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🎓 Team. World renowned sports science experts, multiple startup veterans with successful exits.
🚀 Traction. Several Pro, 130+ colleges & numerous travel teams and 1,000s of individual players.
📈 Market. Huge $33B global market of 100s of millions of core users.
🔥 Techstars portfolio company. Melbourne Sport Tech program a world renown business accelerator.

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Our Team

Sports participants of all ages and levels, everywhere should have access to proven performance improvement technology typically available to only elite athletes. We aim to change that. Athletes today can only make incremental physical improvements. The cognitive realm is underserved, but now it can be worked on yielding dramatic improvement.

Enhancing the Game of Sports Training

gameSense is a sports training platform athletes use to improve the most important aspects of their game. We've created a proprietary 'brain training technology', based on scientific studies and extensive research from our team of industry expert PHDs.

Using our purpose built platform, athletes interact with thousands of scientifically designed training experiences which connect with their brains on a higher level than anything that's ever been done before.

It's a whole new approach to training which results in:

- Faster reaction times
- Enhanced Accuracy
- Better Scores
- Improved confidence
- Winning Games

Athletes using the gameSense Training Platform see tremendous and immediate improvement after their very first session.

As a result of the impact we've already had, coaches from Professional and Amateur associations are rolling gameSense out and integrating the system into their teams as mandatory practice.

The results speak for themselves.

Our solution is so revolutionary, it's already in use in 7 Major League Baseball organizations, with many more on the way. We're also in use at over 130 college teams and have over 25,000 amateurs using gameSense to get ahead of the competition.

A few of our amazing Customers

The problem

In the immortal words of Yogi Berra, “The game is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.”

The physical part is amply covered in sports today, with countless hours and significant funds invested in drills, reps, weight training, and more. Athletes spend thousands of hours practicing the fundamentals. But most overlook the mental aspects of the game.

It’s time to rethink the way athletes train. The status quo is not good enough. To excel in any sport, an athlete must master cognitive skills as well as physical skills.

All competitive athletes are looking for that edge, a differentiator that vaults them ahead of their peers. Cognitive training gives them the edge they’re looking for and is the real separator between good and great players.

What They're Saying

Jerry Weinstein, Colorado Rockies Player Development

“Coaches have not done a good job training Pitch Recognition. The reality have to be on time to have success as a hitter. Pitch Recognition is timing. gameSense is my favorite tool for training Pitch Recognition. It’s a valuable step forward and hopefully will gain more traction.” 

Steve Bieser, Head Baseball Coach, University of Missouri

“Lots of coaches and programs talk about how important pitch recognition is. gameSense gives us a way to work on it, day in-day out. It’s part of what we do and who we are.”

Bernard Goerlitz, Talent Operations Manager, Tennis Australia

“You’re actually training the eye in a more closed setting. And the more you do that, you’ll get better at picking up certain cues.”

Troy Silva, Founder of Baseball Truth and Academy Owner of Rijo Athletics

“If you are not working on Pitch Recognition, you’re not going to be a better hitter. gameSense has an app where you can see the ball right out of the pitcher’s hand and you need to make a quick decision….We get caught up in soft-toss and tee work and don’t get the visual piece. gameSense gives you a real pitcher, in a real game. Basically, you’re getting a lot of game-like reps.”

Anthony Bennett, Hitting Instructor & Advisor: MLB Learning Center, Australian Softball, Chinese Baseball

“Pitch Recognition is essential to hitting. gameSense allows you to train Pitch Recognition easily and effectively. I use it to help hitters everywhere I go. We’ve seen huge differences in our hitters. It just lets them get more reps and feel very comfortable in the box.”

Simon Rea, National Development Squad Coach - Victoria, Tennis Australia

“The exciting thing about the app is the ability to actually break down the skill of returning serve, and improve those component skills. As soon as you’re ready for competition tennis, you can benefit from using the gameSense app.”

Chris Cron, Manager, Reno Aces

“If you get better at this, you get better at hitting.  It’s not all about the mechanics of the swing. This gives you a head start on everything.”

Leigh Godfrey, Australian National Softball Team Captain

“We needed to see more live pitching so we started using gameSense. We’ve seen significant improvement across the board. It gives us the edge. I can’t rate it high enough, I love it.” 

Enter the GameSense solution

GameSense Sports is paving the way to a new frontier in athlete training. Built by a team of renowned sports scientists who have consulted with top teams and organizations all around the world, gameSense digital apps train the brain, teaching skills that can transform an athlete’s game, from faster reaction times to better decision-making, to seeing plays before they happen.

Physical drills can certainly help to improve reaction times and decision-making. The ability to hit a baseball is not a skill someone is born with, neither is returning a 90-mph tennis serve. It takes thousands of hours of practice and tens of thousands of reps to achieve excellence. That amount of repetition is costly, inefficient, and can result in injury.

gameSense supercharges the learning process, using proven methods to offer athletes significant, measurable, quantifiable results. 

Available anytime, anywhere – regardless of weather, injury, or any other restriction – gameSense mobile apps help players develop their cognitive skills over 100 times faster and more efficiently than physical drills.

