Freebird Rides

Cash and Rewards For Using Uber and Lyft

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 1,920 investors


World class technology stack completed
First mover advantage with significant barriers to entry
Over 4 million Freebird Rides completed with our development firm MobileOffer (dba FreeBirdRides)
Experienced CEO with 3 public market exits and All Star Executive Team

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Freebird beta markets were a big success. Join us in taking the model national.

Freebird is a mobility marketplace that drives consumers to businesses and delivers a guaranteed customer spend. Over $30 million has been invested in the completed technology and has proven results with 4 Million+ Freebird rides completed with verified new customer revenue.

Our beta launch has been enormously successful, yielding:

  • 30,000+ monthly active users taking more than 4 million Freebird rides
  • Over 500 bars and restaurants on the Freebird platform
  • $3 billion in tracked transactions
  • Partnerships with leading brands, including Don Julio, Corona, Guinness & Johnnie Walker

Now join us in funding a national rollout of a popular app that's changing the way consumers spend locally!

Why Consumers Love Freebird

Redeem promotions, cash back, and rewards when traveling near local businesses

Why Venues Love Freebird

Freebird bring venues new customers and ensures they only pay for ads that bring in verified customer spend.

Freebird presents promotions exclusively to highly relevant and proximate customers. Restaurants and bars pay solely for customers who actually visit to redeem offers, rendering it a straightforward, risk-free investment.

Freebird's big advantage: unique user data

Freebird's significant advantage is in its unique user data. By integrating with transportation and payment systems, we construct detailed profiles that reveal our users' travel and purchasing patterns, alongside a wealth of information pertaining to their interests, hobbies, and lifestyle.

How Freebird Works:

Rideshare Consumer: Earns cash and rewards by booking their Uber and Lyft rides through the Freebird app.

Destination Businesses: Directly target and acquire/convert/ retain revenue-generating customers by offering cash-back or other rewards, with directly measurable Return-On-Investment (ROI) in a Pay for Transaction.

Data platform: Freebird provides its customers access to a proprietary data platform combining rideshare, credit card spend data and user survey information analysis in order to create targeted and more effective offers.

Data platform: Freebird provides its customers access to a proprietary data platform combining rideshare, credit card spend data and user survey information analysis in order to create targeted and more effective offers Branded Rides.

Brands can own ride categories and sponsor the ride experience and to acquire, convert, and retain customers. During our Beta Launch, Guinness paid for over 5,000 Freebird Safe Rides Home.

By delivering instant rideshare credit to Freebird users who booked their ride through Freebird. Guinness experienced significant brand reach and enhancement with over 225,000 views and interactions as a result of the promotion.

The beta launch received 600k+ downloads and a 4.8 Star Rating in the App Store:

For businesses, Freebird has created the same closed-loop advertising model as Google, but in the physical world

  • The business is in control and sets: ride reimbursement amount, the time period offer is available, the budget and then they place that bid on Freebird’s Mobility Marketplace platform
  • The business only pays IF and WHEN the consumer takes a ride and actually transacts/interacts with that business
  • Freebird measures these transactions through linked credit cards and shares significant data to target and improve ride offer effectiveness
  • Top volume destinations earn over 20x return on ride spend

For brands, any ride category can be sponsored in any market with points or cash:

  • The brand is front and center, owning the entire ride experience, with clear branding/exposure along with additional engagement solutions (coupons, links for browsing/purchasing)
  • Not viewed as an advertisement and commands deep consumer engagement
  • Freebird provides the capability for branded digital, social, in-app and email messaging with multiple call-to-action moments to drive conversion

Leveraging New Technology

Single Market Target Metrics:

Single Location Metrics (representative sampling):

National Launch:

Note: future projections cannot be guaranteed

Revenue Model

FreebirdRides, Inc. has a Contribution Agreement with MobileOffer, Inc. MobileOffer Inc. was the original developer of the technology, and ran the beta tests referenced above. Through the agreement, Freebird Rides, Inc. now holds all intellectual property, software, and patents related to the technology.