Nanotechnology fuel additive which makes fuel more efficient and cleaner

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🦄🥇🚀One of the most powerful and clean fuel additives in history for the $3.5 trillion market.
🚀Founder achieved 2 exits, his startups raised $20+ mln, completed IPO at $130 mln valuation.
💰Revenue potential from pilot company trials $50+ million.
Client pipeline are multi-billion companies: BP, Marubeni, PKN ORLEN, Suncor Energy.

Our Team

A revolutionary powerful fuel additive for $3.5 trillion fuel market. Saves fuel by up to 8%, increases lubrication, decreases dangerous emissions up to 50%! User ROI up to 1000%. Micro dose of 1 to 5 grams treats 260 gallons of fuel. Our groundbreaking technology is 800x more effective than competing fuel additives and is priced up to 20x lower.

FuelGems - Making Fuel More Efficient and Clean for Great Savings, Cleaner Air and More Sustainable Planet.

And the biggest corporations in the world want in.

FuelGems' incredibly powerful fuel additive skyrockets the cleanness and performance of Gasoline, Diesel and Bio-fuel used for all modes of transport and electricity generation.  

The additive reduces fuel consumption by up to 8%, increases lubrication of the engine and its components and reduces greenhouse gasses and dangerous emissions by up to 50%!

A tiny amount of 1-5 grams of our environmentally friendly active material is needed to treat 260 gallons of fuel.  This is a whooping 800 times less than some competing fuel additives.  

The additive is very affordable and easy to use in the massive $3.5 trillion fuel industry.  It can be added to fuel by anyone who operates any mode of transport, gas station operators or refineries.

Diesel and gasoline will power 80% of all vehicles by 2050. Fuel is not efficient, dangerous and deadly for the environment and human health. 

The world needs a solution today. 

Investor Testimonials 

Dr. Oksana Malysheva - Managing Partner at Spuntik ATX  & Ph.D. Physicist from University of Pennsylvania

Joe Merrill - Partner at Sputnik ATX 

Volodymyr Khmurych, CFA  - Angel Investor

FuelGems additive is easy to use. Nanoparticles are dissolved in gasoline or another solvent, then this solution is added to fuel.

FuelGems is currently at a pilot and pre-pilot stage with some of the world’s largest corporations.  We believe, based on our experience in business, demand from such large corporations signals this product is red hot.  If the three companies in the pilot stage convert to clients, at full capacity, have the potential to deliver about $50 million in annual revenue to FuelGems.

We believe we can price our additive up to 20x less than competition and this pricing advantage will allow us to dominate the market world-wide.  We believe we can generate up to $400 million in annual revenue from only 15-20 clients.

FuelGems believes it is on a trajectory to become a billion dollar company.

Our immediate goal is to provide our additive to the largest and most lucrative segments

We estimate that one refinery alone would result in $27 million in annual revenue. There are 220 refineries in USA and Europe.

We estimate that a gas station operator with 500 stations would result in $12 million in annual revenue. There are 220,000 gas stations in USA and Europe.

FuelGems has demand in key regions of the massive $3.5 trillion fuel market.

FuelGems has the potential to generate annual revenue of $400 million to $1 billion. At this revenue FuelGems will do an IPO or can be acquired by a company such as Chevron or BP.

FuelGems’ CEO is an award-winning business leader who has vast experience and a winning track record in investing in and running companies, with a number of his startups having achieved successful exits. 

Our world-class scientific team consists of six Ph.D. scientists in disciplines such as chemical engineering, nanotechnology, electro-chemical engineering, physics, chemistry and automotive engineering. 

The scientific team developed a groundbreaking plasma generator that creates powerful carbon-based nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are combined with gasoline or another solvent and are then added to fuel. 

FuelGems completed state of the art testing on engines at multiple research institution facilities.  The reduction in fuel consumption of 8% was achieved with nanoparticle concentration of 3 grams per 260 gallons of fuel and the reduction of unburnt hydrocarbons by 49.5% was achieved with nanoparticle concentration of 5 grams per 260 gallons of fuel. 

What makes these nanoparticles so special is this: Only a micro-dose of 1 to 5 grams of these nanoparticles is needed per 260 gallons of fuel. Some standard fuel additives typically require anywhere 200x to 800x more additive for the same amount of fuel. In addition, our additive comes at a fraction of the cost of competitors (3x – 20x lower) due to our special manufacturing process. We believe, the end result is that our nanoparticle will create never-before-seen levels of savings and ROI for the fuel industry and reductions in emissions.

But it gets better – because our additive is as powerful as it is flexible. It can be added at the refinery level, at the distributor level (added to directly to gas stations, underground tanks and more) or even to fuel tanks by individual drivers.

We believe, the carbon-based nanoparticles are also completely safe for the environment and will gain EPA registration. EPA allows registration and usage of fuel additives which are made from Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulfur.

On top of this, we’ve taken exhaustive measures to test our additive for over 5 years at various research institutes and in over 1,000,000 miles of real-world driving in order to guarantee safety and environmental effectiveness.

We’ve taken every measure to ensure that our solution leads to cleaner air, a better planet and a brighter future for all.