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Invest in Germs, Inc.

Top quality PPE products designed by Todd Goldman to put a smile on your face


Secured a national representation deal with Diverse Marketing, positioning us in over 10,000 gift stores.
Designs by world famous artist Todd Goldman whose products have sold over $1 billion at retail.
Hand sanitizer is produced in the U.S.A., supporting the United States economy.
Already two licenses agreed for breath mints and chewing gum, with more to come.
Enormous, fast growing market both nationally and internationally.

Our Team

Germs, Inc. was inspired due to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic when both Klaus and Hayden caught COVID in early March and immediately realized the need for hand sanitizers, masks and other PPE products. After observing the market we realized that most PPE is depressing. With Todd Goldman, we created a brand that is about moving forward.

2020 - An unprecedented year

A global pandemic ripped through the foundation of our lives, changing the world which we all knew. Wearing masks has become a normal practice, social distancing and elbow bumps have become the way to greet your friends, and sanitizing is the new standard whenever entering a grocery store, restaurant, or any other establishment. These changes, however annoying, have also created substantial opportunities for companies across many sectors.

Introducing, Germs are Stupid, presenting an opportunity to bring smiles to sanitation!

Germs are Stupid is a brand focused on putting a spin on your typical hygiene brands. Unlike other sanitizers, such as Germ-X or Purell which scream "medical", we have created a brand whose quirky designs will put a smile on your face, making you feel confident that you are killing those stupid germs! 

Introducing friend and partner, world-famous artist Todd Goldman

We are collaborating with our longtime friend and partner Todd Goldman, whose designs have sold over $1 billion dollars worth of merchandise at retail. With hilarious brands such as "Bear in Underwear" and "Boys are Stupid Throws Rocks at Them", Todd creates designs that stand out and pop off shelves. One single in-and-out program at Target with his "Fred is Red" designs sold through an incredible 50 million dollars. 

His clever, cheeky, and relatable designs stand out at retail and are loved alike by younger and older consumers.

Hand sanitizers are here to stay

Globally, restrictions are slowly lifted, allowing more stores to open, restaurants to go back to indoor seating, and having our children go back to pre-schools, schools and colleges. Our culture has however changed for good. We now envision a world where masks remain a fashion item and using hand sanitizer after visiting every establishment has become common nature. 

According to Grand View Research, the global hand sanitizer market was valued at $2.7 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow annually at a rate of over 20% for the next 6 years. 

"The demand for hand hygiene products has been exceeding the supply in both online as well as brick and mortar sale channels worldwide owing to the global outbreak of the virus in a short time span. The outbreak has reinforced the significance of regular hand sanitizing and cleaning practices among consumers and is among the prominent factor driving the market." - Grand View Research

This is a market that we are perfectly positioned to penetrate. 

Our advantage

Compared to all other sanitizers we have one major advantage: We inspire hope, joy, and happiness. 

Germs are Stupid is your daily reminder that yes, germs are stupid, but we don't have to be! We inspire our users to sanitize with a smile;  focusing less on the past nightmare and more on a healthy, clean future.

This concept of sanitization is especially important for our youth, and our goal is to have every child understand the significance of good hygiene and cleanliness. Our dream is to make Germs are Stupid a household brand like Jessica Alba’s HONEST BRAND that is now valued at over $1 billion. We want our sanitizers to be on every school desk, our soaps in every bathroom, and our wipes in every car.

Children are inspired by their idols, a SpongeBob toothbrush will get more attention than a regular toothbrush. We believe that we can do the same with our hand sanitizer and other products. 

Where are we at now?

Germs are Stupid has just had its federal trademark approved and we have recently secured a national representation deal with Diverse Marketing, ready to sell our products into over 10,000 gift stores across the United States. We have lined up a great manufacturer to produce our sanitizers here in the United States, supporting the U.S. economy and offering a "Made in the USA" product. 

Our company is ready to launch our first products within the next few months. Everything is ready to go and we are raising this additional capital for marketing, web presence, and further product developments. 

Our future

We are of course not just focusing on producing hand sanitizers, and we plan to expand this brand to be a wide variety of products in the hygiene and cleanliness fields. Soaps and wipes are obvious choices, but we also just placed our first test order for Germs are Stupid Mints that kill 99% of bad breath!  

Our company strives to become a household name, just like the Honest Company. Potential exit strategies are taking the company public or eventually selling it to a larger competitor.

For your viewing enjoyment, we have attached some concepts for future products below.

We thank you very much for your time, and we very much hope to have you join us as an investor in this amazing company. 

-Hayden Michael, Klaus Moeller, and the Germs are Stupid Team 

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