With gameSense, players can watch and interact with thousands of live-action videos, in effect banking these skill-enhancing brain reps and building a cognitive database to access during competition. And with varying levels of difficulty and focused personalization, gameSense brain training creates increasingly greater cognitive challenges for rapid, efficient improvement. Players get immediate feedback and can see their progress, building confidence, and creating a positive feedback loop.

If you can measure it, you can improve it. In an era when data and analytics reign supreme, gameSense generates reams of valuable information to help inform players, coaches, and recruiters. Never before have there been metrics around a specific cognitive skill within a given sport – until now!

gameSense can help change the world by democratizing how athletes everywhere, of all ages, those with means and those without, get better like never before! Now everyone can benefit from expert training and testing techniques typically only available to elite athletes.

Our business model

Our product-led growth (PLG) strategy starts with the individual youth segment of our market. We offer gameSense products free to young athletes who can then drive awareness by sharing their performance and stats to social media and inviting friends to join and play, without needing a credit card from their parents. Players later upgrade to premium paid subscriptions, either as individuals or at the team level, to face more challenging opponents and enjoy additional features.

Revenue is generated from monthly and annual subscriptions to individual players and teams. We also sell baseline standardized cognitive tests (like the SAT) with respect to specific fast-reactive decision-making activities, such as pitch recognition or serve recognition. And we sell re-take tests to reflect a player’s post-training progress. In the future, we anticipate white-labeling our products, selling derived data, API access, and registration fees for e-sport tournaments and leagues.

We plan to scale by partnering with large organizations and federations to distribute our products. Moreover, because people are passionate about sports and our technology that dramatically help improve an athlete’s performance, we are building an army of brand ambassadors to help get the word out efficiently. We also sell bulk subscriptions directly through other channels to facilities, academies, clubs, and travel organizations.

To further drive awareness, distribution, and engagement, we plan to publish our products on hosted e-sports platforms. We will also host online e-sports tournaments and leagues.

How we're doing so far

gameSense launched its first commercially viable product in the baseball market in 2019, followed up by a fastpitch softball product in 2020. A prototype for the tennis market was developed in 2020 and is currently being evaluated by Tennis Australia, the governing body and operators of the Australian Open, for use and a possible distribution partnership.

Due to their standing as renowned experts in sports science and in the sports industry, our founders leveraged their connections to develop and test early minimum viable products (MVPs) with several MLB/MiLB organizations and various college teams.

After launching our MVP and with no paid advertising, within the last 18 months we have worked with MLB organizations, Olympic teams, over 100 colleges, and numerous of travel teams & clubs, and we have logged tens of thousands of individual downloads. About $250,000 of revenue was generated in 2019.

Customer Testimonial


I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this crazy time. I wanted to circle back with you and let you know how much we enjoyed game sense, and we definitely want to implement it again for this next year. Although it was an abbreviated season these were our improvements from 2019-2020… 

1. 7 out of our 8 returning players increased their OPS from 2019-2020 for an average of 74 points.

2. Team OPS went up 36 points

3. Extra base hits per game went up by 11%

4. Walks per game went up by 27%

5. HBP per game went up by 145%

6. K’s per game went down by 12% 

It’s also important to note that these numbers were obtained with only playing our non-conference schedule, which is significantly more challenging than our conference schedule. 

With school starting in a couple weeks we would like to get set up and start the fall with game sense…Please let me what you need from me to get this going again.

Jason Laws, Assistant Baseball Coach

High Point University

Market size and competition

The market for gameSense products is massive and global. Merely looking at six sports, we estimate there is a $33 billion revenue opportunity, or Total Addressable Market (TAM), for our products.

It is important to note that this estimate is based on the number of “core” sports participants, meaning players who regularly play a sport. For example, playing 14 baseball games a year makes a player a core participant, not a casual or occasional one.

Athletic cognitive training is a “blue ocean” opportunity. The few direct competitors in the space fall into two broad buckets: those that portray an athletic skill as animation or virtual reality (VR), and those that use real video, like gameSense.

Because VR/animation products are not real, they are minimally effective in helping an athlete read the subtle visual clues or “tells” that are critical to making fast-reactive decisions. In addition, the few competitors who exist lack the grounding as subject matter experts in sports science, business and technology experience that differentiates the gameSense team.

Financials and growth projections

After being selected for and completing the exclusive TechStars Melbourne sport technology accelerator program, gameSense is poised for rapid growth and has ambitious goals. By the end of 2021, we plan to grow our user base to over 250,000.

Having conducted surveys and interviews with hundreds of customers, gameSense has a user-informed roadmap to make significant improvements in 2021, including plans to gamify our products, driving user engagement and growth. We will also dramatically increase our marketing and sales operations, building the pipeline well beyond 2021. We will also launch our latest product commercially into the tennis market.

Driving the numbers:


o Major product upgrades

o Launch tennis product

o Deepen existing sport (BB/SB) penetration

o Capital raise: Series A


o Expand features/capabilities of existing products

o Grow market share for existing products

o Open up new revenue streams (e-sport tournaments & leagues, data sales)

o Add new sport


o Capital raise: Series B

o Grow market share

o Broaden revenue streams

o Add new sport