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Wine from the world's earliest vineyards, sharing the Legacy of Michael Franzese

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We have over 1 million followers online and over 100 million views, with unique product
The wine industry has massive room for disruption
Wine and spirits companies can have solid potential exits based on forecast growth

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Legacy Reborn

Featured in USA Today "Ex Mafia Boss Michael Franzese Launches 'Billion Dollar’ Armenian Wine Brand in the US"

A Blend of Legacies

One of the biggest money makers in Mob history alongside Al Capone. Michael Franzese turned his life around after finding God in Solitary Confinement. Now he shares the story of redemption and transformation across the world.

Wine originated from Armenia, however, due to the economic crisis, and consistent threats of wars, Armenian wines have never played on the world stage. Until Michael Franzese decided it's time to bring wine from the oldest wine producing country to the US Consumer.

$0 marketing, with the potential to reach 1 billion views. Michael Franzese has a unique, exciting, and intriguing story, which makes him a perfect host for any podcast. The interest in his life/story, and his unique perspective on life, makes him a hard offer for people to refuse. Which also opens up free marketing and promotion for the wine.

The demand for wines from Armenia, and Franzese Wine's access to PR

The wine industry is known for massive exits, including the recent $1B exit by DAOU winery

A unique selection of products, led by the Areni (From the world's first wine region, and the first wine.) And our unique pomegranate shaped pomegranate bottle wine

We have a massively growing community and audience

With one year of selling we have entered some of the largest markets in the US, more coming...

Access to influencers and celebrities, who all love our wine