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Invest in Freakin Fitness

The First Built-To-Scale Functional Fitness Franchise


📈 Doubled our sales from 2016-2019 > fast post-pandemic recovery and record setting year
🏋️ Strong fundamentals across with 60% growth coming from organic word-of-mouth
💸 Help us take our cult following and world-class franchise systems to the nation.
💥 Largest facilities in the country (locations up to 30,000 square feet)
💰 Diverse Revenue Streams
Hosts One Largest Fitness Events in South Florida

Our Team

We designed our gym for EVERYONE. Anyone that walks through the door can find the service they desire and the price that's affordable.

We're turning a **wildly popular** alternative gym into a national chain

Our product is functional fitness; a **HIGHLY POPULAR** alternative exercise program offered at thousands of gyms with MILLIONS of participants around the world. Despite a highly engaged and massive community, no US-based chain exists! 

What makes functional fitness different: 

  • Alternative, high intensity and full-body exercises
  • Wide-open floor plans and gym spaces
  • Group exercises

With millions of members belonging to small, independent functional fitness gyms, why doesn't a national chain exist? 

The answer is simple: most small, independent gyms in our niche haven't figured out how to make the numbers work, so expanding across multiple locations isn't possible. 

Unlike more traditional gyms, the bulk of our revenue doesn't come from idle members. All around the world, functional fitness gyms see far higher usage rates from their members, resulting in fewer membership sales due to facility capacity issues.

At Freakin Fitness, we've cracked the code on building a strong business model with great membership experiences!

Our decades of combined experience running fitness businesses gives us proven methods and unique insights into running facilities that are both engaging to members and highly profitable. 


Larger Facilities. At 30,000 square feet, we’re building the largest functional fitness facilities in the country because many issues with profitability can be overcome by increasing space and capacity. We’ve found that customer satisfaction goes WAY UP with no-wait availability for equipment. We also determined the ideal number of customers for a facility is 3x-4x the membership of most of the small, independent gyms in our space.

The hybrid model. Functional fitness exercise spaces and group classes are an attractive part of membership, but they increase expenses by taking up a lot of square footage; meanwhile, a weight room is highly capital efficient, but doesn’t offer any special personality to the gym. Freakin Fitness is a hybrid model facility where our functional fitness spaces are supplemented by free weight and more traditional exercise areas, creating a model that works for both customers and the business.

  • Controls and Processes. Our franchise ‘book’ is a comprehensive training and operation guide with business and services processes that have been refined and perfected over years. Our design methodology builds locations so easy to operate that any one with any background can succeed with marketing, recruitment, and operations within 3 to 6 months.

Our Team

At Freakin' Fitness, we've developed proven solutions. Our gyms have functional flows, structured formats for classes with knowledgeable coaches, and multiple plan options to stay affordable for our market base.  

We also built our business with scalability in mind, and would grow our ecosystem with each new location, instead of having isolated franchises. 

Our facility will be a combination of functional fitness and traditional gym formats, so that members can pick and choose what experiences they want for their budget. 

We will have options for classes, athlete training areas, personal training, nutrition coaching, massage therapy, juice bars, and more!

Gym, health, and fitness clubs make up a $35.3 Billion market, with the serviceable market in Florida (where we are currently located) being $1.6 Billion. 

3d Rendering Concepts of our upcoming gym locations

Revenue growth

In just three years, we have seen 100% growth when the industry itself suffered massively. 

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our model can be positioned into any demographic and can conform to the constantly changing fitness landscape.

With this raise, we plan to purchase all of our commercial facility locations, roll out branded equipment, and acquire our third location!

Our team has years of fitness industry experience and was able to prove their concept during a global pandemic!

Investor Perks

Customer Testimonials

Your investment

We’re using Wefunder because our company has been built on word-of-mouth organic growth. We believe that if our customers love our service enough to share it, they deserve to share in our exciting future.

Perspective From Heather Hudson (General Manager)