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Our Thesis: Removing the barrier between Talent and audiences creates enormous economic potential.
Our Team: Seasoned leadership team responsible for 30K+ events, 1M+ tickets sold and $12M+ revenue
Our Tech: Fully built Talent and Venue booking, ticketing, virtual exhibition, and eCommerce
Our TAM: Verified Market Research est. global events industry (including virtual) reach $2T by '28.

Our Team

The Problem

Subject-matter specialists—faculty, authors, performers, and independent creators—cannot effectively monetize their time when they don’t have a way to easily leverage their expertise through live appearances and events.Existing talent agencies and speakers bureaus are walled gardens that can only afford to work with the world's top earners because the representation business does not leverage today's technology.From Hopin to Hubilo and AirMeet to Bizzabo, B2B event platforms primarily focus on the enterprise customer and the conference attendee, generating income through high subscription fees that are untenable for small and mid-sized event organizers (venues and organizations).

Turnkey event creation and ticketing sites like Eventbrite and TicketFly don't rise to the level of elegance and sophistication desired by professional event organizers, non-profit organizations and self-hosting Talent, and their audiences.

The Solution is Gathr

Gathr is the first end-to-end event management system, combining talent and venue booking, ticketing, merchandise sales, memberships and a virtual exhibition space, into a single platform.

Our platform CRM empowers Talent and Venues to manage their bookings, and to host their own events by providing them with tools to leverage their fan base and to mitigate financial risk; including crowdfunded events, merchandise sales, and recorded event rentals.

Case Studies

Gathr has achieved proof-of-concept in several areas: independent film distribution/exhibition, book launches, academia, and non-profits.

Revenue Stream

Our users' success is our success.

Gathr’s revenue streams are closely tied to the success of our users and consumers. When our users book Talent or a Venue, we charge a booking fee (1). If they sell tickets or merchandise, rent a recording of one of their past events, or one of their attendees makes a donation, we earn a transaction fee (2). We also earn revenue through our subscription-based memberships (3) to event series.

Lastly, through our partnership with SI Tickets, we earn a listing fee on events posted on their platform, and royalties on tickets that are sold on secondary and tertiary resale markets. The first way we generate revenue is by charging a 10% fee to facilitate Talent and Venue bookings. This fee is charged regardless of whether the event is hosted on Gathr or through another platform.The second way we generate revenue is through our event-related transactions, such as ticketing, product sales, donations and VOD. This gives both Gathr and our users multiple ways to generate revenue off of a single event. It also provides a mechanism for increasing our revenue as events get more numerous and successful.The third way we generate revenue is through subscription-based memberships. Talent can offer their communities memberships to event series, like movie screenings and book clubs, providing a recurring revenue stream for both our users and Gathr.


Gathr is positioned to offer players in the Events Industry amazing opportunities to work more confidently and efficiently by combining talent and venue booking with event creation, management and ticketing.We believe there is a massive untapped market for a self-service talent booking platform. When combined with event management and ticketing the existing sizes of the current addressable markets could be enormously expanded. Gathr’s platform has achieved this feature cohesion, and is now the first to enable a market expansion.


If you take LinkedIn as an example, the platform has 10M C-Level Executives who are experts in their field and very few are represented by talent agencies or speakers bureaus.

Based on our data we’ve calculated that a LinkedIn ad campaign of $250K could generate gross sales of $10M or more at a 75% margin.

*See LinkedIn Revenue Projection spreadsheet for more informationThere are other companies, like LinkedIn, that have access to large numbers of untapped talent. These include platforms like Google, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), and Twitter where we can run ads, or companies like TED, Penguin Random House, and Barstool Sports, that provide partnership opportunities. Taken as a whole we estimate Gathr has sales potential in the billions.

Competition & Position

Gathr spans three areas: Talent and Venue Booking, Event Management and Ticketing, and the Content and Subscription SaaS. Gathr is the only company that has integrated these three areas to cover the entire event creation and management experience.View full feature comparison

User Acquisition

Valuation & Use of Funds

Key Partnerships


Infrastructure & IP

Gathr has extensive industry knowledge and experience, unifying intellectual property (IP), and robust existing infrastructure.

Investment Perks

All of the investment levels include the benefits from the previous levels.

Scott Glosserman

Founder / CEO

[email protected] | 310-990-3454