FruitCraft Fermentery & Distillery

Fruit-based alcohol. Community-owned. Social value.

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We began turning a profit in Oct. 2019 with over $70k in monthly revenue. Up from $31,927 Oct. 2018
We're the only concept with mead, cider, seltzer, wine, kombucha and spirits all made in-house
Annual Revenue = $342k in 2017, $472k in 2018, $687k in 2019
Our founders are donating their shares to make the company community-owned

Our Founder

I believe fruit-based alcohol deserves to exist. Before mankind invented beer, sake and most other alcohols, nature was making alcohol from fruit with no intervention from mankind. Fruit-based alcohol is the most ancient and the original of all alcohols. I believe it's appalling that there aren't more produced and made available in the marketplace.

FruitCraft Fermentery & Distillery

FruitCraft was founded in 2009 in a garage in San Diego, CA.

The founders were intrigued that the only fruits used in the production of alcohol were wine grapes and apples. It was obvious tons of other fun, delicious products could be made from the fermentation of other fruits like pineapples, mangoes, kiwis etc.

While the original concept was to make wine from fermented fruit, FruitCraft has applied its expertise in fruit fermentation to bring to market a wide array of other high quality and disruptive craft beverages.

    Franchising the FruitCraft Concept

    As a fermentery and distillery, we are makers of the newest types of craft alcoholic beverages. Hard Seltzer, Hard Cider, Mead, Hard Kombucha, Wine from Fruit and Craft Spirits/Cocktails. We dispense these beverages in our flagship San Diego location where we recently launched a robust membership program and host all types of events from corporate to weddings. This is a novel concept that can spread across the country.

    As such, with the proceeds of the Wefunder campaign we’ll begin the process of franchising, so that dozens of other concepts can be launched in a short amount of time, resulting in tremendous amounts of company growth.

      Think Global, Act Local

      We’re not just on Wefunder raising money. We’re pioneering a new model for business called a social value cooperative.

      A social value cooperative is a company that is community-owned and uses its profits to create social value (or societal wealth).

      This conversion is being made possible by the donation of the founders' shares into a community-owned trust (a social value trust).

      “From the time we started this company we always knew we wanted to give it away, we just weren’t sure how,” says Alan Haghighi, FruitCraft founder.

      “Now it’s been decided. We’ll be giving control of the company to people who want the same things we do. To leverage the FruitCraft brand to make as big of a difference as we can in our communities.”

      These times are showing us that there is a demand to consume more consciously and that we have to be the change we want to see in the world. With your support we feel this is a step in the right direction.

    Become an Owner - Take the Social Value Pledge

    While anyone can invest in the company to become a FruitCraft investor, only those who take the Social Value Pledge will become owners and be given voting status in the cooperative.

    To obtain voting status as an owner of the FruitCraft social value cooperative you must take the Social Value Pledge by:

    1. Investing Social Value: Invest $500 or more here on Wefunder.
    2. Consuming Social Value: Subscribe to our membership for $35 per month (click link)
    3. Laboring Social Value: Join our social media army or participate on a committee.

    Social Value Credit - It Is Better To Give Than To Receive

    Unlike traditional cooperatives, a social value cooperative weighs an owner’s voting influence based on the amount of social value credit they’ve earned over the course of the previous year.

    Participants can earn credit any time they bring value to the organization in excess of any compensation or return.

    The most straightforward opportunities to earn social value credit are through helping spread the word via social media and by producing surplus value as an employee or a volunteer.

    This system is also designed to identify servant leaders to qualify them to serve in positions of influence within the company, up to and including serving on the board of directors.

    Community-Owned: The Next Big Value Proposition

    Over the past 30 years, new value propositions of organic, local, fair trade, and vegan have become mainstream concepts and have disrupted the marketplace causing large migrations of consumers who want to use their economic choices to make a difference.

    As the negative consequences of our collective consumption become more visible, it is apparent that there is a growing interest among conscious consumers to minimize any collateral damage and maximize the potential impact of our choices.

    To this end, we've pursued designing a social value cooperative to meet the needs of the conscious consumer and leverage the value proposition of “community-owned” to drive loyalty and advocacy.

    Free Tasting Flight for Prospective Investors

    If you’re local to the San Diego area or will be visiting, we invite you to make a reservation to receive a complimentary flight of our products before you choose to invest. While the flight is complimentary, we will collect a $3 gratuity at the time of the reservation.

    To receive a complimentary flight, select which day you’d like to make a reservation from the link below.

    Prospective Investor Reservation

    Thank you for exploring. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions [email protected]