Mobile Automatic Payment Solutions for Worldwide Tolling

Last Funded April 2021


raised from 95 investors


We developed unique, patented GPS mobile tolling tech and put it in our app, Ready-Set-Toll(TM)
GeoToll’s mobile tolling tech is 99.999% accurate, surpassing current tolling tech
We address a pain point in the $25B toll industry – expensive, outdated RFID-based tolling tech
Our management team has had several 8-figure start-up exits with billion dollar companies

Our Team

Our CTO Jaime knows GPS like nobody else, and our CEO Richard knows how to sell to the tolling industry. Thus, when Jaime's team found a way to make mobile GPS so accurate that it can tell the exact lane and moment a car passes through a toll gantry, it made perfect sense to fix the headache of transponder, cash, and camera-based tolling systems.

GeoToll's Journey

GeoToll was founded when our team realized we had the complementary skills and experience to revolutionize the way people drive using mobile technology. Since then, our mission has been to provide toll operators and drivers with an innovative and robust mobile phone-based toll payment technology that is easy to use, saves time, and saves money.

10+ Patents Later

The technology our team invented, called "e-GPS," uniquely allows for automatic tolling capabilities on all types of bridges, tunnels, HOV and express lanes – with over 99% accuracy. The GeoToll team’s groundbreaking work on this technology has resulted in 11 granted patents, as well as 9 patents pending. 

In pilots, 5% of transactions read by our GeoToll app were not read by the tolling agency, signifying substantial missed revenue for tolling agencies utilizing antiquated technology far less accurate than GeoToll.

International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association Annual Conference

Right Solution, Right Time

International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association article on BATA's transition to all-electronic tolling within a year

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically expedited the tolling industry's shift to all-electronic tolling (or "AET"). The Bay Area Tolling Authority ("BATA"), mentioned in the article above, is one of our current pilots for providing AET solutions. We are in Phase 2 (out of 3) of our pilot test with BATA, with 99.9% accuracy to date.

Our Future is Bright

Expressions of Interest and/or Pilots:

The partners above are just some of those who have either selected us for an exclusive pilot test or expressed interest in doing so. Our committed, entrepreneurial team has decades of experience in inventing technologies, building tech-enabled businesses, and selling those businesses in 8-figure exits. We would love for you to join GeoToll on our journey to make tolling cheaper, easier, and more accurate for both drivers and tolling agencies.

A Word from Our CTO and Co-Founder

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the GeoToll team.