Four Screens

Media Company supporting People of Color, Women, and Underrepresented Communities

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 115 investors


💰 $1.2M in revenue generated in the last three years
🎤 Ol' Dirty Bastard's Estate is our lead investor; the legendary Platinum recording artist & rapper
🚀 Estimated $10B of untapped market potential
📈 Multiple revenue streams through artists, brands, and IP management + content creation

Our Team

Hollywood’s doors of opportunity have been closed to People of Color, women and other Underrepresented Communities. We are changing the way deals are financed, greenlit, constructed and how under-represented talent is managed. We are creating a value chain of ownership.

As seen in:

New media company to champion diversity - Four Screens!

We make content that looks more like the people watching it. 

Images and representation in the stories we watch matter. If you don’t have diverse talent behind the cameras, you won’t see diverse content done authentically. 

The entertainment industry seriously lacks diversity.

*McKinsey & Company

Diversity is in our DNA.

We fill the diversity gap in management, production, and development. 


We make movies & TV

Messiah Jacobs, CEO of Four Screens, on set.

Stories we’ve told:

For the past 20 years, Four Screens has highlighted stories of People of Color. We have managed the Estate of Ol' Dirty Bastard to create multiple projects highlighting his legendary career with our partners at Hulu, Amazon and Mass Appeal. 

Ol' Dirty Bastard UNIQUE (Amazon); G.O.D. Givers of Death (starring Addison Henderson); Los Americans (starring Esai Morales and Lupe Ontiveros); Playin' for Love (directed by Robert Townsend, starring Sally Richardson Whitfield); Wu Tang: American Saga (Hulu).

Peruchazhi (starring Mohanlal); Diary of a Single Mom (starring Billy Dee Williams, Monica Calhoun and Leon); In the Hive (directed by Robert Townsend, starring Michael Clarke Duncan, Vivica A. Fox, and Loretta Devine); Of Mics & Men: WuTang Clan (Showtime); Growing Up Hip Hop New York (starring Young Dirty Bastard, WEtv).

We know licensing.

A strong licensing program is important to our clients' brands and maximizing profits. The possibilities are endless!

We've developed a robust licensing program for our client and lead investor, the Estate of ODB. The photo (left) is part of the Estate's IP collection that Four Screens has curated. Merch fan favorites include: ODB Odd Fellows Ice Cream, skate shoes, athletic jerseys by Supreme and figurines by Super7; ReAction Figures.

Co-Founder Nicole Beckett guides the creative vision behind our clients and their licensing programs. Here she is at her desk with a collection of our client ODB's merchandise, simultaneously checking the creative on our Black superhero animated series "Sword of the Cypher."

We own Intellectual Property.

We must own what we create to be a part of the value chain of ownership. By owning our own IP, including content, scripts and books, we create more opportunities for our clients and ourselves.

Sword of the Cypher is one of Four Screens' animation projects in development. Stay tuned for exclusive sneak peaks of footage.

Included in Four Screens' collection of IP is "The Fantabulous Girl's Guide to Wardrobe Styling," written by Co-Founder and Creative Director Nicole Beckett (left). Fun Fact: She started her Hollywood career as a costume designer.

Behind the Scenes

Hollywood is all about who you know, and we know some fantastic people! From producers to directors, actors, studio folks, network execs to licensing pros, our relationships are the key to our ongoing success.

Founders Messiah Jacobs and Nicole Beckett have built Four Screens from the ground up. They have been business partners and producing partners for over 20 years and understand long-term growth and commitment.

Messiah Jacobs (far right) producing the series "Diary of a Single Mom" with Richard Roundtree (Shaft), Robert Townsend (The Five Heartbeats), Monica Calhoun (The Best Man) and Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars).

Our Partners

Having trusting relationships with partners in entertainment and licensing is essential to our business.

Our Allies

We believe in supporting like-minded allies in the business and in the social movement.

Diversity IS Profitable-- A $10 Billion Market Opportunity

Creating diverse content means accessing billions of dollars left on the table.

The Investment

Be a part of this movement.

This is an opportunity to participate in the upside of a rapidly growing, black-owned, female-owned studio.

Our success can be your success.  

If you believe Four Screens is going to grow like wildfire and want to be part of the change in Hollywood, invest today!