest in GetHedge, you link arms directly with people like Charlie Lee, the inventor of Litecoin, the team at and many others who have already made a commitment. 

Living on the Hedge is a lifestyle choice.  Consider not only living it, but owning a piece of it as well!

**forward-looking projections in our pitch deck cannot be guaranteed**