Invest in Four Doors

Join the new feature film by the creator of Final Destination. Raised $117k in previous round.



of a $50,000 goal
Revenue Participation Agreement
125% of principal + 50% of net receipts
Early Bird Bonus: 130% of principal + 50% of net receipts for the first $50k of investments 
$10K, $20K, $30K, $50K


Producer Jeffrey Reddick, creator of Final Destination franchise. His films have all turned a profit
Star Power: Michael Madsen cast
1st Feature Film, The Willowbrook, by team yielded a distribution deal with Gravitas Ventures.
Multiple distributors interested in distribution for Four Doors

Our Team

Zach has been wanting to tell this story for years and we're excited to produce it. We feel it has Netflix or Hulu potential.

Four Doors

Full Mood Trailer:

Our Audience:

This film tone will activate the audiences of The Talented Mr. Ripley and The Woman in the Window. The cinematography will be more similar to The Woman in the Window.

Our Business Plan

Our financing will go entirely towards the production of this feature film; our location rentals, our crew, equipment and our cast. 

We receive zero payment for our role as writer/director and producers from this WeFunder as our contracts are organized to give our investors privileged returns so that they see their complete ROI before we see a dollar. We only start seeing payment when the movie is in net profit.

In the event of coming in under budget, those remaining funds will roll entirely into the digital marketing of the film to get as many eyeballs on the movie as possible.

Our minimum amount on Wefunder is $50,000 in addition to the $116, 194 we've already raised.

Our ideal budget and goal is $215,744. With this budget we can make the movie as good as possible. We can get a big name actor for a very juicy supporting role we have in the movie with this budget. It also allows us to use more on marketing the movie which is essential in the indie space.

We have set Principal Photography to start April 20th!

Use of Funds:

We raised $116k in our previous Wefunder raise and used those funds to cast actors, lock in our location, and set a start of production date of April 2024. We plan to use the funds of this raise for film production and post production. We had planned to start production sooner after our previous Wefunder raise, but the actors and writers strike caused delays across the industry. We're excited to be starting production soon!

Investment Terms

120% Principle + 50% Net Receipts (this is lifetime)

Contact: [email protected]