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Stonebridge Advisory Inc. rendered a current fair market value estimated at $320,000,000.
Diseases and treatments affect everyone differently.
Underlying relationships are too complex to be understood by today’s health and medical industries.
Curo46’s AI revolutionizes our understanding of an individual’s health risks.

Our Team

We are dads who were concerned about the impact of illnesses such as Covid-19 on our families. Our answer was applying proven industrial Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to the human condition. We know that this is the next logical step in modern medicine.


Now, more than ever, there is a pressing need for clarity regarding medical information and solutions. We, at General Genomics, understand this.

The rising uncertainties of the pandemic created concerns about personal risks and susceptibility to other health issues, not just COVID-19.

What if we told you there was a way to know exactly how medical problems could affect your immune system?

With your user data and our Proprietary Predictive Algorithm, we have the solution.

Curo46 uses Artificial Intelligence and our algorithm to take a holistic approach to your health. We collect data from all areas: medical history, genetic markers, consumption habits, health trackers, and more.

The data collected allows us to map out trends and determine relationships or similarities you may have to others. This shows you personal links within the general population and where you may be an outlier that could experience rare symptoms.

Now, instead of wondering whether you could react poorly to a prescription, you will be able to know how medical treatments are likely to affect you personally.

Curo46 applications are seemingly unlimited. Medical diagnosis, risk evaluations, and treatments need to be customized so individuals truly understand their bodily responses to external factors.

With COVID-19 specifically, Curo46 has built-in functionality to predict the likelihood of severe symptoms and personal risks.

With our solution, many have concerns about the safety and security of data.

The data we collect remains fully anonymized and decentralized—meaning, the human is never disclosed or associated with the data.

The data collected by the proprietary algorithms receives countless layers of privacy protection and is compliant with global and local privacy laws. Above all, we want to ensure your identifiable data is yours and yours alone. Only you will ever be able to see your name attached to the data.

Unpacking Proprietary Predictive Algorithm (“PPA”)

Let’s talk more about our PPAs. Why are they revolutionary?

Unlike other methods for analyzing infectious diseases that only focus on one variable, General Genomics’ PPAs compares every factor that contributes to your personal risk score.

Our PPAs are based solely on data science. There are no “wishy-washy” solutions based on emotional appeal; rather we provide you with science-supported, hard facts on how your body is reacting to the environment around you (and even how that may change in the future).


All of our applications and products are patented. All future developments, if possible, will be supported and protected with future patents if awardable.

General Genomics is developing the next generation of artificial intelligence-driven bio-informatics. We currently have more than 20 patents in the application phase. Below is a high-level overview of our three existing patents:

  • A process for discovering and identifying susceptibility to illnesses (viruses, bacterial infections, cancers) based on genetic markers
  • A process for determining individual severity of symptoms (viruses, bacterial infections, cancers) based on genetic markers with correlation to drug treatment strategies
  • Using data science for the determination of safety procedures and equipment effectiveness for the prevention and spread of COVID-19 and other pandemics in businesses and facilities

Target Audiences

  • Individuals or families wanting to protect themselves. From elderly to children, Curo46’s Health suite provides unbiased information to help them understand what can be done to keep them safe and healthy.
  • The individual wanting to know how to best take care of their bodies to ensure a long and healthy life.
  • For people who have suffered from or currently suffering from disease and symptoms from treatments. They understand first-hand the complex system within our body and can reduce or better understand medication application or treatments.
  • For businesses that are self-insured or are looking to improve their overall employee health and better understand potential risks to their employees and plans.
  • The Medical and Health industries wanting to improve understanding of their patient’s information to provide better treatments.

Market Analysis

Curo46 Health Suite


Provide general consumers control of their own health data with AI-driven insights and risk scores

Market Overview:

  • $10/user per month
  • Health App users: 69 million (U.S.) - 1 billion (worldwide)
  • Health App Wearable users: 40 million (U.S.) - 600 million (worldwide)

Electronic Medical Records (“EMR”) Market


Enhance EMR interfaces for hospitals and medical professionals

    Market Overview: 

    • $28.4 billion market for EMR World-Wide (2020 estimate)

    Targeted Treatments


    Customize treatments with our date to reduce side effects, costs, and improve results

    Market Overview (Initial Target Applications):

    Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)

    • 2.5 million serious reactions /year (U.S.)
    • 110 thousand deaths/year (U.S.)

    Opioid Crisis

    • $9 billion in grants to fight opioids/year (U.S.)
    • $2 billion spend on misuse opioids/year (U.S.)
    • 10.5 million addicted/year (U.S.)
    • 47 thousand deaths/year (U.S.)

    Pandemic Impacts


    Create models for the population’s genetic susceptibility. Engage targeted funding to support enhanced treatments and efficiently distribute immunizations to high-risk individuals. Develop plans and models for future pandemics.

    Market Overview (Covid-19):

    Covid-19 Medical Impacts

    • 86 million cases, 1.8 million deaths (worldwide)

    Covid-19 Worldwide Social Economic Impacts

    • 200 million more people living in extreme poverty
    • 1.5 billion students out of school

    Covid-19 Government Funding

    • $10 trillion (worldwide), $3.4 trillion (U.S.)

    Covid-19 Worldwide Industry Impacts

    • $12 trillion total economic losses
    • $60 billion losses for sports

    Health Insurance


    For self-insured, improve health and reduce treatment costs of employees using Curo46 Health Suite. For insurance companies, we provide better AI/ML models in replacement of statistical methods.

    Market Overview:

    • $3.6 trillion medical insurance market (worldwide)
    • $1 trillion medical insurance market (U.S.)
    • 94 million of 156 million employees (60%) of employees are covered by a self-funded plan (U.S)

    What Would We Use Funds at WeFunder For?

    Total Funds Raised

    $50,000:                Complete development of initial phase 1 application

    $100,000:             File patents in all other major markets. Start active online marketing campaigns

    $400,000:             Complete development of full Electronic Health Record interfaces, continued online marketing campaigns, expand legal setup across all states

    $800,000:            Bring in telemedicine and remote diagnostic functionality, expand world-wide

    >$10,000,000:    Look at potential partnerships and acquisition targets that are in the DNA market

    Our Team

    Invest. Help us change the world for the better.

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