Germs, Inc.

A Full Product Line of Fun Germ Fighting Products with designs by Todd Goldman

Last Funded November 2021


raised from 44 investors
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🚀 Strong market growth - hand sanitizer market alone at $2.7B and projected CAGR of 23%
📈 Secured representation with Diverse Marketing, to position us in 10,000+ gift stores
🌈 Brand imaging created and curated by famous artist Todd Goldman
🧼 6 products ready for the market with more on the way - 10K units sold via local retail channels

Our Team

Germs, Inc. was inspired due to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic when both Klaus and Hayden caught COVID in early March and immediately realized the need for hand sanitizers, masks and other PPE products. After observing the market we realized that most PPE is depressing. With Todd Goldman, we created a brand that is about moving forward.

Germs - Bringing Smiles to Sanitation

Germs are Stupid is here to bring smiles to sanitation keep those icky germs away! With designs by world-famous artist Todd Goldman, Germs are Stupid is a brand that sells high-quality soaps, hand sanitizers, bath bombs, face masks, mints, and more to the global market.

Our team is experienced in positioning products in major retailers. The Baby Genius brand, founded by Klaus Moeller, was located in Target retailers nationally, became a publicity traded company, and currently, Genius has a market cap of over $450 million. With a founding team experienced in branding, product development, and distribution, we are confident that Germs are Stupid will continue to grow into a household name.

Most sanitation products in current production are boring, as brands like Germ-X and Purell do very little to inspire any sort of fun or joy to the people using these brands and instead make the consumer think of “gross chemicals”. Children dislike using these products and adults do as well, the practice of self-protection becoming more of a chore than anything else.

Furthermore, lots of sanitation products are not as high quality as we think. Some hand sanitizers don’t have an NDC code listed on the product so it is impossible to see what the FDA approvals are, and most soaps are actually classified as synthetic detergents.

Germs are Stupid is a brand where the people who use our products end up with a smile on their face while keeping themselves fresh and clean! By creative use of branding and developing a high-quality product, Germs are Stupid makes it fun to stay clean in all ways, from delicious breath mints to high quality, cold-pressed soap that smells great, to hand sanitizers that dry fast on the hands and don’t leave a sticky residue.

Our products POP off the shelves with their branding created by a world-famous designer whose designs have sold over 1 billion in retail. One single in-and-out program at Target with his "Fred is Red" designs sold through an incredible 50 million dollars. Germs are Stupid is a brand with products that people won’t just buy once, but will continue to buy, with our message of inspiring hope, joy, and happiness.

The hygiene market is massive in its various segments and we plan to capture a large piece of it. The soap market alone is a $34 billion dollar market as of 2019 and is expected to be a $55 billion market in 2027. Grand View Research valued the hand sanitizer market at $2.7 billion in 2019, and it is expected to grow 20% annually for the next 6 years due to COVID.

As we grow our product line, our plan is to bring on a larger partner in order to continue to scale Germs are Stupid, eventually either selling our company to a large competitor for an immediate payout or keeping the company as a way to generate dividends for you, the investors, through its profits.

One retailer that we are close with, a corner store in Venice Beach, is showcasing one product of ours, our 2 oz. hand sanitizer, and sells about 10 a week, to which we wholesale it at $1.25. Positioning this single product at 10,000 stores across the country could sell 5,200,000 units, generating $6,500,000 for the company annually.

We are looking for at least $100,000 in investment, which will help us fund initial product development and business development. We plan on creating an additional 20 SKU’s of products to start such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, wet wipes, band-aids, vitamins, and more. These funds will also go towards developing our website, funding our initial product stock, and showcasing Germs are Stupid in showrooms across the country.

Any other funds we raise will go towards further development of the company, as well as leaving us with a cushion as we build the brand and start getting larger orders, thereby funding those initial shipments.

Our company strives to become a household name, just like the Honest Company. Potential exit strategies are taking the company public or eventually selling it to a larger competitor.

For your viewing enjoyment, we have attached some concepts for future products below.

We thank you very much for your time, and we very much hope to have you join us as an investor in this amazing company. 

-Hayden Michael, Klaus Moeller, and the Germs are Stupid Team